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Colts Hire Fisher, Clements, Washburn

Discussion in '2012 GM League Forum' started by GridIronKing34, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Fisher Will Be The New Colts Head Coach

    Indianapolis (AP) - At first word was that Joe Philbin was soon to be in Indianapolis, then Jeff Fisher, and there were reports suggesting Todd Bowles was a mere signature away from being the next Indianapolis Colts head coach. However with Bowles enticed to move to Buffalo with former Dolphin Brian Daboll, the window opened up for Jeff Fisher in Indianapolis. Make no mistake, the Colts pursued Fisher early in the game but felt that he would demand a price tag out of their budget. Jeff Fisher will be going into a nice situation with All-Pro Peyton Manning under contract and the number one overall draft pick where rumors have swirled that the new GM is adamant about selecting Stanford quarterback, Andrew Luck. Joining Fisher will be the Philadelphia Eagles defense line coach, Jim Washburn, as the Colts new defense coordinator. Washburn worked under Fisher in Tennessee as defense line coach from 1999 to 2010 so the history is there. Tom Clements, the Green Bay Packers quarterbacks coach, was a hot commodity in the offseason will be joining the Colts as their offense coordinator. General Manager Mat Chapman is looking for Clements to develop Luck into an elite quarterback similar to what was done in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers.

    With Fisher being able to get the most of his players, the Colts will hope to compete right away in 2012 with Andrew Luck as their starting quarterback in 2012. Where does this leave Peyton Manning? Sources have said two doctors have cleared Manning to play earlier today so the pricetag on Manning has already went up. A press conference with Fisher and Chapman is expected early next week.
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