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First autopick draft of 2009

Discussion in 'Other Fantasy Sports' started by Regan21286, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Regan21286

    Regan21286 MCAT's, EMT's, AMCAS, ugh

    Dec 3, 2007
    UCLA, CA
    First autopick draft of 2009, how'd I do?

    12 team league 7th pick autodraft standard Yahoo sports rotisserie:

    C- Russell Martin (3B)
    1B - Miguel Cabrera (3B)
    2B - Chase Utley
    3B - Garrett Atkins (1B)
    SS - J.J. Hardy
    OF - Grady Sizemore
    OF - Ichiro
    OF - Vlad Guerrero
    Util - Manny Ramirez
    Util - Matt Kemp
    Bench - A-Rod (tremendous steal at 6th round and goes into DL giving me an extra spot in waivers)
    Bench - Alexei Ramírez (2B, SS, OF)

    SP - CC Sabathia
    SP - Chad Billingsley
    RP - Joakim Soria
    RP - Jonathan Broxton
    P - Ervin Santana
    P - BJ Ryan
    P - Kerry Wood
    Bench - Chien-Ming Wang
    Bench - Ryan Dempster
    Bench - Aaron Harang (currently have a DL waiver on him, next is Escobar)

    Thoughts? I might look to get another closer/reliever instead of Harang but I'll see how the season goes.
  2. Regan21286

    Regan21286 MCAT's, EMT's, AMCAS, ugh

    Dec 3, 2007
    UCLA, CA
  3. Boik14

    Boik14 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    In roto you need 3 closers so a guy like Chris Perez or Jason Motte (whichever wins the job), Chad Cordero (just signed with seattle could be good in say june), Brandon Lyon (or eventually Joel Zumaya) or Chad Qualls could help you more then Harang-a-tang who is valuable only where the CG stat is used.

    Wang is a guy someone in every league will overpay for. Sometimes I draft him with the intention of hosing someone. For some reason someone always neglects his decidedly average whip, era and below average K's and is drawn to his wins. Its your job to find that person and get pieces that help you back. I might deal him or Sabathia (ERA will go back to high 3's/low 4's in AL East) with the idea of upgrading SS for more speed.

    Probably also needs more SP depth and if there's an innings limit I would place a high emphasis on it specifically peripherals. Maybe when A-rod comes back you could deal Atkins for another good SP...chris carpenter is a good buy low candidate tearing it up in camp
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