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Tailgate advice

Discussion in 'The Phins Connection - Tailgating & More' started by LouisvilleFinsFan, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. LouisvilleFinsFan

    LouisvilleFinsFan New Member

    Oct 8, 2009
    Hey guys, first time poster, long time fins fan... A couple buddies and I are making the long trip down to Miami from Louisville on Friday night for the game Monday. I was wondering if you guys had any tailgating advice - where to park, when to get there, what's going on, etc...

    We went to the Orange Bowl in '07 (the glory days when my CARDS were good ...:no:), but we weren't 21 yet, the cops took our beer (and gave it all to the people around us), and by the time that fiasco was over, we just headed into the stadium.

    So if there is anything I need to know or if there are any tailgating musts, fill me in!

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  2. jetssuck

    jetssuck I hear Mandich's voice...

    Aug 4, 2009
    Go here:

  3. TiP54

    TiP54 Bad Reputation

    Nov 25, 2007
    Live from the Internet.
    Thanks for joining us man.
    Welcome to The Best Dolphins site on the web.
    We have hundreds of great members who love the Dolphins and anything to do with the team.
    As JS suggested, visiting the tailgating forum (http://forums.thephins.com/forumdisplay.php?f=43) Might help you out a bit, people talk about tailgating there. Many of us gonna be there, so we might even meet ya :up:
    If you have an extra minute, you can introduce yourself here (http://forums.thephins.com/forumdisplay.php?f=38) Its a good way to get started, and youll get to know alot of members right of the bat.
    Good luck and Go Dolphins! :hi5:

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