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Should the Titans make Henry the highest paid RB?

Discussion in 'Other NFL' started by Cashvillesent, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Cashvillesent

    Cashvillesent Well-Known Member

    Dec 8, 2019
    I think alot if not all the RBs look at the guaranteed money. The only thing that is relevant to a rb is the guaranteed money because of the short career span. They dont have the ability to look 5yrs down the road like QB's and wr's. Rb deals are almost always to the teams benefit in the end because they are easily replaceable parts in the view of most coaching staffs.

    There is no stud rb in the upcoming SB but there are stud wr's, QB's,TE's. Teams simply don't value them very high economically
  2. Unlucky 13

    Unlucky 13 Team Rosen Staff Member Club Member

    Apr 24, 2012
    Troy, Virginia
    I would advise against any other team doing so, but the Titans need to keep him and keep things rolling for the next three years or so as best that they can. It works for them, and he's beloved there.

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