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Dolphins Tickets

Discussion in 'Pro Shop' started by rdhstlr23, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. rdhstlr23

    rdhstlr23 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Dec 2, 2007
    Chicago, IL
    Hi Everyone -

    Today I became a STH! I'm pretty excited about it, honestly. The team did a lot the past year to get me back engaged with the team. I thought it would finally be worth it to respond by giving them my money!

    With that said, I live in Chicago. I'll be attending the game in England this year, too. So, I'll be selling both preseason games games and 6/7 home dates.

    As of now, we'll either be attending the Broncos game 12/3 or Bills game (last game of the year) 12/31.

    Otherwise, all other tickets are available -

    Opener against TB
    SNF against OAK
    MNF against NE
    Oct date against NYJ

    I plan on putting them all up on the secondary resale sites - TicketMaster, StubHub, and SeatGeek, as the idea was for this to be a little profit producer.

    However, I've been part of this community forever. So, if some of you are looking to purchase tickets, feel free to DM me and we can talk.

    I'll reply here when I get all the tickets up, section/row, as well as what I have them listed at on the secondary market sites for starters.
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  2. Unlucky 13

    Unlucky 13 Team Raheem Club Member

    Apr 24, 2012
    Troy, Virginia
    Wow. I hope that you make your money back, or at least break even. I'm not sure that I'll ever get to another home game, but I hope to start going to more away games in a few years once my kids are bigger. Good luck!
  3. rdhstlr23

    rdhstlr23 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Dec 2, 2007
    Chicago, IL
    You know I've made money on them! With the NE and Oakland games, I made quite a bit. I was fortunate to sell the preseason tickets for $20 each, which was nice.

    As of now, if anyone is interested, PM me.

    I have tickets left only for the Titans game in October and Broncos game 12/3
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  4. shawny

    shawny New Member

    Jul 2, 2019
    I was really very exited for these events in the past are they still happening like before I left the community long ago lol anyways thanks for sharing these experience..

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