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A prayers request

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by gafinfan, Jan 17, 2024.

  1. gafinfan

    gafinfan gunner Club Member

    My daughter and son in law have a special needs son who just went thru a 7 weeks terrible ordeal. He swallowed a metal bolt and it took them 7 weeks to get it to pass. His name is Jaxon Yawn and he's 14 years old.

    Thanks so much.
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  2. Den54

    Den54 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 23, 2007
    Just saw this. I hope he's doing better.
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  3. Ohiophinphan

    Ohiophinphan Chaplain Staff Member Luxury Box

    Missed this because of my surgeries. Hope he is doing well. He is on my prayer list.
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  4. gafinfan

    gafinfan gunner Club Member

    Thanks guys, Jaxon is quite the handful.He doesn't talk which, of course ramps up any/all problems.
    Yes he's much better.
    Thank you O for putting him on your list. My hunting buddy, who is also a believer has Jaxon on his church prayer list also.
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  5. Da 'Fins

    Da 'Fins Season Ticket Holder Staff Member Club Member

    Dec 19, 2007
    Birmingham, AL
    Just saw this as well. I keep forgetting about this forum. But so glad to hear he is doing well. Will say a prayer of thanksgiving. And continued health.
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  6. gafinfan

    gafinfan gunner Club Member


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