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3 Things You're Grateful For About The Phins

Discussion in 'SoapBox - Rants forum' started by Bpk, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Bpk

    Bpk Premium Member Luxury Box

    This is my rant and it's a positive one. Hey, I can rant about something positive if I want! It's my rant.

    Today I choose to rant and rave about three things I am very grateful for about the Miami Dolphins

    1) We have a good QB and he is constantly improving. Not only has he looked better each year, he has more weapons around him, the RIGHT YYPE of weapons, and with his big contract he seems to have more of that leaderly swagger as well. Loving it.

    2) A scary-*** defense. Cam Wake AND Ndamukong Suh on the same D-Line?????????????? The SAME LINE???? BOTH of them???? Makes me smile ear to ear. (More than Brady's cell phone will be broken once these guys get ahold of him)

    3) Stability. When is the last time you can remember entering a season with ALL of the following being true:
    - the same GM
    - the same Head Coach
    - the same Defensive Co-ordinator and system
    - the same Offensive Co-orindator and system
    - the same Starting Quarterback
    - the Same Left Tackle, Center and Right Tackle

    Seriously folks, we are finally returning to being a normal, respectably run franchise. And it feels GREAT!

    Rant Done.

    So what are three things YOU'RE grateful for about the Phins? Try to save the sarcastic stuff ("That I have low expectations so they won't disappoint me") for the other 99.9% of the threads. Let's keep it clean and positive in here.... in the Rants section. LOL. Hm,
    yeah, this was a poorly-conceived thread idea. lol.
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  2. smahtaz

    smahtaz Pimpin Ain't Easy

    The orange seats are gone.
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  3. Jaydog57

    Jaydog57 Canes/Fins/Magic fan

    Jun 25, 2008
    Daytona Beach, FL
    1. The long overdue stadium remodeling
    2. The trades, drafts & signings to build a stronger offense & defense
    3. Another Dolphins game in Jacksonville this season, that is only 90 minutes away from me, so I can go to the game.
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  4. MikeHoncho

    MikeHoncho -=| Censored |=- Club Member

    Nov 13, 2009
    1. The 50 yr. Throwback uniforms
    2. The Stadium Renovations (completely paid for by Ross)
    3. The tremendous show of strength and resiliency on the part of the tire on the wheelbarrow that presently cradles Mike Tannenbaum's massive ball sack.
    4. Dennis Hickey's eye for talent in regard to offensive weapons.
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  5. PhinFan1968

    PhinFan1968 To 2020, and BEYOND! Club Member

    1. Joe Ross. Though I haven't been one of his big supporters over the years, I think he's growing into being an outstanding NFL owner. There's no question he fumbled some things earlier on in his ownership, but he comes across to me as someone who is REALLY learning lessons and putting it to play. I hate business...really hate big business...but I understand it (even have an MBA...go figure)...but I think he is doing well at bringing in the right folks to get the team headed in a great direction. I cut him slack on Philbin because he knows Philbin the man better than I do...I seriously hope his faith is rewarded soon.

    2. Bill Lazor. Come on now...the guy is young, bright, heavily motivated, and carries himself like a long-time HC from what I've seen. In this his second year, I expect him to be far better at game-planning...he's bound to have learned several lessons last year, and that has me very excited for this team's potential into the future...I just hope to hell we don't lose him to an HC spot any time in the near future...I know it'd be great for him and his family, but I'm greedy, and as a fan we have that luxury.

    3. Tannenbaum/Hickey Tag-Team. It seemed, at least to me, that this off-season free agency whirlwind was probably 95% Tannenbaum, but we all know Hickey's talent evaluation was evident in the draft. I think these guys have managed to form a good working relationship, with give and take, that puts the team first, egos second, and I am very pleased with the results to this point. Will their work be evident come Sunday? I think so, but they have to play the games.

    I specifically didn't mention any players because we've had great players throughout the team's history...we haven't always had great ownership/management, and from Ross, to Garfunkel, to the EVP and GM (throw in Marino for good measure, just 'cuz he's the sh*t), and I'm hopeful for long-term improvement and consistency.
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  6. djphinfan

    djphinfan Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Dec 20, 2007
    1} Ross for funding the rebuild

    2} whoever had the balls to finally admit there was a problem inside the stadium and did something about in the form of moving concrete closer to the field..thank you..and your welcome, I've been saying it had to be done for a looming time.

    3} Suh
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