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Pro Football Weekly's Ranking the offensive coordinators

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by NJFINSFAN1, Jan 11, 2010.


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    Nov 24, 2007
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    19. Dan Henning / Dolphins
    Known for being a more traditional, run-first offensive mind, Henning was forced to move away from a more gimmicky offense after injuries took their toll, and he still kept the Fins competitive despite youth at quarterback and few offensive playmakers.
    : ThePHINS.com - Miami Dolphins Forums http://forums.thephins.com/showthread.php?p=983747
    SCOUT'S TAKE: "The head coach (Tony Sparano) does a great job with the offensive line, but Henning is very underrated. To make the transition they did after losing Chad Pennington and still move the ball was impressive. They caught everyone off guard with a gimmick offense last year, but most of the league caught on, and they went to more of a traditional offense after Ronnie Brown got hurt. You got a young quarterback (Chad Henne), an old running back (Ricky Williams) and Ted Ginn not consistent enough to trust — they didn't have a big playmaker in the offense after they lost Ronnie (Brown), but they were still in almost every game. When you can't make big plays and are still efficient moving the ball, that's a tribute to the offensive coordinator."


    Interesting that Mike Mularkey is # 9 and Cam Cameron is # 6 and Jason Garrett is # 1, all X Fin coaches. Scott Linehan was # 28

    Your thoughts?

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