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Special teams miscues nearly Doom Dolphins

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Fin Fan In Cali, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Fin Fan In Cali

    Fin Fan In Cali Dolphin fan since 1970 Luxury Box

    Nov 22, 2007
    So. Cal
    Miami - Pro Football Weekly

    They’re even worse this year, and at least some of the blame deserves to go to the front office which didn’t have the patience to stick with its special-teams acquisitions. The catch and release of Boomer Grigsby epitomizes this. A try-hard but physically limited fullback, Grigsby gained his kamikaze reputation for throwing his body around on special teams. He excelled terrifically in the role, the type of guy who would serve as a wedge buster, maybe get plastered into the turf doing so, but would get up smiling knowing that his bowling-bowl mentality thwarted the return team’s blocking scheme. But because of his offensive limitations, he was given his walking papers shortly after his signature.
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  2. I think there was alot of questions they had about players on offense and defense and only kept the ones they thought could work out in those starter roles. At least if some of those choices turned into busts they would have other guys on the roster to try out to fill those roles. I think special teams was intentionally neglected this season because they wanted to keep options on the other two squads available. I think they are as surprised as the rest of us on well we are doing and did not expect to be in any type of contention this late in the season. I am willing to bet they will adress special teams needs this off season, now that they got a better feel of who they like and who they dont.
  3. Rocky Raccoon

    Rocky Raccoon Greasepaint Ghost Staff Member

    Dec 2, 2007
    it's easily our biggest concern. It's hard to pin point exactly what the problem is, but the units overall just aren't getting it done (understatement of the year, I know). And Ellis Hobbs is no slouch so whatever is causing these big returns better be fixed by Sunday.
  4. Vegas_Phin

    Vegas_Phin Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Jan 4, 2008
    Don't forget about Keith Davis. After we released him, he was resigned by the Cowboys and named their special teams capitan shortly after.
  5. gafinfan

    gafinfan gunner Club Member

    The tackling is horrible guys. I blame that on coaching and a lack of focus nothing else.:shifty:

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