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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in '2012 GM League Forum' started by GridIronKing34, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. GridIronKing34

    GridIronKing34 Silently Judging You

    Nov 22, 2007
    Denver, CO
    Some questions we've received through PMs in the past few years... Hopefully this will answer questions some of you may have.

    Q. I got a question regarding free agency. Is it possible to do a sign and trade for restricted free agents? There are a lot of guys I like that are restricted. I'd like to do a couple of sign-and-trades to ensure I get the players I want before they hit the market.

    A: Here's how we do that. If a team tenders an RFA then RFA remains tendered until free agency starts. 24 hours into restricted free agency, if the RFA hasn't received any bids he is officially signed by his original team for the tender amount. At that point he can be traded to any team. You can't trade for them before they are signed because you cannot trade free agents.

    Q. What do I need to do (financially) to keep RFA's and ERFA's? I know that ERFA's don't negotiate with other teams...so all I need to do is tender them for $745,000? Is that right? And that keeps them on the team for one more year?

    A: $745,000 for ERFAs and nobody can touch them. You may trade ERFAs after you tender them if you wish.

    Q. Regarding RFA's, do I just tender them with the amount specified and THEN have to match any offer that comes in to keep them? And that keeps them on my team for the length of the other team's OFFERED contract?

    A: Tender the RFAs and then match if someone bids on them. We don't do anything with contract length. We just do the amount as if they were all 1 year contracts.

    Q. When will you need our list of RFA's and ERFA's that we want to keep?

    A: You just need to have your tags/tenders worked out by the start of free agency. Which is normally around the first of March.

    Q. Is it (free agency) just first post gets the player or is there more to it?

    A: Free agency is done in a bid format.

    Q. So in free agency, we're just bidding for ONE year contracts then? Highest bid within 48 hours wins that player?

    A: Yeah one year contracts. Everything resets next year so there isn't much point in doing anything longer. It's not quite the highest bid in 48 hours. Bidding could go on for a week for one player. Whenever a player goes 48 hours without receiving a bid, the bidding is over. So once you are outbid, you have 48 hours to get back on and bid again.

    Q. Will there be a FA list or will we just have to work from each persons team page?

    A: The "Free Agency" forum will have a thread for each position. The first post in the thread will have a list of players. The players will have the bid amount, time, and team next to them. Once a player is signed, he will be moved to the bottom of the listed under the "Signed" section.

    Q. How is draft pick compensation going to work out? I know you have to be significantly under the cap to sign free agents. Lets say I get the winning bid. But if a team a tenders a guy with draft pick compensation, and you sign that guy but don't have the draft picks to give up, what will happen then? Is that team going to get a compensation pick or are you left with a bunch of cap space due to lack of draft picks?

    A: You either have to give that team a higher pick or trade for a pick to give him before you can bid on the player. You cannot sign a tendered restricted free agent or a franchise player if you do not have the picks to give up.

    Q. As we approach FA and our teams sign and cut players (for real) do we add and subtract those players from our rosters, and if so, how soon will the cap# be available. I'm sure that the Rams will be resigning some of their FAs before March, and possibly cutting some for cap reasons.

    A: None of that matters. The moment we started this thing, you took control of the team.

    Q. What about compensatory draft picks?

    A: There will be 32 compensatory draft picks that will be determined after the GM League free agency period by GridIronKing34 and two veteran GMs of his choosing.

    Q. What is the final roster size? Can we have a practice squad on our team?

    A: 53 men on a squad. There is no practice squad.

    Q. Do all the rookie's we draft have to make the team? For example I have 16 draft picks, I have enough cap to sign them all but do they then all have to make my 53 man roster? Or can I just release some as teams often do in reality?

    A: Yes, you may release players you drafted. You must have enough cap space at the beginning of the draft though.

    Q. I didn't see this anywhere but what is the minimum bid on a player? I'm sure we can't go putting $1 bids on people. Also, when increasing a bid, is there a minimum amount we must bid?

    A: The minimum bid on a player is $300K. When increasing a bid, you must increase that player's bid by at least $50K if the player is below one million. When the player is over one million, increments must be at least $100K. When the five million mark is reached, increments are a minimum $250K.

    If you have any questions, please ask in this thread.
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  2. GridIronKing34

    GridIronKing34 Silently Judging You

    Nov 22, 2007
    Denver, CO
    Bumping this so it stays on the first page.

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