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***Expansion Franchise Voting***

Discussion in '2012 GM League Forum' started by schisno, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    This is where Expansion GMs will post their write ups
    Critiques will be left in this thread as well.

    deadline Thursday 8 PM EST.
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  2. Paul 13

    Paul 13 Chaotic Neutral & Unstable Genius Staff Member

    Dec 3, 2007
    The Los Angeles Express

    With their new head coach, Pete Carmichael Jr, will be running a similar style to what the Saints run under Sean Peyton. James Lofton is reunited with his good friend as the OC here. A west coast / hybrid offense. A 34 defense lead by new DC Junior Seau. All of these coaches are familiar with one another from their time spent with the Chargers. You need that familiarity in your staff. None of this coaching potpourri.

    Well, this was a challenge. But once I looked over the list about 20 times, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do. The overall goal here was not to take on too much cap in any one player, but rather get quality guys, who could become a nucleus to this new team. I didn’t want to bring in anyone that was considered “old”. As you’ll see, most of my guys are under 30. The exceptions are leadership guys at crucial positions. I also didn’t want to take too many guys at any one position but rather sprinkle the vets throughout the team… And I didn’t want to take guys with injury histories that would make me question their 2012 production.

    Lets go thru the list.

    Antwan Barnes LB $1,600,000 Age: 27
    Quintin Mikell S $1,000,000 Age: 31
    Seneca Wallace QB $3,060,000 Age: 32
    Charlie Johnson T $2,950,000 Age: 27
    Ray McDonald DE $3,050,000 Age: 27
    Tony Scheffler TE $1,550,000 Age: 29
    Tim Jamison DE $565,000 Age: 25
    Richie Incognito G/C $3,300,000 Age: 28
    Chris Carr CB $2,500,000 Age: 28
    Larry Foote LB $3,000,000 Age: 31
    Ben Obomanu WR $2,000,000 Age: 28
    Rashad Jennings RB $565,000 Age: 26
    Brian Leonard FB $785,000 Age: 28
    Drayton Florence CB $4,000,000 Age: 31

    Antwan Barnes is an aggressive presence at the outside rushing linebacker position. Only 27. I feel he has some room to grow with this new team and will be counted on immediately, which is different from his previous teams was mostly a situational pass rusher. He had 11 sacks last year, 20.5 in his short career.

    Quintin Mikell, safety, is a solid veteran pickup for me. As soon as I saw his name I knew I had to pick him early. Yes, he’s 31. But you have to have some vets on your team. He was very solid in Philly prior to his move to the Rams last year. His experience with the Rams will be a positive for this young franchise.

    Seneca Wallace, quarterback, brings experience at the position. He’s familiar with the offense and it will be very interesting to see if Carmichael can repeat what the Saints did with the undersized Drew Brees here with Wallace. I wanted to get a quarterback in this draft that had some mobility and knew the offense. Very important selection.

    Charlie Johnson, tackle. Brings solid experience to the left tackle position. He’s blocked Peyton Manning’s blindside effectively. And he’s only 27. Now, he’s no Jake Long, but in this expansion draft, to get a LT of his experience is a nice bonus.

    Ray McDonald, defensive end. The perfect fit for the 34 front. He was very very good with the 49ers last year and their vaunted rush defense. He actually ranked THIRD according to PFF stats for 2011 34 defensive ends. Very important piece to the puzzle.

    Tony Scheffler, tight end. Did you know he ran a 4.54 40 when he came out? This is a great fit for what we want to do on offense. West coast tight ends need to be able to stretch the field vertically. We got one here.

    Tim Jamison, defensive end. I know… who right? Never heard of the guy?? Well the Houston Texans know all about him. He was the 12th rated 34 DE prospect according to PFF in a reserve role for the talented Texans defense. And at just 25 years old, he’s got plenty of room to grow. Good size for the position, 6 foot 3 285 pounds. And a guy you can move to DT in a four man situational rush.

    Richie Incognito, guard/center I was surprised to see he’s only 28 years old. Enough said. You know what you are getting with Richie. A physical presence along the offensive line. But also a leadership guy for a young offense. He can play any of the inside spots, which is an added bonus.

    Chris Carr, cornerback. Veteran corner, but only 28 years old. Played in some aggressive defensives so he gives us a physical presence if we choose to play some pressure packages.

    Larry Foote, linebacker. Another leadership guy. Needed one for my linebacker corps. Also needed a reliable rush defender on the inside.

    Ben Obomanu, receiver. He’ll work well in our offense and is already familiar with Seneca Wallace from their time together with the Seahawks. A guy who has good long speed. 28 years old.

    Rashad Jennings, 26 year old running back with lots of potential. He showed off that potential in 2010 with the Jags 84 carries 459 yards, 5.5 average and 26 receptions. So he has some versatility but also the power at 6 foot 1, 228 pounds. He’s been MJD’s backup but is ready to be a starter. Last season, he suffered the season ending knee injury. But he did not require surgery and could have come back in week 7.

    Brian Leonard, power back / full back. Brian has great hands. A perfect fit for the west coast offense that we’ll run. He has pretty decent speed as well.

    Drayton Florence, cornerback. Lastly, Drayton, another corner. Had to get two vets out of this draft. Got two pretty decent guys that can play press or zone. Florence knows all the tricks. This Chargers’ staff knows all about him.

    The college draft… brought to you by Castrol Synthetic Oil. If it’s good enough for Mel Kiper’s hair, it’s good enough for your engine.

    33 DE Nick Perry USC
    37 WR Rueben Randle LSU
    48 DT Brandon Thompson Clemson
    97 T Brandon Mosley Auburn
    108 WR/RB Chris Rainey Florida
    139 CB Casey Hayward Vanderbilt
    176 QB Case Keenum Houston
    207 TE Chase Ford Miami

    This draft was really interesting because at no point did I take a player at a position of need. It’s funny drafting for an expansion team, you need EVERYONE. So, you literally can take the best player available.

    Nick Perry is going to be a first round pick in April. His stock has risen into the mid teens.

    Rueben Randle could just wind up being a first round pick as well. He’s really crisp in his route running and would fit this offense very nicely.

    Brandon Thompson absolutely was the BPA at that pick and I didn’t hesitate even though I already had two pretty good DE’s locked down. Brandon can really cause havoc inside. I've seen mocks with him rated in the first round too. So that's three first round guys potentially.

    Brandon Mosley can blossom into a left tackle down the road.

    Chris Rainey is going to be a stud. Exceptional speed. Good hands. Going to play a similar role as to what Percy Harvin plays in Minnesota. But particularly a slot receiver returner for the Express!

    Casey Hayward could be the steal of the group. I think he’s got great ball skills. Might be better suited as a free safety though.

    Case Keenum is going to enjoy this offense. He’s got good short to intermediate ability. Doesn’t have a cannon. But you don’t need one here. He does have great touch on the deep ball too.

    Chase Ford.. tight end from Miami. Under used in college. Had a solid East West Shrine game. Interesting to see where he is actually drafted.

    Lineup... keep in mind I didn't draft my team thinking I needed to fill out my starting lineup first. I drafted BPA and as you'll see I don't have a starting center, right guard, nose tackle, inside backer, strong safety yet. If that costs me here then so be it. If the supposed judges don't have the foresight to envision free agency filling up the rest of the roster, I can't help that.

    WR Ben Obomanu / Chris Rainey
    LT Charlie Johnson
    LG Richie Incognito
    RT Brandon Mosley
    TE Tony Scheffler / Chase Ford
    WR Rueben Randle
    QB Seneca Wallace / Case Keenum
    RB Rashad Jennings
    FB Brian Leonard

    DE Ray McDonald
    DE Tim Jamison / Brandon Thompson
    OLB Nick Perry
    ILB Larry Foote
    OLB Antwan Barnes
    CB Drayton Florence
    FS Quintin Mikell
    CB Chris Carr / Casey Hayward
  3. Boik14

    Boik14 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    The New York Panhandlers
    GM: Boik14

    HC: Bill Cowher
    OC: Jon Gruden
    Dc: Keith Butler

    Draft Picks:
    1. LB Daryl Washington, Arizona $490,000
    2. CB Asante Samuel, Philadelphia $8,400,000
    3. LB Keith Rivers, Cincinnati $1,660,000
    4. OL Joe Berger, Minnesota $1,000,000
    5. RB James Casey, Houston $565,000
    6. DB Stanford Routt, Oakland $5,000,000
    7. RB Anthony Dixon, San Francisco $490,000
    8. OL Nate Garner, Miami $1,400,000
    9. WR Brad Smith, Buffalo $2,250,000
    10. OL Bryant McKinnie, Baltimore $3,500,000
    11. RB Mike Goodson, Carolina $565,000
    12. RB Lousaka Polite, New England $700,000
    13. DL Karl Klug, Tennesse $465,000
    14. TE Zach Miller, Seattle $6,000,000

    *Round 1 (#34) - Brock Osweiler, QB Arizona State*
    *Round 2 (#41) - Jared Crick, DE Nebraska*
    *Round 2 (#44) - Dwayne Allen, TE Clemson*
    *Round 3 (#101) - Tommy Streeter, WR Miami*
    *Round 4 (#104) - Phillip Blake, C Baylor*
    *Round 5 (#143) – Marvin Jones, WR Cal
    *Round 6 (#172) – Davin Meggett, RB Maryland
    *Round 7 (#211) - Darius Flemming, OLB Notre Dame

    While other teams decided to try and fill all positions, I decided to try and be really set depth wise at a handful of the key ones on each side of the ball. Expansion teams are not one-year projects; they are multiple year projects to be built for long-term success. The view of this front office is that the team will be built on coached up young players and a few vets who have tasted success.

    Bill Cowher was selected as the head coach because of his multiple Super Bowl appearances and sustained success over a 15 year period. The New York Panhandlers wanted a coach known for toughness but also for developing players and for being a players coach. We feel we have obtained the best coach available on the market.

    Cowher then selected his coordinators, Jon Gruden and Keith Butler. Cowher, along with the Panhandlers front office, felt it was imperative that the offensive philosophy be current. Gruden, a disciple of the West Coast offense and a Super Bowl Champion of his own, wanted to come to New York because he wanted to be on the same staff as Coach Chin. Chucky and Coach Chin could be the scariest 1-2 punch of coaching characters around both literally and figuratively.

    Keith Butler was selected as Defensive Coordinator. Butler got tired of waiting for his time in Pittsburgh as Dick LeBeau coaches on. Cowher and Butler both know LeBeau’s 3-4 defense and will implement the same hard hitting philosophy.

    The Panhandlers expansion draft and NFL draft philosophies were to take the best players available and build depth and talent at the most important positions. However talent overrides position scarcity. It simply has to.

    The core positions in the estimation of this staff are the same as they are for many teams: QB, LT, pass rushers, and skill players. Based on the talent available acquiring all pro’s at every position was not feasible. Since we could not fill every position in the draft, nor was that our goal, we plan on subsidizing our draft picks with a few free agents and building for the long term. We feel we accomplished that goal.

    Without further ado, here is the philosophy behind every pick the Panhandlers made:

    Draft Picks:
    1. LB Daryl Washington, Arizona $490,000 – Without question the best player available in the expansion draft in the opinion of our coaches and scouts. Since there were no all pro QB’s, no all pro pass rushers, and no stud LT’s to protect the QB the next best thing was a young building block for the defense. We will use Washington as an ILB in our 3-4.
    2. CB Asante Samuel, Philadelphia $8,400,000 – Finding players who have had success yet have peak years still left was something we set out to acquire. Rumors of Asante’s decline seem premature as the last two years he has ranked 12th (2011), 25th (2010) and 24th (2009) among CB’s the last three years.
    3. LB Keith Rivers, Cincinnati $1,660,000 – Following the same philosophy as our first overall pick and will play next to him as a 3-4 ILB. Rivers is coming off an injury prone season but we feel is poised to bounce back.
    4. OL Joe Berger, Minnesota $1,000,000 – The Panhandlers wanted to build a strong OL without investing huge sums of money there. The philosophy here was to build from the inside out with the best players available. His versatility was appealing as well being able to play three positions. He will man the LG spot to start off.
    5. RB James Casey, Houston $565,000 – To some this may seem a bit early but we knew there would be a market for Casey and we wanted to procure his skills and small contract. He will play mostly H back for a team loaded at TE.
    6. DB Stanford Routt, Oakland $5,000,000 – In a league loaded with spread offenses and 4 WR sets corners are at a premium. Routt was exposed to give the Raiders cap relief and their loss is our gain.
    7. RB Anthony Dixon, San Francisco $490,000 – Unheralded coming out of Mississippi State, Dixon has been used little in San Francisco. We wanted a tough short yardage runner here. Probably #2 on our depth chart but will compete for the starting spot with Meggett and Goodson.
    8. OL Nate Garner, Miami $1,400,000 – Just like with the Berger pick, we wanted to solidify the interior OL. Garner can play in line or RT in a pinch. He will play LG to start.
    9. WR Brad Smith, Buffalo $2,250,000 – This was as much about Special Teams as it was finding deep speed. As a WR Smith is, at best a #3 who is best used out of the slot. But as a special teams player he is one of the best in the league having lead the NFL in kick return yardage.
    10. OL Bryant McKinnie, Baltimore $3,500,000 – The salary of McKinnie prohibited a lot of teams from selecting him. But knowing the Panhandlers would be selecting a rookie QB we wanted a LT who has proven himself and who should have at least another year or two left at an adequate level of play since we didn’t want our QB getting David Carr’ed.
    11. RB Mike Goodson, Carolina $565,000 – Easily the best back available in the expansion draft. In a reserve role in 2010 with Carolina he had 103 carries for a respectable 4.4 YPC average. A tough runner, Goodson has the explosion at the second level to be a starting back in this league.
    12. RB Lousaka Polite, New England $700,000 – Low salaried, young fullback who is money in short yardage situations. Some will look at this as duplicating the Casey pick but Casey is more of a receiver where as Polite is more of a runner and blocker.
    13. DL Karl Klug, Tennesse $465,000 – You can never have enough quality defensive line depth so even if Klug is a bit miscast as a 3-4 DE who will compete with Jared Crick for the starting Open End (pass rushing end) spot.
    14. TE Zach Miller, Seattle $6,000,000 – Too good to pass up, Miller is a talented playmaker who can work the seems vertically and has a good set of hands. Miller is a decent blocker as well. Fit what we were trying to do, acquire as many weapons for our young QB.

    *Round 1 (#34) - Brock Osweiler, QB Arizona State* - Every expansion team needs to invest in a good young QB and we have acquired our #2 ranked prospect. Osweiler has his critics who cite his release point and his sloppy mechanics but those same people seem to overlook his accuracy and ball placement. Osweiler has a rocket arm and reminds this GM of Ben Roethlisberger.
    *Round 2 (#41) - Jared Crick, DE Nebraska* - Want to build a good team? Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush! Crick should be a first round pick but if scouts are willing to let him slide this far then that’s our gain.
    *Round 2 (#44) - Dwayne Allen, TE Clemson* - Allen will play split 3 yards out quite a bit to get both him and Miller on the field at the same time. It’s the same thing Green Bay did this past year with JerMichael Finley for 500+ snaps this year.
    *Round 3 (#101) - Tommy Streeter, WR Miami* - So with Brad Smith starting as a deep threat on one side, as least for now, Streeter will add some height and a red zone threat. Streeter has above average speed, is an above average route runner and can separate. His hands are reliable if unspectacular. He broke out this past season; Streeter had fewer then 20 catches entering his Redshirt Junior year but broke through for 46-811 this year.
    *Round 4 (#104) - Phillip Blake, C Baylor* - Our starting Center because the Panhandlers liked Blake's length, strength, and stocky build in the pivot, and feel he can work on hand placement and consistency sustaining his blocks.
    *Round 5 (#143) – Marvin Jones, WR Cal – And there goes Brad Smith’s starting role. Whew, that was close. In all seriousness, size is an important attribute for the Panhandlers at WR because so many CB’s in this league are under 6 feet. Jones has good speed and size but can support another 10-12 pounds on his frame. Jones was under-used playing across an all-pac 10 talent.
    *Round 6 (#172) – Davin Meggett, RB Maryland – The son of Dave Meggett, he plays differently then his scatback dad. While he can play Special Teams, he can also run inside. Just like his dad he can definitely make would be tacklers miss.
    *Round 7 (#211) - Darius Flemming, OLB Notre Dame - Butkus award runner up with solid natral instincts. He may not be a workout warrior but we’re drafting football players here and Flemming is just that. He will compete for an OLB role.

    In conclusion this is only 22/53rds of our starting roster. Panhandlers GM, Boik14, has shown in the past what he can do in free agency and plans to continue building and subsidizing the talent on the team through every available avenue. Having accomplished his goal of solidifying most of the “core positions”, GM Boik14 feels like his team is on a championship path.

    QB: Brock Osweiler
    RB: Mike Goodson - Davin Meggett - Anthony Dixon
    FB: Lousaka Polite
    H-Back: James Casey
    Split End: Tommy Streeter
    Flanker: Marvin Jones
    Slot: Brad Smith
    TE: Zach Miller - Dwayne Allen - James Casey
    LT: Bryant McKinnie
    LG:Nate Garner
    C: Phillip Blake
    RG:Joe Berger

    ****Starting lineup will feature a 2 TE/2WR set with 1 tailback.

    Open End: Jared Crick - Karl Klug
    Nose Tackle:
    Defensive Tackle (LDE):
    OLB: Darius Flemming
    ILB: Keith Rivers
    ILB: Daryl Washington
    CB: Asante Samuel
    CB: Stanford Routt
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  4. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    Los Angeles Breakers
    GM: BuckeyeKing

    Head Coach:Bill Belichick
    Offensive Coordinator:Josh McDaniels
    Defensive Coordinator:Gregg Williams

    Expansion Draft

    1. LB Daryl Washington, Arizona $490,000
    2. OL David Diehl, New York G $3,825,000
    3. OL Bryant McKinnie, Baltimore $3,500,000
    4. CB Asante Samuel, Philadelphia $8,400,000
    5. LB Antwan Barnes, San Diego $1,600,000
    6. WR Ben Obomanu, Seattle $2,000,000
    7. LB Clint Sintim, New York G $565,000
    8. OL Jamaal Jackson, Philadelphia $1,775,000
    9. OL Wayne Hunter, New York Jets $2,450,000
    10. DB Asher Allen, Minnesota $565,000
    11. OL Donald Thomas, New England $615,000
    12. DB Daniel Manning, Houston $4,000,000
    13. RB Knowshown Moreno, Denver $855,000
    14. WR Nate Burelson, Detroit $4,000,000

    Rookie Draft

    33.Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma St
    42.Orson Charles, TE, Georgia
    43.Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall
    102.Harrison Smith, SS, Notre Dame
    103.Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise State
    144.Josh Chapman, DT, Alabama
    171.Tydreke Powell, DT, North Carolina
    212.Michael Smith, RB Utah St

    Draft strategy going into expansion draft was to focus on a few positions and get quality veterans. I drafted only expecting 1 pick in the rookie draft safe to say I would have drafted a bit differently but I'm happy overall how this turned out.

    I wanted to sure up my offensive line in the expansion draft by drafting some key vets. Getting McKinnie and Diehl for the left side most teams don't have this luxury but a EXPANSION tam does. Overall I think this line can be productive also protecting the franchise QB Brandon Weeden. Speaking of Weeden it was important for this franchise to get a franchise QB. With a line to protect him were confident Weeden can do big things for this team in his first year.

    LT-Bryant McKinnie
    LG-David Diehl
    C-Jamaal Jackson
    RG-Donald Thomas
    RT-Wayne Hunter
    QB-Brandon Weeden

    In the expansions first year getting some key vets out wide for Weeden to help ease into the NFL was important. Many people sleep on Burelson but Nate is a terrific Wideout. Almost 400 Rec, 5K Yards, 36 TDs. He has the ability to get behind safeties and should be a key contributor for Weeden and this offense. On the opposite side is Obomanu who has been productive the last 2 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks. Given the chance I think he can do some nice things with a real QB. I wanted to draft both a rookie QB and TE so they could become a dynamic combo for years. I also wanted to get guys that have been someone disappointing getting Moreno a former first round pick has the talent but has been battling injuries. I think he can flourish in with the right cast and being a Pass first team I think he can be a solid contributor especially in the passing game. Drafting 7th round RB Michael Smith some say 7th rounders have no value but for expansion team I look for guys that can play and Smith can ball. A talented runner at Utah St but has been the number 2 guy. Has the skills to play in the NFL averaged 7.0 YPC in limited touches. A solid compliment for Moreno who has the chance to be something.

    WR1-Nate Burelson
    WR2-Ben Obomanu
    TE-Orson Charles
    RB1-Knoshown Moreno
    RB2-Michael Smith

    I didn't like the limited base 4-3 guys in the expansion draft mainly on the Dline so I ignored the DL in the expansion draft and went for an all rookie set up, I think they can be quite the force especially the ends. Curry high motor guy is going to be a STUD at the end position and is going to give opposing linemen fits. Opposite him is Tyrone Crawford a Lengthy defender who has all the ability to be an elite pass rusher. On the inside I believe I got the steal in the draft in Josh Chapman. He can start day 1 at the nose for most teams to get him in the late rounds brilliant. Next to him Powell has the talent just needs to put it together and can be a productive player. Being thrusted as a starting DT when at most would be a rotational guy might speed things along. I think the line will make or break this defense. If it makes then thats one less thing the Breakers will need to worry about.

    DE-Vinny Curry
    DT-Tydreke Powell
    NT-Josh Chapman
    DE-Tyrone Crawford

    Given all the 3-4 players in the expansion draft I decided to dip in and draft Washington who I think is a stud in any system and Barnes. Barnes had the bets year of his career last season with the Chargers I think he can carry that over and be very aggressive in the 4-3. I do love blitzing I think with Curry and Crawford Barnes could see similar results like he did in San Diego. Sintim has been an underachiever so far in his NFL career matters didn't help when he tore his ACL. He is a guy that I can afford to take a flyer on. Has the talent just not in the right situation its time he got a fresh start with a new franchise.

    OLB-Antwan Barnes
    MLB-Daryl Washington
    OLB-Clint Sintim

    Wanted some real veteran leadership in the secondary. Samuel and Manning provide that. Samuel can still flat out play and can anchor one side of the field down. Asher Allen is an interesting case. A physical Corner who plays the run very well but struggles at times in coverage. He has some play making abilities another player that I can take a flyer on has the ability just needs to put it together maybe playing along side Samuel could benefit him greatly. In a passing league you need a good FS and nabbing Manning would help the short comings of the pass defense. The only rookie on defense that doesn't play on the DL is Harrison Smith who can be an elite safety in the NFL. Has the skills of a FS, plays the ball very will, good coverage instincts, Plays the run very well and doesn't miss to many tackles. Really excited at what he is going to do in the NFL.

    CB-Asante Samuel
    CB-Asher Allen
    FS-Daniel Manning
    SS-Harrison Smith

    Team has some players long in the tooth but having Veteran leadership, underachiever players with a new opportunity is very important to a new team. I think the team I built what I had to work with can find some success in the NFL. I drafted a franchise QB and drafted for him. I think Weeden is going to be a stud in the NFL and I think I did a good job surrounding him with enough pieces for him to do something with. On the defense side the DL has a lot of growing up to and fast a lot of the defense success will hinge on the DL to do work early. I think the only question mark on the DL is Powell. The LB core might start of shaky especially if Sintim doesn't rise up. Washington will be fine and Barnes is going to find success in the blitz game but overall The secondary will help with the short comings from the the DL and LB core. the Breakers have a solid secondary wont be running on us that is for sure. with Manning and Smith in the secondary not to many deep balls will get past them. Team can be highly competitive in a few years if the drafting goes well even now some pieces of this team is better than most teams at some positions. The Sabres and any other Expansion team can't stand before us.
  5. GridIronKing34

    GridIronKing34 Silently Judging You

    Nov 22, 2007
    Denver, CO

    GM: GridIronKing34
    HC: Christopher Cullen
    OC: Al Dumonjic
    DC: Erik Von Claycamp​

    Many people explain their reasoning behind who they picked with a draft strategy and what not. While I admit I did go by needs a little in the NFL Draft, I made sure I took players I felt were among the best available. I used the expansion draft to really build the base of my defense. Plenty of players on my defense fit the 3-4 to a tee and I believe that is what will really shine. I thought that the expansion draft was weaker on the offensive side so I chose to build the offense through the NFL draft. Obviously I'd love to improve the team through free agency but there's only so much you can do.


    Brandon Weeden - QUARTERBACK - Oklahoma State [R]​

    I decided to use my first overall draft selection (#33 overall) on Brandon Weeden. Weeden is a quarterback who can make all the throws and if he wasn't 28 years old, he would be an no brainer first round prospect. I believe Weeden is a quarterback a franchise can build around... even if it's for 8-10 years instead of 15 years.

    Rashad Jennings - RUNNINGBACK - Liberty [3]​

    Rashad Jennings is a running back who showed a lot of promise his first two seasons averaging over 5 yards per carry in 2009 and 2010. Jennings suffered a knee injury (reportedly a sprain) in the preseason last year but didn't need surgery; he was placed on the IR regardless. He was cleared to return to football activities in October and I believe Jennings will return to form in 2012.

    Steve Breaston - WIDE RECEIVER - Michigan [5]​

    Steve Breaston has been quiet performer the past few seasons however he has had over 700 yards receiving the past 4 seasons. His speed can be an asset to the passing game in Las Vegas and give Weeden a much needed weapon in the passing game.

    Ben Obomanu - WIDE RECEIVER - Auburn [6]​

    Ben Obomanu is a guy that many have figured to be a breakout receiver last year. However with mediocre quarterback situation, Obomanu suffered along with the rest of the receiving corp. Obomanu was the Seahawk who made the most of his opportunities in the passing game and I believe he'll do the same in Las Vegas.

    Joe Adams - WIDE RECEIVER - Arkansas [R]​

    I drafted Adams with my third round pick based on value and the playmaking ability he provides. Adams will be able to provide an instant impact on the team as a punt returner. He also be slot receiver in 2012, a position that I feel like he would be most comfortable with as a rookie. Adams has blazing speed and was definitely a highlight of the Las Vegas NFL draft.

    Coby Fleener - TIGHT END - Stanford [R]​

    With my first second round pick in the NFL Draft, I decided to bring in the best tight end in the draft... in my opinion, of course. I believe Fleener is a well-rounded tight end who can instantly be a starter. He is a solid blocker as well as a big receiving threat. We look to use Fleener particularly in motions and really take advantage of his ability to find open space. I believe a Weeden/Fleener combination could be a very special and long lasting relationship.

    David Diehl - LEFT TACKLE - Illinois [9]​

    David Diehl brings versatility, experience, and stability to the offense line. Since being in 2003, Diehl has a missed a total of four games while starting a total 140 games. Based on our NFL draft, we have him penciled in at left tackle. Obviously through free agency, things could change as he could play guard or tackle. Diehl is a left tackle that I believe will make sure that Weeden doesn't take more hard hits than necessary.

    Lucas Nix - LEFT GUARD - Pittsburgh [R]​

    Lucas Nix was my 5th round draft pick and is currently penciled in as my left guard. Nix is a very quick guard who I believe can be a starter in the NFL. He is extremely athletic for his size and is a capable run blocker and pass blocker. I am pretty certain that Nix will be a steal in the real NFL draft and I believe I have a starter at left guard.

    David Snow - CENTER - Texas [R]​

    In a relatively weak draft at center outside of Wisconsin's Peter Konz, I elected to use my final draft pick on David Snow out of Texas. While Snow is an extremely powerful center or extremely athletic, he is technically sound and uses his hands well. I believe he can add some weight to his frame and become even stronger to make him a potential starter in the NFL. While I would certainly look to add a veteran in free agency such as Jeff Saturday or Todd McClure, I think Snow could get the job done if needed.

    Brandon Brooks - RIGHT GUARD - Miami (OH) [R]​

    Brandon Brooks was my fourth round draft pick and to say he is a mammoth is an understatement. Brooks stands 6'5" and 343 pounds but is actually quick for his size. Brooks needs some technique work but I believe he can make due his rookie season as a starter. Brooks has a lot of upside and can win consistently in both the run and pass game. My right side is a combine 700 pounds so I believe Rashad Jennings will be able to find some running room.

    Bryant McKinnie - RIGHT TACKLE - Miami [10]​

    Bryant McKinnie adds more experience to the offensive line and while he may not be in the NFL longer than a few years, I think he'll make an impact in Las Vegas as a starter at right tackle. With his size and strength, he should be able to bulldoze people in the run game. However his quickness should allow him to not let pass rushers from coming from the left side such as Cameron Wake get too much pressure. McKinnie is an excellent addition to the line and gives me two experience book-ends to work with.


    Ray McDonald - DEFENSE END - Florida [5]​

    Ray McDonald is your prototypical 3-4 defensive end and at the age of 27, he still has his best years ahead of him. His ability to rush the passer will bold well for Las Vegas as teams right tackle will look to have to deal with both McDonald and Barnes heading their way. Overall this was one of my favorite draft picks because of McDonald's strong overall game in the 3-4 defense.

    Ryan Pickett - NOSE TACKLE - Ohio State [11]​

    Ryan Pickett has been playing as a defense end in the Packers 3-4 scheme next to nose tackle BJ Raji, but in Las Vegas he will the base of their 3-4 defense as the nose tackle. Pickett is a strong run defender who can take up space and blockers. At 6'2" 340 pounds, Pickett will be a load for the interior line of any offense to handle.

    Sean Lissemore - DEFENSE END - William & Mary [2]​

    Sean Lissemore is my under the radar guy. I don't believe he was drafted in the expansion draft by anyone which was very surprising in my opinion. Lissemore is entering his third NFL season and tallied up 28 tackles and two sacks as a reserve in Dallas in 2011. Lissemore has been praised heavily by Dallas fans and media in addition to his unmentioned success on the field. I believe this was my sleeper pick of the expansion draft and for very good reason.

    Antwan Barnes - WEAKSIDE OUTSIDE LINEBACKER - Florida International [5]​

    Antwan Barnes played extremely well in 2011 in limited snaps in San Diego. However in 2012 he will get his chance to shine as the JACK linebacker in the city of Las Vegas. At the ripe age of 27, Barnes still have plenty of game left in him in Las Vegas. Barnes will a primarily pass rusher in our 3-4 defense but will look to take on some coverage responsibility as well. With 11 sacks as a reserve, Barnes will look to improve that number as he takes on more responsibility in 2012.

    Daryl Washington - WEAKSIDE INSIDE LINEBACKER - Texas Christian [2]​

    Daryl Washington was a surprise addition to the expansion draft and that's why I selected him with our first pick. I was happy to see him fall to us as Oklahoma City selected Asante Samuel with their pick. Washington is very young and is a perfect weakside inside linebacker in our 3-4. His ability in coverage is great and he is also a solid run defender. I look for Washington to have a major impact as the WILL linebacker on the Las Vegas defense for the next 8-10 years.

    Takeo Spikes - STRONGSIDE INSIDE LINEBACKER - Auburn [14]​

    I felt that our defense needed a true leader in the front seven and Takeo Spikes is that leader. With 14 years of NFL experience calling the shots as the Mike linebacker, Spikes has everything I am looking for in a strongside linebacker in the 3-4 defense. Granted Spikes is certainly a temporary fix as he'll only be in Las Vegas for a year or two, but his time here will be memorable. Spikes can bring a positive impact in both the run and pass game as well as ensure our front seven is positioned correctly.


    Karl Klug is the guinea of the Las Vegas 3-4 defense. He will primarily be a pass rusher in our 3-4 defense but will occasionally drop back in zone coverage to keep quarterbacks on their toes. Klug recorded seven sacks in 2011 as a rookie and he has the size (6'3" 275) to be a major contributor as our teams SAM linebacker. His combination of agility and strength will be a terror for left tackles to deal with.

    DeAngelo Hall - CORNERBACK - Virginia Tech [8]​

    DeAngelo Hall finished his 8th season in the NFL and surprisingly is only 28 years old. I believe that Hall can be our number one cornerback for the next five years and definitely take this defense to the next level. Hall will certainly look to increase his career 35 interceptions in Las Vegas... and I believe that Hall has the supporting cast to do just that.

    Brandon Boykin - CORNERBACK - Georgia [R]​

    Brandon Boykin comes to Las Vegas as a cornerback and a kick returner. I think he can be a starting cornerback in Las Vegas next to Hall. We would love to target another cornerback in free agency so Boykin can take on the nickel cornerback role in his rookie season but beggars cannot be choosers. Boykin is sound in both man and zone coverage, especially for a prospect. In additional to his coverage skills, Boykin brings exceptional kick return abilities to the table. Boykin was the first returner in SEC history to have two 100 yard kick return touchdowns in a season and I am excited to have that return ability in Las Vegas.

    Quintin Mikell - FREE SAFETY - Boise State [9] ​

    Quintin Mikell would be the leader of the secondary and is one of the better free safeties in the league. Mikell is also a good run defender and is more than capable of manning up on tight ends and running backs. With Mikell's experience, we believe that he can ensure he will put himself as well as rookie Brandon Taylor is the best possible position on the field to succeed.

    Brandon Taylor - STRONG SAFETY - Michigan [R]​

    Brandon Taylor was my sixth round draft pick and I think his ability to play both strong and free safety is an instant plus in my book. Taylor is natural in coverage and his ability to tackle in the box as well as in space makes him an excellent candidate to start as the strong safety. This is another position we would like to address in free agency by giving Taylor some competition.

    #1 - Daryl Washington, LB
    #2 - Antwan Barnes, LB
    #3 - Quintin Mikell, FS
    #4 - Steve Breaston, WR
    #5 - Ryan Pickett, NT
    #6 - Ray McDonald, DE
    #7 - Karl Klug, LB
    #8 - David Diehl, OT
    #9 - Bryant McKinnie, OT
    #10 - Takeo Spikes, LB
    #11 - Ben Obomanu, WR
    #12 - DeAngelo Hall, CB
    #13 - Rashad Jennings, RB
    #14 - Sean Lissemore, DE

    #33 - Brandon Weeden, QB
    #38 - Coby Fleener, TE
    #47 - Brandon Boykin, CB
    #98 - Brandon Brooks, OG
    #107 - Joe Adams, WR
    #140 - Lucas Nix, OG
    #175 - Brandon Taylor, SS
    #208 - David Snow, C​
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  6. Big E

    Big E Plus sized porn star

    Nov 29, 2007
    Bloomington, IN.
    Oklahoma City Herd
    GM Big E

    HC: Bill Cowher
    OC: Steve Mariucci
    DC: Jim Mora Jr.​

    The city of Oklahoma loves football. Bringing a team here was an easy choice. The way they have embraced the Thunder and as huge as college football is in this state we are proud to bring a pro team here. My coaches were based on who I thought (beside Cowher) deserved a second chance. At one time they showed something as coordinators that led an owner to think they would be good head coaches so it was only natural to bring them in and let them do what they do best.

    Expansion Draft Picks:
    1. CB Asante Samuel, Philadelphia $8,400,000
    His tenure in Philly was bumpy and he is eager to get a fresh start, under Mora's D Asante should once again return to pro bowl status.
    2. RB Knowshown Moreno, Denver $855,000
    Has had some injury/ inconsistent coaching issues in the past, again we feel he is a versatile player that will work well in what we are doing.
    3. QB Peyton Manning, Indianapolis $7,400,000
    You dont win without taking risks. Here was our biggest one. We beleive in Manning, we think he will give us atleast 3 yrs of production, and if not we have already worked out a deal to keep him on as a qb coach/mentor. He's one of the best of all time, how could you not take a chance on him?
    4. TE Tony Scheffler, Detroit $1,550,000
    Experienced TE has done well before as a starter should bring consistency to the passing game.
    5. LB Keith Rivers, Cincinnati $1,660,000
    Rivers was brought in for being tough, physical with excellent play reading ability and the range to make plays a staple on the front 7.
    6. OL Donald Thomas, New England $615,000
    Mainly a depth pick has played for some good offensive line coaches.
    7. WR Greg Salas, St Louis $465,000
    Has shown glimpses of being a starter, with Manning under center could be a solid option.
    8. DL Frank Okam, Tampa Bay $700,000
    Solid vet brings alot of experience to the team.
    9. DL Tim Jamison, Houston $565,000
    Will have a chance to start as a backup was very active could be a break out star on defense.
    10. OL Jamaal Jackson, Philadelphia $1,775,000
    Can play Center and Guard, anchor for the Oline. Need to keep Manning up right to be successful.
    11. RB James Casey, Houston $565,000
    H back type player. Will get alot of play as a FB and TE. Every team needs a guy like this on their squad.
    12. DB Eric Smith, New York J $1,200,000
    Had an off year last year, but we feel under Mora will excel and be a solid starter.
    13. LB Clint Sintim, New York G $565,000
    Missed the entire 2011 season with injury should come in healthy with a chip on his shoulder. solid OLB.
    14. DB Yeremiah Bell, Miami $4,300,000
    Solid vet in the secondary, possible team captain, great leadership skills.


    WR Mohamed Sanu, RutgersBig East player of the year, broke Larry Fitzgeralds single game receptions record, Teams know he's getting the ball and still cant stop him, possible franchise player.Has good size and strength and is a durable athletic football player. His 40-time suggests he doesn’t have elite speed, but his speed is deceptive; Sanu consistently challenges defenders vertically and accelerates well. He makes great cuts in the short game and gets in and out of breaks smoothly and doesn’t break stride when catching the ball.
    #35 Brandon Washington, OG Miami (Fla.)Solid, nasty disposition, will help strenghten the line, starter for years to come. Is deceptively athletic for a big-bodied offensive lineman. Gets out on the move nicely. Has been used some on pulls.Strong as a drive blocker, locking into his block and pushing the defensive lineman around.
    #50 David Wilson, RB Virginia TechWilson is a natural instinctive runner who finds the correct hole and has the foot quickness to get thru it quickly.He is a very quick footed runner who consistently shifts and slides in traffic to avoid taking hard hits and can change directions very fast to make tacklers miss. He is strong with very good balance which helps him to consistently stay on his feet after taking hard hits. He has the playing strength to run thru arm tackles and defenders hanging onto him consistently well. He does an outstanding job of bouncing runs outside when there is nothing in the middle or the play breaks down and has the speed to take it the distance. He did not get many opportunities to run pass routes, but he can catch the ball well and is a very good runner after the catch
    #95 Michael Brewster, C Ohio StateMike Brewster is a four-year starter with high football IQ and a true team leader. He was the only junior in college football to finish as a finalist for the 2010 Rimington Trophy.
    Although he lacks exceptional athleticism or strength, Brewster is a solid offensive line prospect with no gaps in his game. He is a better pass protector than run blocker, but this mostly has to do with his frame. He's a long and lean player who will need to add bulk to his lower half. With an improved knee bend, he'll do a much better job using his pad leverage to his advantage. Brewster has good feet, but sometimes gets a bit lazy with his technique and can get knocked off-balance. He will need to shuffle his feet and better maintain his center of gravity when taking on NFL-caliber defensive tackles. He is sometimes a bit late seeing the second level, identifying a blitzing linebacker and disengaging from his double-team.
    Most of Brewster's shortcomings can be improved with refinement of his fundamentals. He could afford to add more bulk, but in this new pass-oriented NFL, pass blockers are at a new premium.
    #110 T.Y. Hilton, WR Florida International Hilton is an undersized burner who could climb into the middle rounds. Hilton is a home-run hitter with shifty quickness and enough burst to carry him into the end zone. He's able to take bubble screens and other short passes and make the most of them.
    Given his size, it is tough to connect with him downfield on big throws. Think of Hilton as a player like Ted Ginn, Jr. His impact as a receiver is limited, but he can be a difference maker on kick and punt returns. Injuries are going to be a concern given Hilton's slight frame.Every team needs an X factor, here is mine.
    #137 Akiem Hicks, DT Regina Looks the part of a standout defensive lineman at nearly 6-5, 325 pounds. Possesses a long set of arms (35 1/8) and a thick lower half. Showcases impressive initial burst off the snap for his size and has the power on his bull rush and the length to routinely gain leverage and simply overwhelm. He also exhibits "plus" short area quickness for a guy his size. Will play both packages for us 3/4 and 4/3.
    #178 Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, DT Baylor A girthy nose tackle who possesses a strong lower half and when he keeps his pad level down is tough to move off the football.Surprisingly, plays the run game off his frame well. Does a better job keeping his pad level down, works his legs well when asked to defeat slide down blocks and can overwhelm on contact. Size along will probably make him go pretty early in the real draft IMO.
    #205 Kellen Moore, QB Boise State Highly intelligent and has been extremely productive, making very few mental mistakes. Very smart and plays like an offensive coordinator on the field.Could be a career back up in the NFL but was a solid pick for us in the 7th.
  7. Fin-Omenal

    Fin-Omenal Initiated

    Mar 25, 2008
    Thee...Ohio State University
    Columbus KnickerPhin'n'M's.

    HC Jimmy Johnson
    OC Eric Wedge
    DC Mike D'Antoni
    Quality Control coach Jim Tressel

    LB Antwan Barnes, San Diego $1,600,000- Hands down the best pass rusher available, impressive in limited action for the Chargers.

    DL Ryan Pickett, Green Bay $4,500,000- IMO the best DL available also, Pickett is in his prime and one of the better 3-4 DL in all of football.

    RB Rashad Jennings, Jacksonville $565,000- I feel like Rashad can be a solid contributor, has played well in the rare occasion MJD was on the bench.

    WR Ben Obomanu, Seattle $2,000,000- Productive WR in 2010, polished and a good route runner.

    DB Nate Clements, Cincinnati $2,500,000- One of the reasons the Bengals defense did a 360 last season, veteran who can still cover better than most.

    DB Quintin Mikell, St Louis $1,000,000- Another solid starter with experience.

    DB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Jacksonville $540,000- Drafted by Dallas originally has showed some flashes when in games and will compete for a starting spot while being a return man.

    OL David Diehl, New York G $3,825,000- Hard nosed veteran who can captain the OL.

    LB Clint Sintim, New York G $565,000- Still young enough to turn it around, being an ILB in a 3-4 may be his saving grace.

    TE Tony Scheffler, Detroit $1,550,000- Nice blend of blocking skills, and a pass catching threat.

    QB Curtis Painter, Indianapolis $565,000- I watched the Colts week in and week out and I really became impressed with Painter at times....forced into a starting role after zero meaningfull reps and no OTA's and barely a TC? I could do worse at the position.

    OL Joe Berger, Minnesota $1,000,000- Veteran G who has some solid football left in him.

    LB Takeo Spikes, San Diego $2,346,000- The signal caller for my front seven, Spikes has played good hard football his whole career.

    DL Lawrence Jackson, Detroit $915,000- Will be asked to add some strength and man a 3-4 DE position. Personal fav of mine.



    #34 DE Nick Perry- Well thank you very much Charlie....this kid will likely be a top 20 pick and all you need to do is watch him to see why. The way he comes off the edge and his ability to track down the ball carrier is ridiculous. Immediate starter opposite Antwan Barnes.

    # 39 WR Stephen Hill GT- The big play threat every offense needs, Hill keeps your safteys honest and opens plays for the TE's.

    #46 Ladarius Green, TE La.-Lafayette- Love this prospect, his ball skills and hands are very rare with his athletic ability...Im not a "rankings" guy, I WANTED this player on my team and his future will be bright.

    #99 Nick Foles, QB Arizona- Big kid with very good arm strength, decision making is a fault that can be remedied.

    #106 Tony Bergstrom, OT Utah- Fully expect Tony to come in and compete for the RT spot.

    #141 Nate Potter, OT Boise State-- Ill be honest. I feel like I stole him, upside to be a very good football player.

    #174 Russell Wilson, QB Wisconsin- The baseball player turned Heisman trophy canidate was a playmaking leader in his first year for Wisconsin.

    #209 Emanuel Davis, CB East Carolina- He needs to put on some muscle, but can cover. Needs to be more physical though.

    I feel like I drafted well, some snickered at drafting two QB's to compete with Painter. But I ask you, is that not the most important position on the field? I was skeptical at first but I would take this expansion team and be happy where Im headed.

    As for my opponent? He is a likeable, chatty lil pri-k....not a bad team he put together, but Im thinking a 10 point win sounds about right. What was his name again???


    *please do not mistake Carlins thunk for f---.
  8. ToddsPhins

    ToddsPhins Banned

    Mar 15, 2009
    Pahrump NickelHoes

    HC: Tom Landry
    OC: Don Corryel
    DC: Jim Johnson

    The Houston Texans finished their inaugural year 4-12, the third worst record in the NFL and understandably so. As the NickelHoes GM, it's not only my job to be an optimist but also a realist, and the realist in me understands the NickelHoes will not be an overnight success and will likely be sitting with the 1st or 2nd pick of the 2013 draft, likely the 2nd. As such, our entire philosophy revolved around two notions.

    The first notion being-- "Let's approach this from a two to three year standpoint rather than thinking we can address all our needs in just one offseason.". Rather than throwing picks & our limited number of initial FA acquisitions all around the field, we felt it imperative to work on establishing some sort of identity. To accomplish this, it meant ignoring some areas of the team in order to establish and build up others. We wanted to quickly establish areas of strengths b/c no NFL team has ever won a SB being average everywhere. Creating areas of strength would in turn provide us an identity. Landry, Corryel, Johnson, [Cole Sear], and myself sat down, looked at what we wanted to do offensively & defensively, examined all our options based on what we saw available personnel wise, and felt that our shortest path to establishing strengths and subsequently building an identity lay on the defensive side of the ball. We would've liked to have said, "QB is the most important position on the field, so lets grab one and surround him with a cast that fits both himself and our scheme.", but we didn't see that happening without trying to force it, and we didn't see a QB whom we felt was an ideal fit for Corryel's new age offense.

    The second notion being-- "Eh, why use a high draft pick and reach for an overaged QB now and subject him to a beating when we draft a true franchise QB next year with either Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, Tyler Bray, or Aaron Murray?". That was a "win" decision for us, especially considering we didn't feel the highest rated prospects available fit what we wanted to accomplish in Corryel's modernized system..... and even if we did like any of those prospects, we weren't sure if we could find the pieces to properly build around them this year based on what we saw available. Now, that doesn't mean we're cherry picking Matt Flynn from free agency. It means we're perfectly content on finding a stop-gap veteran or another team's talented cast off who best fits our offensive scheme and can provide the leadership and work ethic that a new organization needs. We look at what a guy like Chad Henne did during Miami's 2011 offseason and strongly feel that's the type of character we want to bring to this team, so that's who we'll be initially targeting. We understand this QB might not be as talented as a Brandon Weeden, but we do feel his experience will lead to better immediate success in 2013, and when we use our high 1st round 2013 pick on a QB, we'll already have a veteran QB with experience running our offense who can push him early on, serve as our starter till the rookie is ready [if needed], and act as a capable backup. And with that, defense it shall be.

    Jim Johnson has had some time beyond the pearly gates in between afternoon shuffle-board sessions with Steve Burns to spend countless hours studying game tape and devising a defense he feels would best mimmic his dominating D's of old but tweaked to the modern age and tailored to the personnel available in both the draft and FA. Over an 8 year stretch Johnson's Eagles ranked 1st in sacks, 4th in fewest points allowed (17.6), and 3rd in 3rd down conversions allowed. In 1999 his team forced an NFL high 46 turnovers. After watching the last 5 years of Steeler film while also recalling his old team, Johnson turned to me and said through Cole, "That's what I want! Let's get that defense started this year and, Corryel, you can have fun with your offense next year b/c I like what I see from these guys, and I can tell from your blaise reaction that you weren't overly excited with the offensive options available from the get-go." Landry, recalling back to his Super Bowl days and what kind of players it took to get him there, nodded in approval. Tom hasn't said much, so I guess he agrees I've done a great job as GM building this team the way he likes and in Championship form. {Cole Sear confirmed Tom's nod again.} Now that Johnson's able to start with a defense from scratch, he's excited to instill a 34 that he's studied the past few years, one that's versatile in it's ability to transition from 34 to 43 and back, and will create pressure & turnovers while having the ability to dictate the game to opposing offenses while smacking them in the mouth.

    When the four of us brainstormed our plan, we all congruently wanted the same thing--- to bring in some high intensity, big hearted, dedicated, passionate leaders whom we could keep as the core of the team for years, guys like Zach Miller (earned Arizona State's "Cecil Abono Team Captain" and "Pat Tillman Valor Award"), James Casey (Texans Community Player of the Year), Greg Salas (2x Team Captain), Daryl Washington (voted Team Captain by teammates), Karl Klug (Iowa Hawkeye Permanent Team Captain & winner of "Extra Heartbeat Award"), DeAngelo Hall (Co-Redskin Defensive Captain past 2 years along with community involvement), and so on.

    We wanted players who would immediately create a strong locker room presence, guys with a shared vision and mentality who eagerly want to have each other's back heading into battle. We wanted to create this presence as quickly as possible so that it could be the dominant personality on the team, one that others would have to conform to if they have any hopes of being a NickelHoe. We've always believed and understood this approach, but oddly enough we didn't fully understand the depth of it until watching the Dog Whisperer and seeing the affect the incumbent, cohesive pack of dogs has on unruly newcomers...... and considering how many of the highly talented yet focus-lacking, unruly, and/or problematic rookies enter the draft every year, we felt this would greatly play to our advantage in future drafts. This is one reason we felt it ok to take a chance on Donte Paige Moss, and if Donte does happen to turn himself around, he would serve as a valuable example to future incoming rookies whom he could take under his wing and help set them straight since it's easier to get through to them when using players who have already been in their shoes.


    We felt it imperative to not only draft our starters but our depth and competition as well since Johnson's defense revolves around its linebackers and pressuring the QB. And considering some of these guys will be making a transition from defensive end to linebacker, we felt it imperative to draft them this year so we're not left developmentally delayed at the position. With a corps now consisting of Washington, Rivers, Andre Branch & Paige-Moss at SOLB, and Bruce Irvin at WOLB, we felt this unit could grow into one of the leagues' best and reminiscent of the disruptive, physical, violent group the Steelers have enjoyed.

    Defensive Line:
    We wanted a stud nose tackle who could control the point of attack but with the athleticism for his size to not be a liability on the field, and with Daryl Washington roaming at ILB, this addition was essential to our defensive design. With the addition of Poe, we feel we got the best 3-4 0-tech NT the draft has seen in a few years, and with Ray McDonald already at DE, it was an easy decision to solidify our front 3 and make it a future team strength by drafting the extremely gifted Kendall Reyes to play the 5-tech RDE spot. In our eyes, the potential impact of this trio is comparable to what the Patriots had with Warren, Wilfork, and Seymour.... San Francisco with McDonald, Sopoaga, and Smith.... and the Steelers with Smith, Hampton, and Keisel.

    Staying in tune with this attacking and pressuring defensive philosophy, we wanted corners who could get up to the line of scrimmage and play bump & run to delay receivers' routes in the the short passing game that opposing offenses will need to execute in order to beat the pressure. Hall, Routt, and Allen were great fits to this equation, and as the past has shown, when QBs are under pressure and forced to make some bad decisions, Hall has career days. We feel we have the starting talent to keep up with any passing offense. Outside of strong safety, our only need is addressing depth. In a passing league, we are extremely pleased to have Hall, Routt, Asher Allen, and Manning. Coach Johnson believes this group immediately becomes one of the best in the league. We feel this disruptive & pressuring front 7 combined with corners capable of playing up at the line has the potential of becoming a QB's nightmare.

    We only had 3 goals:
    1. To put enough bodies on the field to hold the fort down until next year since defense was our 2012 priority, and we weren't establishing a solid defense if we focused attention on offense. We also believed it made no sense to invest resources into offensive personnel when we're not sure what type of personnel our future 2013 franchise QB will need to be surrounded with.
    2. Get a left tackle capable of keeping our current and 2013 franchise QB from being decapitated from his blind side.
    3. Add a few key pieces integral to our future's success. We got those pieces in the versatile Hback, James Casey; starting slot receiver & 3rd down chain mover Greg Salas, top playmaking receiving COP back Ronnie Hillman, and one or two interior linemen capable of helping transition to a quality zone blocking scheme. We feel we got a good start with Quentin Saulsberry, one of the most underrated interior linemen in the draft.

    Free Agent Draft
    1. LB Daryl Washington, Arizona $490,000 What we love:
    -Darryl's one of the best young ILBs in the NFL and will be the heart of this defense for the next 10 years.
    -He was our #1 pick b/c he represented the top defensive player on our board at a position important to our success and fit the role of what we need from that position.
    -With 2 rookie OLBs coming in, Daryl's a playmaker in the middle they could use as motivation.
    2. DL Karl Klug, Tennesse $465,000. What we love:
    - 7 sacks from the DT position as a rookie. What else can you say?...
    - Will be a pressuring DT in nickel and compete for a 34 DE starting role.
    3. TE Zach Miller, Seattle $6,000,000. What we love:
    -Pro Bowl caliber TE whom Corryel is drooling about incorporating into his offense.
    -Team player, hard worker
    -will be essential to the development of our future highly drafted 2013 franchise QB.
    4. LB Keith Rivers, Cincinnati $1,660,000. What we like:
    -coming off non leg related injury so we're optimistic he can showcase the talent that made him a top draft pick.
    -another past team captain
    5. RB James Casey, Houston $565,000. What we love:
    -his versatility
    -he sums up everything we want this franchise to represent and everything we want our future players to become.
    6. WR Greg Salas, St Louis $465,000: What we love:
    -The one receiver we DID want b/c, in order to be successful in the NFL, you have to be able to move the chains, and Salas is a 3rd down conversion machine.
    -Starting slot receiver from day one.
    -6th round steal considering he was a 4th rounder in 2011.
    -looked primed to take Danny Amendola's job as the Rams slot receiver before his injury.
    -smart player who understands defenses
    -Elite hands. Catches ball out of the box very well. Great frame extension.
    -Extremely tough and determined on the field. Will make a living off yards after the catch b/c he's constantly looking for more.
    -Runs entire route tree & not afraid to go over middle which Corryel finds highly desirable paired with Miller and the vertical outside receivers we plan to add.
    -Elite production, 4,300+ yards, 26 TDs in college.
    -Rare ability for a slot receiver to have the body he does.
    -Makes plays on all levels of defense.
    -Difficult to arm tackle, pumps knees like a RB.
    -Vicious, Hines Ward-type crack back blocker.
    -Physical, not afraid to lower his shoulder.
    7. DL Ray McDonald, San Francisco $3,050,000. What we love:
    -key component to San Fran's 3-4 success and has seen first hand what it takes to quickly turn a franchise around.
    -Team Captain of the 2006 Nat'l Champ Gators
    -still improving and looks to be a potential ProBowler.
    -love his ability to disrupt, create pressure, and make plays behind the LOS.
    -His versatility to play both 34 DE and nickel DT at a high level made him a no brainier for us.
    8. OL Bryant McKinnie, Baltimore $3,500,000. What we love:
    -still has another year or 2 left to hold down the fort until we find our LT of the future.
    9. OL Nate Garner, Miami $1,400,000. What we like:
    -can be a serviceable starter who can fill in anywhere.
    -his versatility.
    10. DB Asher Allen, Minnesota $565,000. What we love:
    -Defensive Captain of a solid SEC Georgia team.
    -exactly what we wanted in an agile, sure tackling, nickel corner likely to see a great deal of action.
    -potential to be a quality starter.
    11. DB DeAngelo Hall, Washington $6,000,000. What we love:
    -his 8 years of starting experience makes Hall the oldest vet on this defense but still only 28 years old.
    -turned a page in his life the past few years where he's more excited to take on a leadership role amidst this young defense.
    -Hall, b/c of his path to maturity, will be a valuable & influential role model for young, talented players who may lack direction and maturity.
    12. OL Garret Reynolds, Atlanta $565,000. What we like:
    -young guy with starting experience.
    -Doesn't necessarily fit what we need but is versatile and will become solid depth in the future.
    13. DB Daniel Manning, Houston $4,000,000 What we like:
    -We wanted to instantly create an experienced secondary, so Manning was a great fit in this regard.
    -recently experienced the cohesiveness needed for defensive success in Houstons' quick turn-around.
    14. DB Stanford Routt, Oakland $5,000,000. What we love:
    -with a great covercorner back opposite him in Hall, he's allowed to be the #2 corner again where he's more successful rather than filling Nnamdi's shoes.
    -Isn't as physical vs the run as we like, but being our 14th pick, we feel we got a steal in a quality #2 starter who fits our coverage scheme.

    2012 Draft
    (We saw players that stood out to us whom we felt were obtainable and who would allow us to quickly establish our defense the way we desired, and we're ecstatic to land 4 guys who were high to imperative on our radar [in Branch, Poe, Reyes, and Irvin] as all 4 of these were pre-penciled in as our picks for each selection from the start.)
    1st: Andre Branch, 34OLB/DE Clemson:
    -Steeler mentality and demeanor.
    -Emotional, physical, violent player with violent hands. Reminds me a little of James Harrison in this regard.
    -Plays with a mean streak and has his best days ahead of him.
    -Perfect fit as my 43 SOLB b/c of his ability to play standing up, contain the run, maintain discipline, get after the QB, and has game experience in staying with tight ends down field.
    2nd: Dontari Poe, DT/34NT Memphis:
    -already mentioned his importance to our defense's future success.
    -reminds me of Paul Soliai in that he's nimble and athletic for his massive size.
    2nd: Kendall Reyes, DT/34DE Connecticut:
    -after a great showing during Senior Bowl week where Reyes was difficult to handle for even the top Oline of the North, we feel he has prototypical 5 tech DE written all over him at 6'4 300, and the athleticism to be disruptive in a Pro-Bowl caliber Richard Seymour way. A complete RDE package.
    3rd: Bruce Irvin, 34OLB West Virginia:
    -extremely similar to Von Miller in ability, size, and intensity.... but needs time to develop.... we can wait.
    -great natural instincts, gifted athlete, and natural pass rusher with some violence to his game.
    -we love his background and the adversity he's overcome.
    -that type of character embodies what we're looking for.
    -will become a tremendous role-model and leader of this team.
    4th: Ronnie Hillman, RB San Diego State:
    -We felt Hillman's 2011-12 sophomore season performance of 1710 rushing yards, 5.5 avg, 19 TDs, 24 catches for 270 yards were comparable to Sproles sophomore season of 1465 rushing yards, 6.2 avg, 17 TDs, 9 catches for 99 yard.
    -We needed a starting RB, but from our viewpoint we felt it more beneficial to us to draft one of the top change of pace/3rd down pass catching backs than a middle of the road bigger back hoping he'll become our starter.
    -He showed us that he could play vs the big boys with a 228 yard, 2 TD, 9.9 avg showing vs Missouri in 2010. Then in the Poinsettia Bowl he carried his Aztecs on his shoulders with another 228 yard game but topping it with 3 TDs in a 35-14 win over NAVY.
    5th: Quentin Saulsberry, C Mississippi State:
    -"one of top interior olinemen who is never spoken about"
    -follows my theme of versatility with his ability to play both guard and tackle.
    -if we decide to instill a zone blocking scheme which we hope to do (as it would compliment Hillman), this will be a good start.
    6th: Donte Paige-Moss, DE North Carolina:
    -grabbing a once thought of top 5 pick in the 6th round is something we'll take a chance on.
    -serves to push fellow ACC rival Andre Branch.
    -In a 3-4 that wants to attack, you cant have enough pass rusher grooming when you're a new franchise.
    -He'll be a sink or swim guy who won't hold the rest of the team down.
    -We're hoping he's hit enough adversity last year that it serves to motivate him to become his very best, and he'll have a strong support staff to hopefully ensure that happens. He's on a training camp leash. If the attitude is great, we'll reward him by keeping him. Hopefully he's learned from fellow teammate Greg Little on what happens when you apply yourself and "want it".
    7th: Demario Davis, OLB Arkansas State:
    - 1st Team All Sunbelt. Extremely excited about this kid and is the reason 50 names were added to the draft board.
    - watching him leaves me understanding how a player like James Harrison can go undrafted only to burst onto the scene years later.
    - outstanding around the box and playing downhill. When he's able to do this, he makes plays.
    - In a way he reminds me of a young James Harrison in his burst, aggressiveness, violent hands, natural brute strength for his size, and natural feel for the ball carrier & QB (despite what his sack totals suggest).
    - His 6'01.5 232lb body is small for a 34 OLB, but his frame is also very similar to Harrison's and could in time bulk up to James's size while also learning the position. -In the meantime he's an outstanding special teamer, a great teammate, and the type of leader we're looking for.

    Overall, the Pahrump NickelHoes are extremely excited with our team. We feel we not only have the makings of an elite defense within a 2-3 years, but we feel we've done enough on defense to allow us to focus our entire 2013 draft to properly build up the offense around a legitimate 2013 franchise QB, making us SB contenders within 5 years.
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  9. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    Sacramento Sabres
    GM: Skeet84

    Head Coach - Kirk Ferentz
    Defensive Coordinator - Todd Bowles
    Offensive Coordinator - Sean Ryan

    Draft Picks:
    1. CB DeAngelo Hall, Washington $6,000,000
    2. WR Steve Breaston, Kansas City $3,750,000
    3. RB Rashad Jennings, Jacksonville $565,000
    4. LB Keith Rivers, Cincinnati $1,660,000
    5. DB Quintin Mikell, St Louis $1,000,000
    6. DL Ray McDonald, San Francisco $3,050,000
    7. OL Richie Incognito, Miami $3,300,000
    8. LB Victor Butler, Dallas $565,000
    9. OL Jason Spitz, Jacksonville $1,500,000
    10. OL Charlie Johnson, Minnesota $2,950,000
    11. TE Zach Miller, Seattle $6,000,000
    12. RB Brian Leonard, Cincinnati $785,000
    13. OL Garret Reynolds, Atlanta $565,000
    14. RB James Casey, Houston $565,000

    Rookie Class

    *Round 1 (#34) - Brock Osweiler, QB Arizona State*

    Round 2
    #36 Zebrie Sanders, OT Florida State - Sacramento Sabres
    #49 Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina - Sacramento Sabres

    Round 3
    #96 Alameda Ta'amu, DT Washington - Sacramento Sabres

    Round 4
    #109 Audie Cole, ILB North Carolina State - Sacramento Sabres

    Round 5
    #138 Ryan Broyles, WR Oklahoma - Sacramento Sabres

    Round 6
    #177 Jerry Franklin, ILB Arkansas - Sacramento Sabres

    Round 7
    #206 Lonnie Edwards, OG Texas Tech - Sacramento Sabres
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  10. Vengeful Odin

    Vengeful Odin Norse Mod

    Dec 2, 2007
    Kansas City, MO
    Okay, I guess since no one else has been brave enough to vote I will kick things off.

    Draft Analysis

    Please note that this was for the Expansion Draft only. I have not had a chance to thoroughly break down the rookie draft. There were a total of 60 unique players chosen in this year’s draft among 8 teams.

    Daryl Washington 4
    James Casey 4
    Ray McDonald 4
    Antwan Barnes 4
    Keith Rivers 4
    Bryant McKinnie 4
    Rashad Jennings 4
    Ben Obomanu 3
    Karl Klug 3
    Tony Scheffler 3
    Quintin Mikell 3
    David Diehl 3
    DeAngelo Hall 3
    Zach Miller 3
    Charlie Johnson 2
    Stanford Routt 2
    Donald Thomas 2
    Jamaal Jackson 2
    Takeo Spikes 2
    Clint Sintim 2
    Asher Allen 2
    Daniel Manning 2
    Richie Incognito 2
    Asante Samuel 2
    Steve Breaston 2
    Knowshown Moreno 2
    Tim Jamison 2
    Nate Garner 2
    Brian Leonard 2
    Greg Salas 2
    Joe Berger 2
    Garret Reynolds 1
    Anthony Dixon 1
    Seneca Wallace 1
    Ben Obumanu 1
    Yeremiah Bell 1
    Chris Carr 1
    Ryan Pickett 1
    Larry Foote 1
    Brad Smith 1
    Lawrence Jackson 1
    Victor Butler 1
    Lousaka Polite 1
    Asante Samuels 1
    Mike Goodson 1
    Ryan Picket 1
    Nate Burelson 1
    Sean Lissemore 1
    Nate Clements 1
    Garrett Reynolds 1
    Clint Scintim 1
    Curtis Painter 1
    Peyton Manning 1
    Jason Spitz 1
    Quintin Mikel 1
    Wayne Hunter 1
    Drayton Florence 1
    Akwasi Owusu-Ansah 1
    Eric Smith 1
    Frank Okam 1

    My thoughts:
    • I was kind of surprised to see Peyton Manning only picked up by 1 team. Starting an expansion franchise, historically it’s been all about the quarterback.
    • Only see 3 quarterbacks drafted at all was kind of a surprise. Then again, lots of folks are turning to Weeden in the draft. I don’t know about that approach. Expansions usually take at least a couple of years to get off the ground, and Weeden is already up there in terms of age.
    • How was Larry Foote only selected 1 time?
    • Conversely, I like James Casey (and E can attest, even tried to trade for him a little bit, but the dude was overdrafted. Casey was one of 7 players to be taken in every single draft. I like him, but I don’t know if building your team around an H-back and specialty player is the best use of resources.
    • Another one was Bryant McKinnie. Really? Let me put it this way: If I were to offer you a 32 year old tackle with a PFF rating of -7.6, who has flat out said he’s not dedicated to the game, would you take him? Or would you go for the 31 year old guy with a PFF ranking of +4.4? Look, I know I’ve been overselling my guy, but McKinnie is pretty much washed up at this point, sorry to say.
    • Charlie Johnson, the guy who “replaced” McKinnie in Minnesota, isn’t much better and you could argue is even worse. I guess it’s somewhat reassuring to see he was only drafted twice.
    • There’s no way Lousaka Polite is drafted if he doesn’t play for Miami. The dude is still living off the block he made against Bart Scott on MNF.

    30 of 32 teams had players selected in this Expansion Draft. Who were the 2 teams that received no action? Chicago and – surprisingly – the New Orleans Saints. Kind of odd, really. Both Will Herring and Scott Shanle are underrated linebackers with relatively inexpensive cap numbers. Also surprised that no one took Marion Barber from Chicago.

    Houston 8
    Cincinnati 7
    Seattle 7
    New York Giants 6
    Minnesota 6
    San Diego 6
    St. Louis 6
    Jacksonville 6
    San Francisco 5
    Detroit 5
    Baltimore 5
    Philadelphia 5
    Miami 5
    Arizona 4
    New England 3
    Washington 3
    Tennessee 3
    Indianapolis 2
    Green Bay 2
    Dallas 2
    Denver 2
    New York Jets 2
    Buffalo 2
    Oakland 2
    Atlanta 2
    Kansas City 2
    Pittsburg 1
    Carolina 1
    Cleveland 1
    Tampa Bay 1

    Other thoughts:
    • Miami players were only selected 5 times, kind of odd for a Dolphins board. But if we factor in Joe Berger (Minnesota) and Polite (New England) that number balloons to 8, tied with Houston for #1 overall. Does that make us all homers?
    • Lots of bad teams were able to jettison players. Minnesota, St. Louis, and Jacksonville all had losing records last year, but lost 6 players each, which ties them for 3rd most selected.

    It was interesting to see that offensive line was such a focus for GMS, closely followed by DB. At the opposite end of the spectrum was QB. Now most folks will tell you that QB is the most important position on the field. Yet the GMs in our league took a QB only 3 times out of 112. Really a surprising number when you look at it.

    OL 23
    DB 22
    LB 19
    RB 15
    DL 14
    WR 10
    TE 6
    QB 3

    As an added bonus, I also mapped out the Expansion Draft and color coded it by team. It's kind of interesting, and shows you how different players were valued at different rates by different GMs.


    Okay, on to the main event ...

    Oklahoma City Herd (Big E) vs Las Vegas Nightlife (GridIronKing34)

    What I like about Oklahoma City: More so than perhaps any other General Manager, E formed his team with a focus on the short term. Guys like Asante Samuel, Tony Scheffler, and Keith Rivers don’t have all that much time left. His biggest gamble, however, is the addition of former Indanapolis Colt Peyton Manning to the mix. If it works, E is the only GM who can say he has a proven NFL starter at the most important position. If it backfires, then he sets his franchise back a little bit. That said, this is an expansion team, so it’s not like they can go anywhere but up.

    What I don’t like about Oklahoma City: E seemed to focus more on skill positions and defense back help. I’m worried that his line will be sub-par (important to protect Manning, if he’s healthy enough to play.). E didn’t address the offensive line until midway through the expansion draft. Aside from that, he’s got some big beefeaters along the defensive line but I don’t see anyone who can get to the quarterback consistently.

    What I like about Las Vegas: Griddles appeared, more so than any other GM, to focus first and foremost on fielding an NFL caliber team. He did a nice job allocating resources and spreading them out evenly on both sides of the ball. I liked his draft, as I think the combination of Weeden, Fleener, and Adams provides a nice trifecta of skill players to build around. If Jennings breaks out, then he’s got the makings of a pretty good offense. Griddles also did a nice job addressing the offensive line, where Diehl and McKinnie form an above average pair of bookend tackles.

    What I don’t like about Las Vegas: This team won’t have as big a window as other teams, as Weeden’s age forces them into a “win now” mode. It isn’t as extreme as E with Manning, but it’s darned close. I’m concerned about the secondary, where 2 rookies are projected to be starting. Mikell is serviceable, but Hall, at least in my opinion, is vastly overrated as a player.

    The Verdict: I like the way that both these teams went about putting their teams together. Griddles took a pragmatic approach, looking to fill for both need and value across the board. E went a different route, looking to be a “boom or bust” type team with Peyton at QB. At the end of the day, I’m going to vote for the GM with the big balls to make some calculated gambles, because I feel like you don’t get ahead as an expansion team by playing it safe. My vote: Oklahoma City

    Sacramento Sabres (Skeet84) vs Los Angeles Breakers (BuckeyeKing)

    What I like about Sacramento: It looked, at least to me, that Skeet made a concentrated focus on his offensive line. Incognito should add some nastiness to the interior, while Garrett Reynolds may be able to step in and start at RT. Zebrie Sanders I’m not all that keen on, but he could develop into a solid LT if given time.

    What I don’t like about Sacramento: I don’t understand the thought process behind drafting both Brian Leonard and James Casey late in the Expansion Draft. Perhaps they were Skeet’s BPA? Either way it seems like they will be cutting into one another’s playing time. As for the Quarterback position, I’m just not sold on Brock Osweiler as a prospect. Lots of folks point to Ben Roethlisberger as a comparison, but I don’t know that Osweiler is the same type of athlete. I’m also worried that the additional height is going to lead to problems for him down the road in terms of wind-up and delivery of the football, a la Brian Leftwich.

    What I like about Los Angeles: I agree with Buckeye and his assessment of his offensive line, though I would consider leaving Diehl at LT, kicking Hunter to RG and flipping McKinnie to RT. Hunter struggled a bit last season, giving up 11 sacks, so I just think that move makes sense. BK also fields arguably the best LB group of any expansion team, with Washington, Barnes, and Sintim. Personally I would have liked to see him go for Spikes over Sintim, allowing him to move Washington to SOLB. Once again, that’s nitpicking though. Barnes in round 5 was one of the steals of the draft, in my opinion. Orson Charles is an intriguing pickup and could have an Aaron Hernandez type impact in the passing game.

    What I don’t like about Los Angeles: Aside from a TE, a running game is a rookie QB’s best friend. I don’t think that Knowshown Moreno and Michael Smith are the answer there. I would have preferred to see a RB added in the mid rounds of the draft. I’m also not sure who is going to get to the passer along the defensive front. Curry has some tools to work with but beyond that I’m just not sure. LA is probably going to have to blitz quite a bit to make up for those deficiencies, which could lead to big plays for the opposing team.

    The Verdict: This one, like the other matchups, is pretty close. I like the fact that both these teams made an effort to focus on the offensive line, though part of me wonders if some of that wasn’t due to Skeet reacting to BK’s early focus on that area. Both are going with rookie QBs. I prefer Weeden, who I have concerns with over age, over Osweiler, who I have concerns with over physical traits. BK’s superior offensive line and 2/3rd stud LB core tilt the scale in his favor. My vote: Los Angeles

    Las Angeles Express (Paul 13) vs New York Panhandlers (Boik14)

    What I like about Los Angeles: So, let me get this straight, after years of complaining about no franchise, LA gets two in one offseason? That’s not fair. I felt like Paul, maybe more than any other GM, really maximized his value in the Expansion Draft. Brain Reynolds is a similar player to James Casey, but Paul got him 8 rounds later. But for anyway, he got the steal of the draft in Larry Foote. One could argue that Foote had a down year, with only 7 QB pressures and 2 QB sacks. Still, when you look back at his Steeler career that isn’t what he’s necessarily been known for. I’m somewhat dumbfounded how he went undrafted in every other league, yet Clint Scintim, who has yet to do anything of note at the NFL level, was taken multiple times. Paul was also one of two GMs who took not one, but two QBs, getting the underrated Seneca Wallace and then going back for Case Keenum in the Rookie Draft.

    What I don’t like about Los Angeles: Just because you get two quarterbacks doesn’t mean that the QB position is solved. Wallace is a capable spot-starter, but, at age 31, his best years are behind him. Asking him to start on an expansion team may be a recipe for disaster. I think Keenum is the very definition of a system QB (sorry Paul) and is going to wash out of the NFL in spectacular fashion, Graham Harrell style. I’m also not sure how one can run a 3-4 defense without investing heavily in the NT position. Had Paul drafted a Ryan Picket late, then I wouldn’t have had much to complain about. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and aside from Foote he doesn’t have much to stop the run defensively.

    What I liked about New York: New York vs. LA. How original. I actually really like how Boik addressed defense first, with 3 straight picks on that side of the ball to open up the Expansion draft. Samuel and Routt should form arguably the best CB tandem among any of the expansion GMs. Boik also got two potential difference makers late in the process in Karl Klug and Jared Crick. Where Boik really maximized his value was at the TE position, where he got both Zach Miller and Dwayne Allen way too late than he should have.

    What I didn’t like about New York: Boik admitted in his write-up that he went purely BPA, and I feel like that hurt him in several instances. I really like James Casey as a player, but drafting him in the fifth round of an expansion draft just doesn’t make a lot of sense from a resource perspective. Brad Smith in the 9th round is interesting. Smith didn’t get a lot of interest, probably due to his time with the Jets. I also feel like Lousaka Polite is a throwaway pick. Casey’s on the roster – you paid a lot for him – so what does Polite offer? In the draft Boik went after Davin Meggett, whom I also like. But he’s going to be buried behind Mike Goodson. With Boik’s team I felt like he kept adding speciality players without a lot of focus on the core positions, like LT, RT, NT (I’m assuming that NY is running a 3-4) and pass rush. Further complicating things is the offensive / defensive imbalance – he drafted 7 players on defense and a whopping 15 on offense. He’s going to have to have good corners because the rest of the defense is suspect at best.

    The Verdict: This one is close. I felt like both GMs ignored key positions on both offense and defense, instead taking a BPA approach. While that may work for established teams, this is an expansion team starting from scratch, and sometimes you just have to take your second rated NT, even though your top rated FB is still on the board. Both teams appear to be pretty evenly matched offensively. LA has the better pass rush and NY has the better set of CBs. NY has better depth in certain positions, but that won’t matter if your QB is getting sacked and you can’t stop the run. My vote: Los Angeles

    Columbus KnickerbockerFin'n'M's (Fin-Omenal) vs Pahrump NickelHoes (ToddsPhins)

    What I like about Columbus: It begins and ends with QB. While I’m not a Curtis Painter fan, I agree with Fin-O in that he’s at least shown he can be serviceable as an NFL starter. I also like the Nick Foles pick late. Fin-O took the double up concept to new heights, dedicating a total of 3 picks to the position. After QB, the front 7 looks solid. Antwan Barnes and Nick Perry form an extremely solid pair of OLBs, while Ryan Pickett and Takeo Spikes form a nice tandem in the middle of the front 7. In the defensive backfield Nate Clements and Quintin Mikell should offer leadership and experience.

    What I don’t like about Columbus: While I like the Foles pick, I’m not so sure about Painter. Personally I would have liked to see Fin-O go all in with Peyton Manning. It also looked, at least to me, like Fin-O may have focused on the defense too much, though obviously if Rashad Jennings and Ben Obomanu surprise I could be proven wrong. The offensive line is very much a work in progress. David Diehl is serviceable, but Joe Berger has been up-and down. Beyond that Nate Potter and Tony Bergstrom were probably too little too late. It’s a good think that the Knicks have 3 QBs. They’re going to need all of them.

    What I like about Pahrump: Can someone tell me where Pahrump is on a map? I’m just not sure. I like the early focus on Defense, especially at the LB positions. Daryl Washinton and Keith Rivers should be able to handle things inside. Karl Klug could be a find at 3-4 DE. Ray McDonald was a very good pick midway through the Expansion draft. The Andre Branch could be a home run made by a homer GM. Love the focus on building a 3-4 early in the rookie draft, with 4 straight picks dedicated to the front 7. The secondary should be pretty decent. Hall and Routt can play corner. They’ll give up the occasional big play and get burnt, but are above average overall (Hall is still overrated by most though). Manning is serviceable at FS. This defense could be beastly in a hurry if it all comes together.

    What I didn’t like about Pahrump: As much as I love Todd’s front 7 (and, given what he had to work with, it’s pretty darned good), I’m concerned that he neglected not just other positions, but other areas of the team completely. First and foremost, where’s the QB? I get that the pickings were slim, but not even a developmental guy midway through the Rookie Draft? At the skill positions it’s Zach Miller, a change of pace back, and a slot receiver. That’s not going to scare anyone in today’s NFL. Oh, and James Casey. Let’s talk about Casey for a moment. I love the guy. After all, his nickname is Thor. First and foremost, I felt like the 5th round was way too early for a guy who is a glorified H-Back, especially for an expansion franchise. Todd made it a point to say (and I’m paraphrasing) that “this is the type of player we want at every position.” That’s great. But going for overachieving high character guys that are jack-of-all master-of-none types isn’t going to cut it in the NFL. I personally agree with the philosophy of taking a high-character lower ceiling guy over a low character high-ceiling guy most of the time. But, like the Hurricanes in the 80s and the Cowboys in the 90s showed us, sometimes you need some of that bad boy attitude on your team. I just don’t think that this team will go very far valuing character over physical ability.

    The Verdict: Another close matchup. I love Fin-Os inside-out approach to this entire thing, starting and ending with the QB position and then going from there. Painter should be able to keep the seat warm for Foles, while Wilson could eventually turn into a solid #2 type. Both franchises put a lot of effort into aggressive 3-4 fronts. Todd took an almost fanatical approach to his defense, dedicating a total of 10 of his 22 picks to his front 7. It’s a smart move, if the defense can make some stops and force some turnovers that makes things easy for the offense. That said, I’m not sure that it’s going to be worth it in the long run. Pahrump has nothing at the QB position, and the skill positions and offensive line aren’t much better. The defense is going to have to be good, because I suspect they’re going to be on the field a lot. My vote: Columbus
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  11. schisno

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    Jan 3, 2008
    I was going to make this a secret vote, so this one here remains anonymous.

    Paul vs Boik: I like Boik's team by a nose here. I felt he did a much better job of acquiring young players that if they aren't stars already will be soon enough which I feel is the best way of going about expansion drafting. It's pretty even as to who came out ahead in the draft. I like Paul slightly here, he seemed to have an idea of who he was picking up to take over for some of the meh vets, while Boik was grabbing BPAs. Paul has a team that I alluded to is more on ready made guys, even if they aren't the greatest, I think he'll come out of the gate quicker, though Boik's guys aren't far behind. Lastly, Boik I think would do better in FA. His holes match up well with where I think talent will be.

    Skeet vs Buckeye: I feel bad For Skeet because Buckeye IMO may have come away with the best team. HE picked up a nice mix of old and new in the draft, and has a couple of D stalwarts already. He has a ready made QB and decent weapons to go to. Between being very able to fill the few holes in FA and the ready made talent as is, I think this team is in good shape. This is not to say Skeet's team was bad. He picked up a few core guys and made some picks that will grow with the team, he just had a bad draw more than anything.

    And after that praise for Buckeye, I get to GIK's team. Sure, he gets minus points for not putting me on his staff, but his team blends together quite well. While I'm sure DeAngelo Hall and Vegas are a bad mix, the rest of the team is rock solid. Though, people, Mikell isn't a FS, he can't do it. Don't force him to. This team is in for the long haul and now. E though could likely make up the gap better with FAs, though I do love the balls of the Manning pick. I bet if I saw him fill out the rest of the team in FA, it's be neck and neck, because GIK's strong spots are FA strong spots.

    Finally Fin O and Todd. I have to vote against Fin O period since he's not a part of the Buttercreams. Honestly, this one was toughest for me. I give the slightest of edges to Fin O. I like his mixture of players just a wee bit more, mostly because it's a team with some good players at key spots. With FA though, Todd could squeak ahead because of where his holes are. As I alluded too, Fin O may be in a better position to win now, simply looking at just the players on the team right now.

    Overall, GIK takes the cake for me with Buckeye not far behind. I love what he did all over, can remedy his mistakes, err, fix his holes on the FA market, while working the draft quite well. Buckeye's draft was excellent too and he certainly picked up top talent in the expansion draft. He may even be able to take GIK out now, but GIK's team is the one to back long term.
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  12. ToddsPhins

    ToddsPhins Banned

    Mar 15, 2009
    Thanks for the updated info, Odin. :knucks:

    Hey, so what you're saying is James Casey (the guy I was knocked for taking too high) was one of only 6 players to be taken by all 4 divisions? Hmph, seems like high demand, no? :shifty:

    Looks like if Boik were my foe I would've missed out on ole Thor. :tongue2:
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  13. Boik14

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    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    I dont know why you're surprised that only 1 team took manning? You said expansion teams take a while and manning only gives you a 2-3 year window at best. If you take manning you are building a win now philosophy in an expansion draft full of other teams bad contracts, underachievers, or players who were exposed for some reason that a team was willing to say we are willing to take a chance that we lose you. I don't see that at all as the groundwork for a successful franchise. I see that as a fundamental failure in the way a team is being constructed and a move that would only set your building of a franchise back further.

    I don't see how you can bring up Bryant McKinnie's PFF rating and yet praise Larry Foote when foots was one of the worst MLB's in the league and at a 3M cap number. McKinnie was slightly below average where as Foote was terrible.

    Polite is great in short yardage situations. He's a decent blocker and a low salary guy.
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  14. SICK

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    Nov 29, 2007
    Charlotte NC
    My birthday was Feb 26th, so I have been blacked out/ drunk all weekend. I am back at work today, so naturally I am taking the time to post my voting during work :lol:

    I was going to post this anon. through Schisno, but those of you who know me, know I don't pull punches, so why hide now? I based the voting purely on how I think the team would succeed in the shortest amount of time. I took time to read what the GMs were trying to accomplish and I made my decisions based on my opinion of the players picked. Here we go:


    Paul: I like that Paul kept a young team, IMO a expansion team is not going to be a contender quickly.....some GMs I think were trying to do too much too soon. Paul kept his team relativley young, but had some veteran experience sprinkled in at some key positions.

    I like the Seneca Wallace pick at QB. The guy hasnt got a fair chance to run his own team, what better way than to go to an expansion team with no high expectations. He has been around NFL locker rooms so he can keep things together I think with a mixture of new guys that are not really knowing what to expect. ''

    I like Florence as your DB pick up. Jennings at RB is nice and Johnson as your LT is good.

    I like the draft pick of Larry Foote. VO elluded to it earlier, how did so many pass on this guy? If we are wanting a vet with experience on one of the most dominating defenses in the past 10 years in the NFL how is he passed up so much? I dunno, but Paul took him and imo it was a good pick up.

    I like Case Keenum as a late, potential QB project qb with this team, learning behind Wallace is a good move.

    You need a NT for a 3-4 defense and thats not easy to find in free agency, but its an expansion team you have time to find one.

    Quick hit: I love the pick of Chris Rainey and bringing him in to be a Percy Harvin/Sproles type for your Pete Carmichael offense. He is shifty as hell, and can really develope into something special given time and low expectations (perfect for a expansion team)


    Washington is a great pick, love his cheap number and hes a stud.

    Keith Rivers is boom or bust, tons of injury history, some of it was weird injuries (the hines ward blind side hit), so if he stays on the field he has TONS of potential, especially next to Washington.

    Brad Smith is a good, late hybrid pick up. He can do a lot for an offense, good move.

    Berger for your oline I like.

    I know a lot of teams picked Asante Samuel, and this is where I know you can't pass up the name....in something like this, but his cap number, age, and losing a step recently makes me cringe everytime I saw him drafted. Now, don't take this the wrong way....YOU HAD TO DRAFT HIM.....its Asante Samuel.....but with all things considered, the time it will take for these teams to really come around, I don't know how much of a positive having his expensive *** on the team will be :lol:

    Now something I feel strongly about is the Mike Goodson pick. I live in Charlotte, he has a fumble issue sometimes, but Mike Goodson is a damn good running back. He is young, cheap, you got him late and this was a absolute steal imo. He has been sitting behind 2 all pro RBs so he will shine, and will be a good compliment to the Megget to form a nice tandem.

    Streeter is a nice pick up (I am a hurricane homer)

    The thing that worries me is no QB and the defense has left a lot to be desired (besides the LB core)

    This was tough for me, but I am going with Paul, he has a lot of potential to be a good team in a couple of years.


    Buckeye Vs Skeet

    I like the early picks of diehl and mckinney. Houston showed how important having a Oline to protect your qb is, glad to see you go after that early.

    Copy what I said to Boik about Samuel and paste it here :lol:

    I (as well as everyone) is still waiting on Moreno to do SOMETHING. I dont like him.

    Weeden is a good pick, but like VO said, hes older so you better start winning sooner rather than later, however its no different then a Seneca Wallace.

    Sintim hasnt done **** and I think he is overhyped here because so many dolfans wanted to draft him a couple of years ago. I know he has injury history, but unfortunatley its a show me league. BUT BUT BUT....if hes going to eventually excell, its on a expansion team, and it could end up being good. We'll see.

    Good oline protecting Weeden, thats extremly important. Your vet DBs will help you win sooner than later (important with Weeden behind center)

    I like the Deangelo Hall pick.

    Breaston has shown flashes with good QB play.

    Osweiler is someone I was never impressed with. He has good ball placement but I think he's overrated due to his height.

    Going back to Breaston, there is no good qb play here so I dont see how he will have success. Defensive coordinators can take him away

    And honestly, I love skeet, but the rookie draft left a ton to be desired. Out of all the write ups I did, this team has the least notes and I remember nothing about it.

    Buckeye and it's not even close to be honest.


    Griddles Vs Big E


    I love the combo of Jennings, Breaston and Weeden.

    Obomanu is a good potential pick as well, perfect for the expansion draft.

    Pickett will be a very athletic, big, NT I like the move.

    Love the pick of Fleener.

    Takeo Spikes is 900 years old, dont like that pick in an expansion draft.

    Love the versatility in Boykin.

    Hall is a good pick up, but expensive.

    Mikell good vet safety.

    All in all, I like what you have done here. The offense could be explosive, the defense could be a nice unit in a couple of years (making spikes irrelevant to the long scope of things)

    All in all, good work.

    Big E:

    Look at mister risky drafting Peyton Manning. Very expensive, very high risk, very high reward potential. This was the move of the league so far, and I am not sure yet if its a good move. It was just very risky. We will see how it will play out, however right now as it stands we have nothing to go on but word from ex teammates and owners.....so this may hurt you now but look better as training camp starts. However, it may be too late voting wise.

    Moreno in the 2nd round is god awful. I just think its a gigantic reach and I have seen guys get much more bang for that pick. However if Manning gets back to form, it wont matter who the running back is :lol:

    My thing with the Manning pick is, if your going to stick your neck out like that (yes, pun is intended) than you damn well better have a offensive line to protect him. I dont see that here, and thats where the Moreno pick gets me. Especially when you drafted David Wilson in the rookie draft, who IMO will be better than Moreno as a rookie. I've seen guys get Diehl, Mckinney and Incognito with the 2nd pick or later. Getting Donald Thomas late isnt helping either.

    I like Bell being a vet on defense IF MANNING comes back to form and your in win now mode. If not, its a wasted pick (but you got him late, so I wont kill it)

    Again, I love David Wilson in the rookie draft. However, risking Manning with no oline is what killed you here.

    Griddles. But if Manning lights the world on fire this year, we can come back to this and laugh.


    FinO Vs Todd


    Love Pickett.

    Very good defensive backs.

    Diehl that late is very good for your oline.

    I like getting Russel Wilson late, he is perfect for a expansion team. No expectations and room to grow.

    I think Stephen Hill will be a BOOM WR in the nfl. He played in an option offense, and you can see for yourself his numbers at the combine, the guy is going to be a stud.

    Doubling up on Asher Allen and D. Hall will be very helpful to your defense in the short term, also throw Daneil Manning in there.

    Routt as well. Nice pieces on D.

    Poe is a good pick for DT. Dudes a beast.

    You mention you want a good defense in 2-3 years, however I am not seeing your defensive backs being as good 3 years down the road as they are now. A lot of older guys back there. Seems to me as your defense is starting to blossom, youll be looking to upgrade that entire unit, seems like it wasnt well thought out.

    Also, not enough offense here.




    This is a cool game, tough decisions to be made by all.....some of my descriptions are not as detailed as VO, but please know that I did think hard about this, and feel confident in my decisions. Good job by everyone, very tough/cool game!

    Good luck to the winners.
  15. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    Alright so the votes are in, and the conference championships are set to begin. I want to thank everyone for competing in the game thus far as both the GMs and the voters have done a wonderful job of breaking everything down.

    Now the second round expands the voters to those that were eliminated, before we get to the voters let's take a look at brackets.

    NFC Bracket

    It was a good battle between the Sacramento Sabres and Los Angeles Breakers, but LA was able to pull away with the sweep by taking the votes 3-0.

    Columbus was also able sweep the Nicklehoes 3-0, maybe it was because no one knew were Pahrump was.

    Sacramento Sabres vs Los Angeles Breakers | Pahrump Nickelhoes vs Columbus KnickerbockerFin'n'M's

    AFC Bracket

    New York and the other Los Angeles team split the votes early, but the Express managed the 2-1 split and is only a game away from their cross city rivals.

    Oklahoma City took the lead early, but Peyton Manning's uncertain future couldn't provide the next two and Las Vegas steals it with a 2-1 edge.

    New York Panhandlers vs Los Angeles Express | Oklahoma City Herd vs Las Vegas Nightlife


    Los Angeles Breakers vs Columbus KnickerbockerFin'n'M's

    Los Angeles Express vs Las Vegas Nightlife​
  16. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    Round Two Voters

    SICK | Vengeful Odin | Machivelli | Boik14 | Big E | Skeet84 | ToddsPhins
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  17. Boik14

    Boik14 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    Paul didnt sweep me, he won 2-1. Whoever was anonymous voted for me. So thanks to anonymous.
  18. Big E

    Big E Plus sized porn star

    Nov 29, 2007
    Bloomington, IN.
    If manning has a great yr next yr you all owe me beers,,,,
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  19. SICK

    SICK Lounge Moderator

    Nov 29, 2007
    Charlotte NC
    If he has a great year, with the Dolphins, Ill buy you a case.
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  20. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    No he didn't, which is indicated in the scores. The other LA team got a sweep though.
  21. GridIronKing34

    GridIronKing34 Silently Judging You

    Nov 22, 2007
    Denver, CO
    If he does it for Miami, I'll buy you two cases (take that, sick) of Busch Light.
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  22. SICK

    SICK Lounge Moderator

    Nov 29, 2007
    Charlotte NC
    Lets all make sure we are hanging out while consuming these cases of beer! While watching Manning in the superbowl!!!!!

    /over reacting dolfan
  23. Boik14

    Boik14 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    If he does it for Miami Ill buy you a keg. But it will be light beer for your weight watchers diet. Sick and Griddles are invited haha :up:
  24. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    You're welcome. I mean, um, nevermind. :shifty:
  25. SICK

    SICK Lounge Moderator

    Nov 29, 2007
    Charlotte NC
    Well considering me and VO posted publically, it was pretty simple to figure out lol
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  26. ToddsPhins

    ToddsPhins Banned

    Mar 15, 2009
    Sick, my corners are only 24, 28, and 28 years old, and Danieal Manning is 29. How does that call for a complete make-over within a couple years when guys like Woodson plays at a high level through 35? Dawkins 38? Barber 36? Winfield 34, Bailey 33, Reed 33, Newman 33, Nate Clements 32, Bell 34, Samuel 31, Tillman 31, to name a few.

    I have a TON of time to transition two CBs and 1 FS into that secondary. How much more time do I need? 3-5 years isn't enough? lol.
    Heck, Manning's 29 and he's still returning KO's, so what part of his game says that he's ready to hit the wall?
    Routt just signed 3 years for $20.M.... The Chiefs must feel he can make it through the next 3 years.

    Cmon now. Dou you think it's possible to build up an elite defense in 1 expansion offseason? How would you have done it differently if you were looking to build an elite defense? (just so I know why I got the "you didn't think this through" comment)

    Here's my starting D. Please fix it so that it's more promising and addresses the criticism you gave it.

    LDE: Ray McDonald 27 (pro bowl)
    NT: Dontari Poe (top 15 pick)
    RDE: Kendall Reyes (potential 1st rounder)

    SOLB: Andre Branch (potential 1st rounder, possibly best 34 SOLB in draft), Donte Paige-Moss
    ILB: Daryl Washington
    ILB: Keith Rivers, Denaris Davis (blew up combine, might be day 2 pick)
    WOLB: Bruce Irvin (Combine beast. Von Miller type physical talent)

    LCB: DeAngelo Hall (28)
    SS: ??
    FS: Danieal Manning (29)
    RCB: Stanford Routt (28)
    Nickel: Asher Allen (24)

    i dont mind losing to Fin-O in the least b/c he drafted a great team, but to knock my team for BS stuff is a little annoying.

    And no kidding there's not enough offense there. :tongue2: We only have 1 offseason and 21 guys. What do you expect? How do I build up a defense in Steeler/Raven fashion if I spend picks on offensive guys I don't even want? First you knock on Boik for "not following through fully" or something like that and then you knock on me for "not taking offense" b/c I did try to follow through fully. Which one is it?
  27. ToddsPhins

    ToddsPhins Banned

    Mar 15, 2009
    Just letting the round 2 participants know I'm not taking into account your own personal vision/approach toward building a successful franchise. My judging will be based on my own personal vision, and if yours doesn't fit it, that's too bad. lol.
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  28. SICK

    SICK Lounge Moderator

    Nov 29, 2007
    Charlotte NC
    I used incorrect wording. Because I obviously felt you did good things, I gave many props to you building the defense

    The age thing was wrong. I thought those guys were older than they are, but honestly, there was not enough balance with the offense. Zach Miller is a good move, but where is the rest of the offense? I hope you didnt take offense to what I said, I did rush a bit since I was missing all weekend and holding everyone up. However, I like what you did with what was available....I just think Fin-O did more. But not by much.
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  29. ToddsPhins

    ToddsPhins Banned

    Mar 15, 2009
    No worries, Chris. It's all good, buddy. I thought Fin-Ooops did a great job so I don't mind losing to him, bro.

    I didn't want offense, tbh. I personally didn't feel I could accomplish as much based on what I wanted to do scheme wise if I took some of that attention from D and gave it to offense. IMO it would've cost me too much talent. I watched half of the other participants snapping up offensive guys for their "franchise QBs", so I was thinking "Damn, this is gonna let me cherry pick the top defensive talent, so why ignore that advantage by instead jumping in line for the offensive guys?"

    TBH, look at my FA draft, namely my last 5 picks: Asher Allen, Daneial Manning, Hall, Routt. Are there 4 offensive guys you would've taken over them? That was planned b/c I felt DB was the strength of FA draft, so I didn't see the need to go DB early and miss out on guys I really wanted when I could pick up studs at the bottom. IMO the defensive side of the ball was superior in talent than offense in the FA draft, so that's what I went with. I thought the Oline was for crap, and I didn't like the QBs in the draft, but I loved the defensive guys.... so I went with what I loved without compromise.

    I took the only the offensive skill guys I wanted: Zach Miller, Thor, and Salas. That's it. All I wanted (I wanted Jennings & Jacobs but they weren't available). Salas is my dependable slot/over the middle guy. Miller is my pro bowl TE perfectly suited for this offense. Casey is the Hback to compliment. I took who I feel is the best COP receiving back in Hillman. In a modernized Corryel offense, I needed 2 perimeter receivers with outstanding down field ability to compliment Miller, Salas, and Thor, but IMO this was a weak WR class for speed and vertical ability, so with my first 4 picks & FA there was nothing IMO that fit that bill the way Branch, Poe, Reyes, Irvin, McDonald, Washington, Klug, Hall, Routt, Allen, and Manning did with defense.
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  30. Boik14

    Boik14 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    Lol, tell em why you mad Todds! Let em know whats up! :lol:
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  31. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    FinO know that whoever wins I still <3 you.

    Don't vote for him
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  32. ToddsPhins

    ToddsPhins Banned

    Mar 15, 2009

    Too bad I can only flunk half of em know what I'm sayin. :shifty:
  33. Fin-Omenal

    Fin-Omenal Initiated

    Mar 25, 2008
    Thee...Ohio State University
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  34. ToddsPhins

    ToddsPhins Banned

    Mar 15, 2009
    PS: Chris, ya putz......

    Happy late birthday, brobeans. :ffic:
  35. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    ** week two voting starts here **
  36. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    Since I thought we were just voting once, and I don't make fancy colour coded analysis, you're mostly getting more of the same.

    These won't be close if you read my last write up. I spoke very highly of Buckeye and GIK's teams. That said, onward. I tried something different to make it not so repetitive but just as useless.

    Buckeye vs Fin O: Buckeye
    Expansion Draft: Buckeye, though it was actually close. Washington was enough to push it over. Spikes, Scheffler and Pickett were good though.
    Rookie Draft: Buckeye, I like his collection of guys more based on where he was going.
    Win now: Buckeye again. He seems to have a pretty ready made team all around.
    Win later: Buckeye, he's got enough youth there that they will be hitting prime ages soon at good times.
    FA: Fin O's got a better chance at filling his holes. As I say, with FA, these become a lot closer.

    Griddles vs Paul: Griddles
    Expansion Draft: Griddles, best of the bunch, even with DeAngelo Hall. What the hell man? Paul picked up some good talent though too in McDonald among others.
    Rookie Draft: Griddles, based on his strategy, the players fit
    Win now: Griddles, it's a tremendous match all around. Paul's D is just about ready to go though.
    Win later: Griddles has the "right" combo here for me.
    FA: Paul, as I said above, based on where you can pick up guys, it changes everything.
  37. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009

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  38. ToddsPhins

    ToddsPhins Banned

    Mar 15, 2009
    I just accidentally put my good hand through a window I was trying to fix, so I'll be typing up my vote later tonight or tomorrow
  39. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    You need to control your temper, I'm sure no one else will be bidding on your during the final minute.

    Hope you're alright, and it didn't need stitches.
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  40. ToddsPhins

    ToddsPhins Banned

    Mar 15, 2009
    no stitches..... but sick could come over and kiss it for me
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