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strategy for the next 10 days and for the draft

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by fastball83, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. fastball83

    fastball83 Active Member

    Dec 10, 2007

    Before the draft I would like we sign a veteran DT another veteran DE (the draft is thin at this position this year)

    After that, I thinks our FO could draft the QB they want at 5 and after that for needs in position with big depth like OL, DB.

    That could give a dream like this one (my dream draft) and double many position to erase the risk of bust at a position of needs

    1a : Tua or Herbert

    1b : Andrews thomas

    1c : Dobbins or Swift

    2a :Winfield

    2b : ruiz, cushenberry or Biadasz

    3/ Tana Wanogho or Driscoll or Peart in function of availability

    4/ Solomon Kindley or Lemieux

    5a / Vildor

    5b: Anthony Gordon or Jake Luton (put him in PS and in third QB position next year after Fitzmagic retirement)

    5c/ Dejay Dallas ( solid RB in case of an injury to our starter RB draftee or Howard)

    6/ Carter Coughlin (DE) or Windsor to put deph in DL

    7a/ KD Osborn

    Others 7 BPA in our FO eyes

    Opinions on my strategy before the draft and on my mock draft

    PS : Be safe against coronavirus, here in France our hospital are full and good luck to every dolfans
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  2. Surfs Up 99

    Surfs Up 99 Team Flores & Team Tua

    May 5, 2016
    What I like about this year's draft is we really have a chance to add some very good players. It's a good year to have so many picks. If we came away with Tua or Herbert (without trading up), Thomas, Dobbins or Swift, Winfield, and Cushenberry I would be ecstatic. Realistically though, there are 31 other teams drafting, too, so as 2 cents has pointed out we shouldn't get our hearts set on guys. Even if we don't draft those whose names we recognize, I am confident we are going to get some decent players. I am especially excited about the WR group this year. I think we are going to get a really good player at tremendous value.

    P.S. Be safe, too.

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