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  1. Finatik
    Finatik Da 'Fins
    I have a guy on the main forum that has an issue I can't deal with. His name is Hunter Smithers. Here's his mail to me:

    Anyway, I used my full name when registering. I should have used my Profile Name. I rather not have my full name on the forum. I would like to change my name to Shularino. That's what I want to appear on the site.

    Can you change it or delete his account and he will reregister?
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    2. Da 'Fins
      Da 'Fins
      I’ll work on that.
      Apr 1, 2024
  2. Finatik
    Finatik byroan
    I had a new member join and ask me the following:

    "I used my full name when registering. I should have used my Profile Name. I rather not have my full name on the forum. Some folks really get bothered if you do not agree with them. I would like to change my name to Shularino. That's what I want to appear on the site."

    I have no idea if this can or can't be done. Could you let me know if you know.
  3. Finatik
    Finatik Tuanon4Life
    I use streameast.io. It gives you every game and also UFC fights. Just click on it and it might open another window. Just close the extra window. It might do that a couple of times but eventually, you get the game you want or the fight you want. Football, basketball any sport. I use it for Red Zone on my other TV while I watch the main game on my main tv.
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    2. Tuanon4Life
      Thanks for the info. I'll try it out on the fire stick. Can't wait for this game.
      Jan 10, 2024
  4. resnor
    resnor Tuanon4Life
    Streams in HD also. Completely free
    1. Tuanon4Life
      I'll give it a try on my fire stick. It's only $5.99 but I just think it's ridiculous to make a playoff game pay per view.
      Jan 8, 2024
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  5. resnor
    resnor Tuanon4Life
    Hey man, I use nflbite . com to stream every game. I use the Brave browser on my phone, blocks popups, and airplay it from my phone to my tv.

    Super easy. I refuse to give my money to those scumbags.
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    2. Tuanon4Life
      Cool beans thanks brother!
      Jan 8, 2024
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  6. FinFaninBuffalo
    FinFaninBuffalo Da 'Fins
  7. joefootball
    joefootball Ohio Fanatic
    Interesting information on Calcium channel blockers. What company do you work for so I can follow the research?
  8. jdallen1222
    Well Known-Member
  9. jdallen1222
    Well Known-Member
  10. pumpdogs
    pumpdogs resnor
    I am a very passionate fan!I just want to win.
    I am surrounded by eagles fans and they feel sorry for me with pisses me off.
    This used to be a top 5 organization.Now bottom.2.
    My son actually screamed like in a movie no!!!!
    When we drafted Tua.I.just sat there and thought yea that seems about right.The curse will continue
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  11. pumpdogs
    pumpdogs resnor
    Funny dude.We used to argue about Tannehill like cats and dogs and now it seems we agree on everything
    U are definitely a phin fan I could drink a.beer with.
    So sorry if I offended u in the past.
    Sometimes I can be a dick!
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    2. resnor
      No worries man! I don't think I've ever wanted to block you, sui give never offended me. Haha.
      Jan 12, 2023
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  12. gafinfan
    gafinfan Den54
    I've got a great joke to send you but need your email to do so as I can't get it to post here. the address of the post is igVideo.mov and my email is usncv11@gmail.com. Thanks
  13. Vertical Limit
  14. Finatik
    Finatik Section126
    Haven't seen your game breakdowns lately. Miss those.
    1. Section126
      No all-22 on Gamepass this year.
      Dec 15, 2021
  15. Finatik
    Finatik Section126
    Hope you continue to post the excellent breakdowns of the game footage. I look forward to seeing them.
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    2. Section126
      As soon as the ALL-22 is fixed on Gamepass, I will
      Sep 15, 2021
  16. Ronnie Bass
    Ronnie Bass 3Pmi
    Hey 3pmi, is there anyway you can reset my password? Thanks
  17. bigbucks24
    bigbucks24 Finfangirl
  18. RevRick
    RevRick KeyFin
    Just checking in. I lost my Dad 39 years ago. It is daunting to find that we are on 'Watch' now. We seek to put off concern until that time arrives. As a pastor, I know with those feelings which erupt our thoughts and steal time when a loved one dies. Keep in touch as you wish.
    1. KeyFin
      Thanks Rick. I'm still doing well under the circumstances, mainly because my dad was so sick and suffering for so long. I will definitely reach out if I need to talk though- thanks so much!
      Jul 13, 2021
  19. Finatik
    Finatik Section126
    Disregard that guy. I don't get it. Keep your stuff coming. I've learned so much. Thanks.
  20. Puka-head
    Puka-head Unlucky 13
    Want to trade me for Eason? Maybe do it anyway?
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  21. Puka-head
    Puka-head UCFinfan86
    Still interested in trading for Hurts. Need a QB2. What's he worth to ya?
    1972 - The ONLY perfect season!
  23. Puka-head
    Puka-head UCFinfan86
    hey there. I'd like to get Jalen Hurts on my team. Im a fan. What's that gonna cost me?
  24. Puka-head
    Puka-head GridIronKing34
    Want to get in on the trade action fr Stafford? And or Hollywood Brown? I'm a buyer if so.
  25. RevRick
    Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat. Robert A. Heinlein
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    2. Etrius24
      Mr. Vera is 15.... LOL I know all too well.
      Feb 1, 2021
  26. Ohiophinphan
    Ohiophinphan JJ_79
    Post deleted for using religious slur. No points.
  27. JJ_79
    JJ_79 Galant
    Haven't seen you around, hope you're well!
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    2. Etrius24
      Yes very well actually...Thank you for asking.
      Feb 1, 2021
  28. Vertical Limit
    Vertical Limit
    Zach Wilson to Miami
  29. Hiruma78
    Hiruma78 Unlucky 13
    Just wanna say that I admire your patience and restrain against all the trolling and childish attacks you are subjected to, just because you have a different opinion from the majority of the board (and some of these attacks are so childish, Jesus, tough to think that are adults posting that stuff) really respect for you for your self control, one of the few adult in the room
  30. Silverphin
  31. ToddPhin
    ToddPhin vmarcilfan75
    I could move Jonnu Smith for it. He’s a stud, and Delanie Walker is finally gone. Fantasy Pros thinks he could finish top 6. He’s my priority TE stash, just like Darren Waller was, and Kittle before him. Jonnu’s head and shoulders above every TE in this draft so to me it’s proper value. Let me know what u think.
  32. phatphish
    phatphish 3Pmi
    Hey! I reached out to Ronin. About trying to get my foot in the door with sports journalism. if you could PM I’d really appreciate it!
  33. USArmyFinFan
  34. my 2 cents
    my 2 cents gafinfan
    I have been good Ron...Family is getting bigger and wiser....I am just getting older lol......we still gotta have that bourbon someday......
    1. gafinfan
      I think my time has passed on that bourbon, my meds"costly bastards" don't give me much leeway for those things anymore but thanks for the offer.
      How are the guys doing? Hear from John, Calif ff, hope they are all doing well, tell them I gave a shout out and to be safe.
      You take care brother.
      Apr 25, 2020
  35. gafinfan
    gafinfan my 2 cents
    Hanging in there brother, how about you and family? Great to hear from you.
  36. my 2 cents
    my 2 cents gafinfan
    How you been old guy? LOL.
  37. BucksFinsfan
    The team who drafts the most Buckeye's wins.
  38. rafael
    rafael Section126
    FYI I will be going to the first two days of the draft this year. I PM'd Travis as well. I would be great to meet up with any of 'thePhins' family who'll be in attendance.
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      I expect to go too
      Feb 27, 2020
      I've decided I will be going. I've always wanted to go, and in a draft that we have 5 picks in rounds 1-2 it's just too good to pass on. It will be fun to meet other Dolphins fans as well.
      Mar 10, 2020
  39. Vertical Limit
    Vertical Limit
    Chase Young to Miami
  40. Lloyd Heilbrunn
    Lloyd Heilbrunn Ohiophinphan
    Thanks for opening up the Ross-Stills discussion to the football aspects. However, I do see what you mean about people not being able to follow the rules and going off the deep end... :(