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Feb 27, 2024 at 9:10 AM
Nov 25, 2007
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    1. djphinfan
      Just tryin to get my thoughts together brother..iam not sure how to feel man, iam confused...i'll post something soon, i read some of your posts, i know that you were at the game and that your pissed at the defense, i dont blame ya....what iam really upset about is, for the first time i was excited for our crowd, and once again, our team let them down...
    2. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      totally agree w/ your analysis of the QB situation
    3. Kanye West
      Kanye West
    4. djphinfan
      iam good my brother..in orlando fl on some business, enjoyin the weather, brozin the body and lookin at some beautiful women on spring break...how bout you man?
    5. djphinfan
      I just put you up to 99 on the rep meter, but iam gonna do everything possible to keep you from entering the 100 cool club..lol..iam gonna start callin you 99,lol
    6. djphinfan
      You know it Rush, you know what brother, you were the only one that gave me any type of props after i called that charger game.. appreciate it.

      I wrote one in the mains called 'Somebody slap me'...pretty much laying it out there from what i really feel from this team..

      Been enjoyin yours posts bigtime, i keep trying to give you rep but it keeps tellin me i gotta give it out somewhere else. You may see something bold before sunday brother, hope your well, peace.
    7. djphinfan
      much respect my new friend
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