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Peter Kiper Predicts the Draft: Part II

Discussion in '2013 GM League Forum' started by schisno, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    1 - Pittsburgh Steelers (from KC)
    Dee Milliner, CB – Alabama

    The Steelers face a lot of questions going into free agency. Some of the concerns geared towards the aging defense. The Pittsburgh GM made a shrewd move cutting James Harrison and freeing some cap space. Yet the black and gold still won't have the cap space like some of the other teams but will pick a few key parts in free agency, namely offensive tackle.

    However if GML history shows us anything is that cornerbacks will be priced outside the Steelers budget so they nab the best corner in the draft by taking the Alabama product Milliner. Dee played a lot of press coverage at Alabama and showed he can be physical with receivers. If you add in his great size and good speed he has the physical tools for the next level. One key aspect to Milliner's game is that he is a terrific corner blitzer and should fit into the Blitzburgh scheme.

    2 - New England Patriots (from JAX)
    Luke Joeckel, OT – Texas A&M

    The Patriots can go a number of different ways like receiver or quarterback, except they will franchise Wes Welker and will wait for round two before addressing their quarterback situation if they feel Ryan Mallett isn't the answer. If you look at the defensive line they could use more talent at the defensive end spot opposite Chandler Jones.

    Except the Patriots are a different kind of team under their new general manager and will take the best prospect available. That's right Luke Joeckel comes off the board and moves the athletic Nate Solder to the right side, and Marcus Cannon to guard solidifying an impenetrable offensive line for whoever will be quarterback for the Patriots.

    3 - Oakland Raiders
    Jarvis Jones, LB – Georgia

    Does the Oakland Raiders even have a GM? Questions surround the quarterback situation but it seems the silent general manager is content to roll with Pryor next season, which means Carson Palmer will hit the open market after he is cut. Originally I had Mike Glennon drafted here, but I see the quarterbacks sliding back until the combine helps wet the collective panties of the top three picks.

    For now pencil in Jarvis Jones as the Raiders look to move to a 3-4 and put themselves in need for a pass rushing outside linebacker. Jones is a little Von Miller and will give the Raiders an explosive rusher with good vision. Like bad character the Raiders will ignore this so called medical condition “spinal stenosis”. Oakland considers Mant'i Teo as well because a fake girlfriend is a lot better than Rolando McClain.

    4 - Carolina Panthers (from PHI)
    Star Lotulelei, DT – Utah

    The Panthers are still in dire need of help to plug up the middle of their defensive line and when their time comes will select Star. He's explosive off the snap and has the size and athleticism you would want from the position. He is also strong and reminds some of a shorter Kevin Williams. Lotulelei is also known to step up against better competition.

    The Panthers GM may also take a long look at Eric Fisher as Jordan Gross is on the decline. Don't be surprised if DeAndre Hopkins is the first receiver off the board here. Though I consider both alternatives long shots.

    5 - Detroit Lions
    Geno Smith, QB – West Virginia

    Smith flashed some brilliant play at the pivot position when he completed over 80% of his passes with a 24 TD to 0 INT ratio. Then he would go on to struggle through the second half of the season, which Geno Smith will the Lions be getting? If there development at the quarterback position indicates anything he'll be traded after three seasons, in which he will show promise in his rookie year, excell as a sophmore and struggle before the Lions GM impatiently has seen enough.

    6 - Miami Dolphins (from CLE)
    Eric Fisher, OT – Central Michigan

    Jake Long walks, and Jonathan Martin didn't show that he could man the blindside so the Dolphins nab who many are considering the number one tackle in the draft. Playing in the MAC you don't get a lot of name recognition but many are standing by his ability on tape. He has prototypical size and blew up at the Senior Bowl. All he needs to do now is wow the scouts at the combine and the Dolphins GM will be taken in hook line and sinker.

    Miami had really hoped for Milliner to fall but are forced into taking Fisher, which isn't all bad because he could be compared to an athletic tackle like Solder.

    7 - Detroit Lions (from ARI)
    Damontre Moore, DE – Texas A&M

    I just heard the Broncos general manager quit his job, I'm not sure why. Anyways Moore fills in one of the vacancy on the defensive line as Cliff Avril and Lawrence Jackson are more than likely gone in free agency. The Lions put themselves in dire situations all over the roster with a lack of quarterback, defensive end and cornerback after some of the questionable moves.

    If defensive end isn't addressed with this pick then we're looking at cornerbacks Jonathan Banks or Xavier Rhodes. Either way the Lions will need year before they are ready to compete.

    8 - Cincinnati Bengals (from BUF via TB)
    Bjoern Werner, DE – Florida State

    When your depth at defensive end consists of Aaron Maybin and Jamaal Anderson you might have to consider adding some more elite talent. Werner has been known to run hot and cold and could easily join Maybin and Anderson as early first round busts. However the have a good coaching staff after decades of incompetence.

    It's too early to consider the need for a true every down, do it all running back but don't really it out with the stripped cats. However Werner is ranked just too high to let him pass by. Originally this pick was owned by the Bills along with Werner, it's only fitting that he ends up with the team holding number eight.

    9 - Baltimore Ravens (from NYJ)
    Johnathan Hankins, DT – Ohio State

    An interesting move by the Ravens trading for Vick. This means only one thing, there is a trade in place for Joe Flacco and if there's one thing the Ravens GM is known for, it's getting a couple extra picks to reload a team full of key free agents. Michael Griffin is a good fill in at free safety for the time being and Bernard Pollard is a suitable starter but don't be surprised if Florida International safety Jonathan Cyprien has his name called.

    Arthur Jones is a restricted free agent and I know for a fact the man in charge of Baltimore was happy with his play down the stretch that he is more than happy having him as his starter. However Johnathan Hankins is a big body and cut through the line of scrimmage making plays in the backfield. He might be a penalty liability early on, but he'll get better as he matures.

    10 - Tennessee Titans
    Chance Warmack, OG – Alabama

    Steve Hutchinson isn't exactly the same player he was for the Vikings so it's easy to say they look for a mauler at guard. He is a rare prospect that has a good punch in pass protection and can knock defenders back off the ball in the run game. He has a high ceiling and gives the Titans the guard they were looking for last offseason.

    11 - Houston Texans (from SD via NYJ)
    Johnthan Banks, CB – Mississippi State

    There's not too many holes to be filled on the Texans as they enter the offseason in an easy situation where they could remain a favorite unless they completely botched it by blowing up the entire roster. Now with a top half pick in the first round they address one of their areas of weakness. No, not the tight end or running back positions as the eleventh pick is too high.

    Instead they grab a corner who is a little leaner than the other prospects, but Banks has good change of direction with a nose for the ball. He has a knack for knowing where it is and can be considered the best ball hawking corner of the top cornerback prospects. That ability would only be amplified with the type of pass rush the Texans can create with their front seven.

    12 - Cleveland Browns (from MIA)
    Justin Hunter, WR – Tennessee

    One of the tallest receivers in the draft, his catch radius is larger than any of the other receivers. He also plays smart and knows when to go up and bat balls down to avoid interceptions. Productive pass catcher in the SEC. Cleveland could also look for a defensive end to complete their front seven but the options in free agency is to deep for them not to walk away with a starter. Instead they will continue to address their offenisve woes. Eddie Lacy could be select here to replace former teammate Trent Richardson, or in a twist of fate Steven Jackson replaces Richardson as the Browns featured back.

    13 - Washington Redskins (from TB via BUF)
    Dion Jordan, LB/DE – Oregon

    Ryan Kerrigan will be the primary rusher for the Redskins after Orakpo was sent packing. The Redskins are set at key positions on the offense except for receiver but in their minds they feel it's not time yet.

    Instead the 'Skins GM grabs Dion Jordan for his rare combination of height, speed and athleticism which he hopes can bring another feared pass rusher to Washington. He has better than expected defense against the pass as well when he drops back in coverage and with his length and underrated closing speed will be just as effective in run defense. It might seem like a lateral move, but if Jordan can reach his ceiling it will give Snyder and co a more versatile defender than Orakpo.

    14 - Carolina Panthers
    Mike Glennon, QB – North Carolina State

    Josh Freeman needs competition and the Panthers select a quarterback fans in both North and South Carolina will be familiar with. A big strong armed quarterback who is being compared to Joe Flacco. The only problem is he doesn't have the mobility and his decision making is more erratic.

    For all his measurables I don't feel like Glennon will get close to being a Flacco clone, instead he reminds me more of a hobbled Daunte Culpepper with a ball placement struggle similar to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Though he could easily shatter these negatives it's hard to see him more than a middle of the road quarterback at the pro level.

    15 - New Orleans Saints
    Kevin Minter, LB – Louisianna State

    With the Saints shifting over to a 3-4 defense they don't have the necessary peices in place. Expect a run at lineman in free agency to offset the need to take one early seeing as the draft is deep at the defensive tackle and end positions. Instead they focus on adding some pieces to their linebacking corp. Kevin Minter was used in zone and robber coverages and spent a lot of time as a blitzer, so will have the transferrable skills to play inside in a 3-4.

    Minter will need to build on his strength is he is going to shed blockers, but will add plenty of pass coverage skills. He is very cerebral and less of a thumper.

    16 - St. Louis Rams
    Xavier Rhodes, CB – Florida State

    Danny Amendola will be franchised, don't any of you Ram fans fret. Now that I relieved the dozen or so of you, the Rams decision maker will make a call to fill an immediate need, a starter opposite Jenkins and depth. With two corners pencilled in and some heavy contracts the Rams will have to be smart about how they fill their roster. I wouldn't be surprised if they went back to back picks at the cornerback position.

    For now they nab one of the bigger corners in Rhodes. He's physical and agressive in coverage and throughout the play. I've noted that Rhodes can undercut routes on good receivers but will spend more time batting the ball down then picking them off.

    17 - Kansas City Chiefs (from PIT)
    Sheldon Richardson, DT – Missouri

    The Chiefs could be looking at a move to a 4-3 base this season and need an influx of talent along the middle of their defensive line. They have the nose tackle position filled with the drafting of Poe last year so now they should be looking to add a three technique tackle.

    Sheldon Richardson has good bursts in a small area and can close in to make tackles in the run. He's instinctive and can sniff out screens. He has the agility to change direction in small spaces and carries his girth well. Though he only started half the games he played.

    18 - Dallas Cowboys
    Kenny Vaccaro, S – Texas

    Monte Kiffin's defenses have relied on playmaking safeties, and the current crop of Cowboys safeties could use a little help. Barry Church is a nice player coming off injury but Vaccaro is familiar in playing zone and offers versatility at his position. He is a hard hitter and very heady player but isn't the ball hawking defensive back usually found in Kiffin's defensive system. He might struggle deep as a true centerfielder but given time he can adjust.

    19 - New York Giants
    Lane Johnson, OT – Oklahoma

    Issues have arisen where the Giants need to replace their left tackle. Although he's not ready to start on the left side in the pros yet he can use his athleticism to ease into the transition to a faster game. He can start on the right side for the time being if the Giants can bring back any of their free agents on the offensive line.

    20 - Chicago Bears
    Manti Teo, LB – Notre Dame

    I had Teo going to New York to fill their need at middle linebacker but he wouldn't survive the media storm. Instead the Chicago Bears find their replacement for Urlacher who might come back for a smaller salary. Teo didn't show up during the National Championship and his made up girl friend saga might turn some off, but he has the ability to start as a pro.

    Unfortunately he would be the game changer that Brian Urlacher was, however he will be a solid and productive middle linebacker. His worth ethic and heart will win over the blue collar fans of the windy city.

    21 - Minnesota Vikings (from CIN)
    Desmond Trufant, CB – Washington

    Marcus and Isiah have been in the pro game so it only makes sense that Demond finds his way to the next level as it is in his genes. The Vikings began to solidfy their defensive back unit with the drafting of Harrison Smith last year but Atoine Winfield is showing his age and that it is hard to depend on him to stay healthy. So it's only natural to add some youth.

    Some say Demond is the best Trufant of all the brothers, he already is better than Isiah but it's too be seen if he can outperform older brother Marcus. He has fluid footwork and great hip movement, he gets physical going up for the ball. He's a bit thin and not nearly as tall as the other corners but gives the Vikings someone not afraid to get dirty and hit.

    22 - St. Louis Rams (from WAS)
    Jonathan Cyprien, S – Florida International

    Could have easily been Matt Elam but he's more one dimensional than the Rams GM likes. Jonathan is a vicious hitter that loves the physicality that comes with the safety position. He's aggressive and shows he loves going 100% at the Senior Bowl. In the run game he will meet the halfback with a pop and could leave people imagining Pollard/Ridley style hits but with less helmet to helmet. He goes up and stretches for the balls on interceptions but is better at covering half the field then being in the center.

    Why this makes sense? Mikell is 32 years old, and the Rams are probably looking to get a little tougher on the back end as evident by last years draft. I wouldn't be shocked if Keenan Allen or Tavon Auston slides off in this position either, even with Amendola expected to be tagged.

    23 - Minnesota Vikings
    Ryan Nassib, QB – Syracuse

    What would you say about a quarterback who throws for 130 yards or less 6 times in a season and for under 100 yards in 3 of those games? I'd say thank you Odin's beard that we have Adrian Peterson running the ball. After an other worldly season by Peterson there's no doubt that Ponder did enough to not screw things up, but if it were in his hands the Vikings would not make the playoffs. Add in his weak arm and this team isn't ready to play two season of cold weather games.

    Ryan Nassib struggles under duress, but even the best of quarterbacks do. He has the arm strength to make all the necessary throws, and the ones Ponder can't. He's smart and sees the field well, throws beautiful balls on the run. He's mobile enough in the pocket that he can get away from defenders, he will fit well as a west coast quarterback with good arm strength that will lasts in the cold winters of Minnesota.

    24 - Indianapolis Colts
    Jonathan Cooper, OG – North Carolina

    The Colts are settled at left tackle but the rest of their line can use some work. There isn't a center ranked high enough, especially with Barrett Jones injury situation. So Indianapolis adds a solid guard in Cooper, who will work in tandem with Castonzo for the next decade.

    25 - Seattle Seahawks
    Tavon Austin, WR – West Virginia

    The Seahawks came into the offseason with a solid foundation after several good to great drafts previously. They've though outside the box on some of their picks going against the grain. They've also proved that just because you're a bit undersized doesn't mean you're any less dangerous. One of their positions still in flux is receiver where the Seahawks went and traded for Steve Smith from Carolina.

    Since Smith is a little long in the tooth the Seahawks are looking at receiver even with the lack of tight ends on the depth chart. What they do is pick up the best all purpose threat labelled as a wide reciver. He reminds me Percy Harvin and DeSean Jackson in terms of speed an ability to stretch the field, work the slot and act as a return man. His versatility will give teams fits and Seattle will more than likely play him out of the slot causing Wes Welker like mismatches over the middle. Tavon is an ideal Seahawks pick with his versatility and elite acceleration.

    26 - Green Bay Packers
    Sharrif Floyd, DT – Florida

    The switch to a 4-3 has caused the Packers a little problem with filling the defensive tackle position. Right now they're looking to move Jerel Worthy but that would just deplete them further. What they will do is grab a wide bodied and broaded shoulder tackle from Florida.

    Floyd uses his hands effectively and manages to thin himself enough to get through gaps. He's developed each year he's played and still scratching his potential at the defensive tackle position. The Packers GM is happier with his defensive end than his tackles at the moment so this is a priority move. Sharrif is still a little rough but it gives the Packers the chance to mold him into their system.

    27 - New York Jets (from HOU)
    Johnathan Jenkins, DT – Georgia

    The Jets have done little else then shed roleplayers from their roster and acquiring second round picks. What they will need to do now is fill every position across the board except for defensive end. With a late first round pick they have missed out on some of the top end talent at cornerback, and might wait until the next round to acquire the next tier of corners. There are still some safeties to be excited about.

    However Johnathan Jenkins has the size that the Jets general manager craves. Once upon a time this particular general manager rated Ron Brace high enough that he was worth taking in the first round. Jenkins of course is a much better prospect with more upside. Jenkins has good lateral agility and excellent bull rush ability, he will also make an immediate impact up the middle stuffing the run. This pick allows the Jets to cut Pouha and his burden of a contract.

    28 - San Francisco 49ers (from DEN)
    Cordarrelle Patterson, WR – Tennessee

    The 49ers are elated to have their number one rated receiver fall into their laps. He was one of the most productive receivers in the nation and offers a well build frame with great height. Patterson is considered a fluid athlete with good hands, but leaves something to be desired of his route running. A JUCO transfer that shows he can continue to play with better talent.

    029 - New England Patriots
    Datone Jones, DE – California, Los Angeles

    The Patriots expected one of their top QB prospects to fall to them, but unfortunately watch them get snapped up well before they can pick one. Instead the Patriots add a tweener that can fit at End on their 4-3 packages. Jones uses his hands well with a good initial burst to split the gaps. He keeps his head up and with his vision locates the ball quickly. The coaches will like the variety of moves he can bring to the line, and if he learns to play standing up can transition to outside linebacker if the Patriots take more 3-4 looks.

    30 - Atlanta Falcons
    Tyler Eifert, TE – Notre Dame

    Tony Gonzalez status is up in the air and the Falcons need a replacement, so they grab the best pass catching tight end in the draft. Not the blocker that Ertz is but he can catch in groups, gets off the line well to beat coverage. A big bodied tight end that will have a bigger impact than Kyle Rudolph did for the Vikings.

    31 - San Francisco 49ers
    Jordan Poyer, CB – Oregon State

    Carlos Rogers isn't a number one corner and Eric Wright will be lit up if he's forced to start opposite Rogers and his soft coverage. Jordan Poyer gives the 49ers a tough corner that can compete for the ball and has good discipline to keep his eye on the ball. More than happy to help in the run game, but could miss a few tackles.

    32 - New York Jets (from BAL)
    EJ Manuel, QB – Florida State

    Word out of New York is that Mark Sanchez is about to be cut, and that leaves a hole at quarterback as Blaine Gabbert becomes the starter by default. The Jets scouts predict the general manager will make a reach for his guy and grab the Seminoles product.

    Manuel is big bodied with a strong arm which will be needed throwing in the wind at Metlife. His athleticism is tantalizing but he makes poor decisions throwing into coverage and isn't fully aware of what is going down the field at times. Shows the footwork to be an elusive quarterback, but will need to prove that he's more than a raw athlete at the position.
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  2. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    why would I cut Palmer if I've been content at QB?

    Jones is a possibility.
  3. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member Retired Administrator

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    EJ Manuel is a 5th-6th round prospect that you have in round 1. If thats your pick, Im just going to say thank you and be happy it was a player not on my top 150 that was taken :lol:

    As for the pick you have for me...at least this one makes sense so I give you credit for at least looking at the roster and seeing what i need. I feel like some of the other mocks didnt even do that.
  4. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    yeah i try to vaguely fill needs and throw in fun wtf picks.
  5. SICK

    SICK Lounge Moderator

    Nov 29, 2007
    Charlotte NC
    I know I don't have that pick anymore (14th) but for the record, I don't have Glennon rated as a first round pick, more late 2nd. And hes not better than Freeman, look at Freemans tape and stats from last season with a WR (Jackson).....he will be good for a long time.

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