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Major League Baseball Draft Discussion

Discussion in 'Other Sports Forum' started by KB21, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. KB21

    KB21 Almost Never Wrong Club Member

    Dec 6, 2007
    The draft starts on Tuesday, and there are ome good rumors floating around about what might happen in the top ten picks. Some of the stuff that I have read lately:

    *Stephen Strasburg is a lock to be the top pick by the Washington Nationals. The Nationals are not afraid of his asking price, which appears to be somewhere aroud $50 million.

    *For a while now, everyone has assumed that Dustin Ackley, OF/1B, North Carolina, will be the second pick by the Seattle Mariners. Dustin Ackley is a Scott Boras client, and there is some talk that Boras is floating that they will ask for an $8 million signing bonus. There is some talk that Seattle may not be willing to meet that price to get he best pure hitter in the draft. There are mixed signals on who they may like next, with some feeling it is Aaron Crow, RHP, formerly of Missouri now pitching in the Indy League and some feeling it will be Tanner Scheppers, RHP, formerly of Fresno State pitching in the Indy league. Both were drafte last year but did not sign.

    *If Dustin Ackley drops to San Diego, they will reportedly be very happy to take him. There have been discussions about Aaron Crow and Vanderbilt LHP Mike Minor with the Padres as well lately. Keith Law thinks they will go with Donovan Tate though.

    *Keith Law has Pittsburgh taking Boston College catcher Tony Sanchez.

    *Baltimore recently had HS RHP Zack Wheeler in for a workout, but they reportedly didn't talk money. However, Baltimore did talk money with North Carolina RHP Alex White.

    *San Francisco reportedly would like to get a position player and like USC SS Grant Green and Sacramento State OF Tim Wheeler, but both are reaches with the 6th pick. The Giants have reportedly also been interested in Zack Wheeler and HS LHP Tyler Matzek. Donovan Tate has also been mentioned at this pick.

    *Atlanta likes Zack Wheeler and Tyler Matzek, but recent reports say they also like Alex White and will take him if the two high school arms are off the board. Texas hard throwing RHP Shelby Miller is reportedly no longer under consideration.

    *Tanner Scheppers seems to be the consensus guy for the Reds, which is interesting to me. Scheppers has shoulder issues, and Reds manager Dusty Baker is the king of ruining arms in MLB.

    *The Detroit Tigers apear to be locked onto HS RHP Jacob Turner.

    *The Nationals recently had Stanford RHP Drew Storen in for a workout and have also looked at Kennesaw State RHP Chad Jenkins. They have also shown interest in Missouri LHP Kyle Gibson and Alex White. The Nationals reportedly view Storen as a starter, even though he came out of the pen with Stanford. This appears to be a situation where Washington will draft someone that will not demand big money.

    My wish list for the Atlanta Braves:

    1. Zack Wheeler, RHP
    2. Tyler Matzek, LHP
    3. Shelby Miller, RHP
    4. Bobby Borchering, 3B
  2. King Felix

    King Felix Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Dec 6, 2007
    hope the nationals have a sudden change of heart
  3. JagsFan3223

    JagsFan3223 New Member

    May 11, 2009
    I wonder who Rays are gonna take.
  4. Boik14

    Boik14 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    I heard the Mets may go overslot in round three and overpay a player who fell. they dont have a 1st or 2nd cause of their offseason signings
  5. KB21

    KB21 Almost Never Wrong Club Member

    Dec 6, 2007
    Saw this about the Pirates this AM. They are apparently looking at RHP Aaron Crow and LHP Kyle Gibson. Some feel Gibson is the safer and more signable pick while Crow is the better arm. There is some concern with Gibson as well. His velocity dropped this season, and he was throwing 82-87 mph in the post season while complaining of forearm tightness.
  6. DonShula84

    DonShula84 Moderator Luxury Box

    Jan 3, 2008
    The Angels have a lot of picks in the first round due to supplemental picks and getting the Mets and Yankees picks. I've read they want to get potential power hitters at the corner OF spots and 3B. They usually go pitching first, but it I think they're looking hard to try and develop more power.

    I know nothing about prospects they might be eying, however.

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