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Dol-Fan Dupree's thoughts on 2022

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Dol-Fan Dupree, Aug 7, 2022.

  1. Dol-Fan Dupree

    Dol-Fan Dupree Tank? Who is Tank? I am Guy Incognito.

    Dec 11, 2007
    I know I usually do something big and stupid and a waste of time. I just couldn't get excited enough to do that. I am just bored on a Sunday and I do not want to clean. So I decided to create a post with 3 reasons I am pumped for 2022, 3 reasons I am Meh for 2022, and 3 reasons I am worried.

    3 Reasons I Am Worried:
    Let's start with the section that doesn't make me look like a homer.

    #1. The offensive line. Also known as, DUH. Can you be a Dolphin fan for the last 20 years and not be worried about the offensive line. Some years it is talent. Some years they have the talent and it is injuries. Some years it is terrible coaching. Last season it was all three. This season we have two new offensive linemen who are pretty good to great. And a lot of offensive line coaching experience. Still, we are counting on two players that arguably had the worst year in Dolphin offensive line history in Eich and Jackson last year. I still think Davis was worse, thank God he is gone.

    #2. Tua's injury history. I believe in Tua. I do think his injury history is overblown. Still, if the offensive line sucks again, chances are Tua will get hurt. Then I am stuck watching anti-Brissett Brigdewater. Instead of holding the ball too long, the guy is captain check down. I think Tua is going to have a fantastic year, however, in the back of my mind I still worry that he will miss a few games.

    #3. Defensive coaching: Was Flores the mastermind? Going from rumors of last year either Flores did everything himself or Flores abandoned the team or Boyer and Flores worked together. Basically Miami had a figurehead with the defense in Flores. He could have been the mastermind. Now Boyer is the figurehead. Will the defense fall apart because Flores isn't there to put his magic juice all over the Dolphins defense?

    3 Reasons I am Meh:

    #1. Running backs do not excite me. I like them as a whole, however, Raheem has injury issues, Edmonds is a fine change of pace back, Sony is alright, and Myles is nothing to write home about. The undrafted free agent looks like he has potential. I like the speed and the signing of Raheem and Chase, however, I would have felt better with a better signing or a higher drafted runningback.

    #2. Linebackers when it comes to stopping the run or coverage. When it comes to blitzing, I think the world of the Miami Dolphins linebacking corp. When it comes to the other things, I am pretty Meh. I think they are hit and miss. I think they will be fine. It just doesn't excite me. Though Tindall might change my mind in the future.

    #3. Ross is still the owner. **** that guy. He should do nothing but write checks and do real estate deals. Everything else, he is terrible. Lying cheater. Embarrassment. I don't think he will ruin the Dolphins in 2022. Though I can't wait till he is no longer the owner. Though the next owner looks just as clueless.

    3 Reasons I am excited

    #1. This is the most talented Dolphin team I have ever seen since I have been a fan in 85. This is young talent as well, unlike that year when Miami had 19 first round picks on the team or whatever that number. Waddle and Hill? Phillips and Holland and Wilkins and Davis and Howard and Jones? The offense has greatest show on surf potential and the defense has 85 Bears potential. They could be great.

    #2. Mike McDaniel seems to be who is advertised to be. So far there hasn't been one embarrassing moment during the offseason for a coach or a rumble that not everything is as it looks. The guy runs a tight ship and the players like him. The only complaints so far are players who wish they got the ball more. Which is normal offseason stuff. The offense actually looks competent with flashes of big plays. The defense looks to be improving on where they were last year. I have enjoyed his press conferences a lot. He is a coach I would have loved the play for.

    #3. 4 special talents: Four players more than anything that gets me excited. On offense, it is Hill and Waddle. The thought of having to defend those two players would scare me. Hill for all of the reasons people know and the fact that he is much more than just a deep threat. He works on his game and still wants to be the best. Omar Kelly frustrates me when he says Waddle was a slot receiver. Waddle was such a good rookie that instead of just being pigeon holed as a deep threat, he was able to become a #1 target receiver who unfortunately had to do mostly short passes due to a terrible offensive line. As a rookie. He can play outside and slot, which he did at 45%. I am very excited to see them on the field.

    On defense, it is Holland and Phillips. Holland's range is amazing, he has football intelligence and is a good leader already. He could be an all-pro safety next season. With two top notch corners and a top safety, how can you not get excited for the potential of this secondary?

    Phillips in 2021 was a disappointment in that he didn't get the snaps he thought he should because he didn't develop as fast as a lot of people hoped. All he did was break the Dolphins rookie sack record and showed a lot of talent. IMO, he is a big reason the Dolphins beat the Ravens as he has the talent to stay with Lamar Jackson. And in 2022 he looks to be even better. This guy has JJ Watt, Myles Garrett, Chase Young potential. He just might show it.

    I am an optimist. I have the most fun looking at the positives in the offseason and then being disappointed. The last three years have been rough because the first two years that was impossible, and last season started out very poorly. I am happy to be able to be excited again. Am I saying Superbowl? Of course, I am. I say that every season other than 2019 and 2020. Though a lot would have to go right like all Super Bowl winners, I do think with logic and reason the Dolphins can be a true contender this season.

    I am hoping 2022 is going to be a lot of fun to be a Dolphins fan GO PHINS!
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  2. Galant

    Galant Love - Unity - Sacrifice - Eternity

    Apr 22, 2014
    Nice one.

    I agree with almost all of this.

    My initial reaction on Ross was that he should be in the 'worried' category but you're right, his affect this year should hopefully be over.

    I might be tended to move McDaniel to 'meh' based on the fact that he hasn't actually proved anything yet. If his play calling or clock management, or other coaching aspects fall off, or if he can't motivate a team that suffers a set back (or proves he fails at anything else a HC needs to do) then he might just not be the guy. Then again, it's his first year, there will likely be some teething issues, so for this year there definitely seems to be reason for hope right now.

    Other players I'm excited about/glad we have - Ogbah and Eguavoen. Also, Tweets out of camp suggest the Skylar Thompson might be able to take the backup QB spot, and Verone McKinley the UDFA looks like he could be a contributor on a solid defensive roster. Glad to see we might actually be building depth!

    Lastly, x-factor qualities. Comments from players during media periods provide some reason for optimism. It sounds like the personalities are in place to lay a solid foundation for a stable team that can work hard and work together. Hill can apparently take instruction from the coaches in a way that sets an example for younger players. When your 'star' is a team-player and is coachable it really helps set the tone. That is not to be underestimated. Then Terron Armstead is well known as a teacher and helps raise the level of those around him. And John Jenkins too has been said to also have a positive mentoring impact on younger players. This is a team with a good balance of youth, talent, experience and competitiveness. That bodes well for at least having the pieces to build a lasting culture.
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  3. KeyFin

    KeyFin Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 1, 2009
    For the firs time in what seems for forever, I am not worried about the offensive line. I mean, of course I'm worried they'll still stink, but we have an incredible receiving corp and we know Tua can get the ball out very fast. Mahommes led the league last year in short passes since so many 2 yard tosses to Tyreek became 20+ yard gains. Tua now has that cheat code and I am very excited for it. If the line is decent, then Tua has the cheat codes in Waddle/Hill plus he'll have Gisecki and others to work the rest of the field with.

    Will the line be great? No, LOL, that's a silly thought we should probably never have again. But I think they'll be good enough with the weapons we've added to have a fairly high powered offense.
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  4. Dol-Fan Dupree

    Dol-Fan Dupree Tank? Who is Tank? I am Guy Incognito.

    Dec 11, 2007
    That is understandable. I am in the excited until proven otherwise category. So far he has lived up to the hype, however, nothing has been proven yet. Again, I am an optimist. However, in most of our new head coaching even in August there were rumblings of something. Like during Philibin's time we were seeing him pick up trash up on the field and doing that weird, "bad taste in my mouth" thing that was so cringe.

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