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Just Got Home From The Game

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by vt_dolfan, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. vt_dolfan

    vt_dolfan Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Hey all...just got home from the Pats game yesterday.

    I think we were actually in this game...and it could have been close if we had any kind of QB play.

    The line gave Cleo a good amount of time...but the guy absolutely cannot pull the trigger.

    JT was having a monster of a game..and it was fun watching him move all over the field. Booker looks faster in person..and he looks very fast on TV.

    The play of the game...and the one that was most embarrasing as a Phins fan...believe me, I heard about it in the stands...was Cleo's run to the goal line.

    If I could use the name I called him in the stands...and what I heard almost all of section 317 saying...I would get a Mods edit. All he had to do was lower his shoulder...and make a football move to the pylon and he scores. Instead he ^^^^^'s out and goes out of bounds!!! I absolutley could not believe it...even Pats fans had their mouths agape in shock.

    If I was coach....this guy would never take another snap on my team for as long as he lived. Hes not a football player. He is scared...cant make decisions...and is horrificly inaccurate at time.

    Oh...Gillette is a great place to watch a game. This is how they should have built Joe Robbie...the stands are more vertical..so you still feel like you are hovering over the field even way up high....and I do mean....WAYYYYY UP...HIGH.
  2. zachblitz54

    zachblitz54 Juck The Fets

    Dec 9, 2007
    Lemon should never play another down for us. His decisions are awful. He had an opportunity to lead by example on the goal line run and BLEW IT. He is what he is and will not get any better.

    One thing I would like to know. On television, we don't have the opportunity to see the whole field. Are the receivers never open or does Cleo just not see them? On many occasions it looks like he has plenty of time to find someone open and never does. Just wondering what it looks like from the stands.
  3. vt_dolfan

    vt_dolfan Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    From the stands....you could literally watch the top of his head...and watch as he went through his reads.....which wasnt actually hard because he almost never did. He STARES at where he is throwing the ball. One one play I actually counted to 6 seconds before he got any real pressure...and he still wouldnt throw the ball.

    He looked VERY confused...and in no way should he be taking snaps. Our D and Jesse Chatman played really hard, as well as a few others. That crap he pulled at the goal line was a complete lack of respect for his other team mates. As a rookie...does any believe John Beck would have pulled that?
  4. Marino1384

    Marino1384 Member

    Dec 8, 2007
    yea I was at the game also and while the receivers didnt get as much separation as they could, Lemon had atleast 4 chances to throw to Ginn while he was 1 on 1 with the defender. A couple other times he had a back open in the flat but choose to hold on to the ball for forever and eventually took a sack or ran for no gain out of bounds. In another thread they talked about our o-line having trouble pass blocking and I really dont think that is the case. Lemon has no pocket presence at all which is why he is always rolling out because he's absolutely has no idea what to do in the pocket. One play I remember I believe it was a sack by wilfork and I think it was hadnot against him and Hadnot drives Wilfork like let's him go like 7 yards into the back field so he's like 2-3 yards behind Lemon. Instead of either stepping up in the pocket or going through the huge hole that was created when Wilfork drove up the field, lemon turns and trys to run around hadnot and wilfork and run right into the defender.
  5. houtz

    houtz New Member

    Dec 14, 2007
    Beck would've lowered his head and taken the hit. Beck is a player not a *****. I was at the Eagles game and if he didn't see anyone open he'd tuck the ball and run. He got hit a bunch of times but just bounced right back up. That's what we need at the quarterback position. Not Cleo Lemon.
  6. REV KEV

    REV KEV New Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    I'm so glad i missed the entire game especially that play...
  7. Finominal

    Finominal New Member

    Nov 24, 2007
    Ft. Lauderdale
    Trent Greene would have lowered that fragile noggin of his and drove it right into the knee of the guy at the goal line to get that score. I think Cleo thought he had it, though. He ran right at the official in the end zone, there shouldn’t have been any doubt, but that was a sorry effort for all the hype leading up to this game to not show some drive right there.
  8. Roman529

    Roman529 Senior Member

    Dec 16, 2007
    Colorado Springs, CO
    I think Lemon could be a very good QB, BUT I think he is way too timid in his decision making. Many times he could easily gain 10+ yards running the ball, but instead of running he just sits there holding the ball. What's the use of having above average speed if you don't ever run with the ball. I missed Lemon's pylon dive yesterday as I was driving around listening to the game in my car.....it sounded like he wussed out instead of diving for the end zone.

    I also think Lemon needs to get rid of the ball much quicker, rather than standing there and taking a sack. I remember how quickly Marino use to get the pass off, and it justs seems every QB we have had since then has been incredibly slow. :sad:

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