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Grade the Dolphins starters at every position

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Dolfan984, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Dolfan984

    Dolfan984 Underrated Free Agent

    Apr 26, 2009
    Bay Area, CA
    The offseason is slow, I thought this might be kinda fun, and I didn't see anything like this in the search so why the hell not.

    QB- B+ Pennington when healthy is a borderline probowl QB.

    RB- A- Ronnie and Ricky almost start together and either Ronnie alone or Ronnie and Ricky together make defenses always respect our run.

    FB- B+ Polite is great at 3rd and short, and a decent blocker

    WR- C- There's a lot of talent but no true #1.

    TE- A- You can do a lot worse than 3rd in the league in TDs.

    OL- B Bookend tackles. The only reason this grade isn't higher is the injury history of the interior line. The talent is an A.

    DL- B- Langford is great against the run but doesn't provide much rush. Ferguson is decent, but that's about it. Merling is kind of a wild card at this point still, but has a lot of talent.

    OLB- A- You got a top 3 pass rush linebacker and a top 3 run stopping linebacker. JT doesn't count but good god you HAVE to think the 3rd down rush is going to be better this year.

    ILB- C Channing is solid but unspectacular. Akin is okay, but he's really a guy you'd have as a first backup.

    CB- C+ Tons of talent but not much "good" experience other than Will Allen, who is very solid himself. Pray Allen stays healthy or our corners could look real bad real quick.

    S- A- I have high hopes for this group. There's gonna be some big hitters this year fellas.

    Screw kickers :P
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Jul 5, 2009
    QB- A Chad Pennington is perfect for this offense, so he deserves an A

    RB- A Love the tandem of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, with Cobbs as our scat back

    FB- B Lou is great on third down conversions, and a pretty good blocker. Doesn't offer much else.

    WR- B Love this group. No number 1, but alot of solid receivers.

    TE- B Anthony Fasano had the quitest 7 TDs in the league. That tied him for third in the league. And David Martin is a good pass catching TE that could stretch the field.

    OL- C Great Tackles, but the injury history of the interior line frightens me. Why didn't we address this need yet?

    DL- C+ Tough Decision here. Went with a C+ because while we do have good depth here, we don't have any great players on our D-Line. That could change IF Merlind and Langford step up this year.

    OLB- A Joey Porter is an animal. Matt Roth stops the run like no other. JT is back, which should help alot on third downs. And CWake could be something special. IMO, if Wake pans out, this group is an A+.

    ILB- D Harsh grade, I know. Crowder is a solid linebacker, but other than him we have no one. Akin isn't all that great, and no depth behind them.

    CB- C Will Allen has always been an underrated CB. And I love the potential for this group.

    S-A+ Bell and Wilson are a frightening tandem, and should prove it this year.

    Screw the kickers :P, lol.

    Edit: forgot the Tight Ends lol.
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  3. the 23rd

    the 23rd a.k.a. Rio

    Apr 20, 2009
    Tampa Area
    QB- A-

    RB- A the Tandem

    FB- B

    WR- B-

    TE- B

    OL- A the Orca-5

    DL- B+

    OLB- A

    ILB- B-

    CB- B-

    S- A

    Screw kickers :P ( that would be a big mistake) B+& B

    Front Office -A+
    Coaching Staff- A

    could be a serious contender this year with just a few breaks & some hard work
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    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    only comments:

    OL -- will prove to be a 'B+/A-' this year with Long, Carey & Grove ... with or without Smiley, we will get by with Gs

    WR -- will be a 'B' by the end of the season if Turner can get on the field. The only alternative to that is London (he made some improvement towards the end of the season - so he could finally 'show up' this year ... albeit, i expect him to be traded or cut)

    DL -- hinges on Ferguson ... will go no higher than 'B' as i am not sure how much he has left -- maybe someone will step up here

    ILB -- will remain no more than a 'C' unless we find something better than AA

    CB -- will be a 'B+/A-' by the end of the season with the addition of the rookies, question is ... how long will it take to get there. i believe that is the FOs dilemma -- steep learning curve and tough early schedule ... and Green probably will not be the answer
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  5. PhinsRock

    PhinsRock Premium Member Luxury Box

    We need to find out about the following:

    DL - can Soliai step up and replace Ferguson?

    ILB_ do we have anyone else that can play besides Channing and can he step up his game as well?

    WR: We have a lot of POTENTIAL, and I expect Ginn, Bess and Cammy to step it up, Armstrong could be the wild card and Turner might be a real go-to guy in the Red Zone. But: will any of these guys really step it up and be a true #1 WR?

    Otherwise your grades were pretty accurate, I couldn't really argue with any of them. Good job :up:
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  6. adamprez2003

    adamprez2003 Senior Member

    Nov 27, 2007
    new york ciity
    QB - B minus - Penny doesnt do it for me but he's the best we've had since Marino. Good for the regular season, a bust in the postseason. I think Henne will start this year at some point. I actually have a good gut feeling that when he finally starts he'll take the bull by the horns and raise this grade to a B because of his ability to stretch the field

    RB- A - We're loaded here and my wildcard pick is Lex Hilliard. He running style reminds me of Csonka a bit and I gotta root for a mini Zonk

    WR - B - all based on potential but I really like the Turner and I think Ginn will have a breakout year if Henne starts. Bess and Camarillo have the slot covered nicely. Anderson and not Hartline will be the 5th receiver

    TE - B I like Fasano. Dont know about Wilford as a TE. Could work but I dont have an intelligent opinion on it. Martin is a solid number 2 TE and maybe Nalbone is a good prospect. I certainly havent seen any of his games but I trust Parcell's instincts

    OL - B plus - Its a A minus on the starting front but the depth is a bit weak so I'll lower it a a touch

    DE - A - Merling will show the NFL why he was the best defensive end in last years draft. Langford will only grow better. Starks and Dotson provide quality depth

    NT - B plus. Would be A but Ferguson is old and Soliaia is still question mark although I think he'll be another breakout player this year. I really liked what I saw of him in terms of improvement last year abnd expect it to ramp up significantly

    OLB - B plus. I think Wake is overrated and Taylor is not the Taylor of old. Porter should still be able to bring it. Roth might surpirse. Either way, one side is good and the other will be no wrose than solid and possibly also good

    ILB - C - Walden or Torbor will supplant Ayodele and upgrade the position slightly. Crowder is average IMO

    CB - B minus - Davis and Will Allen will be a very good pair by years end. Smith and Jason Allen are wild cards. Not sure how they'll do this year. Not a fan of Green

    S - B plus - Bell and Clemons will start by the end opf the year although Wilson will probably start the year. Clemons is going to be a pleasnat surprise for many Dolphins fans. That was a great pick by Parcells and Ireland

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