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Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Redwine4all, May 8, 2018.

  1. Redwine4all

    Redwine4all Well-Known Member

    Feb 4, 2016
    Just a few thoughts on some of these positions (as someone with no insight and training, I trust you more knowledgeable guys to provide expert analysis).

    One thing about TE and the pick of Gesicki...I keep hearing people bemoaning about Dallas Goedert still being on the board. I get it. Goedert was an attractive player to all of us. I was a big fan of DG.

    BUT...one thing we know about this Front Office...they like BIG SCHOOL players. They just do. Gesicki was a productive TE on a team with the best running back in the country. He was a superior athlete playing against much better competition. This FO is going to take that profile over Goedert's every single time.

    I've touched on AJ Derby already in other posts, so I won't repeat it, except to say I am keeping a close eye on him. Hopefully he's great for 3rd TE and someone else is even better! :001_rolleyes:

    Defensive End--completely stacked, we should be very good there. But we could be just average, as well. If Quinn isn't fully healthy, if Wake's age starts showing, if Charles Harris doesn't flip the switch, then we are sort of...meh.

    Hopefully, none of that happens and its a real strength of this team. I liked Cameron Malveaux last year out of Houston and I think he could be a really good player for us. He could end up replacing William Hayes or even Andre Branch.

    It's developing these kinds of players that hopefully in the future keep us from giving mediocre players big money. Develop your own mediocre players. I actually think CM could be more than mediocre for us.

    OL is going to be interesting. I would love to see Asiata jump up and be a force. It seems like he could be a nasty mauler. Hopefully he'll watch Josh Sitton and do his best to emulate him. I've talked about Eric Smith--he'll have to beat Sam Young for a roster spot. There again, we don't need ES to be great, just be better than a journeyman.

    Linebacker--I am actually bullish on these guys. I like Chase Allen at Sam. I think it would be a huge mistake to move Kiko to SLB. Keep him at Will. Best case is Raekwon will do great at MLB. Then we have Stephone Anthony who has skills. This is not an average prospect--he's better than that. He needs coaching, he needs to improve his recognition, but we have a young group of LBs...they all need that.

    These are four interesting grouping that I am going to be watching closely in camp. There is alot to like about this team. IF IF IF...Tannehill stays healthy.
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  2. Hoops

    Hoops Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2016
    kiko at sam is miscast. I heard some scuttlebutt about kiko moving to sam and tj McDonald and baker at weak. well they better change up some of these gap/fill ask of the lb level schematically if they plan on getting away with two soft edges at the poa at lb and hell de even with all the upfield gap penetrator types we have.

    I do have to wonder what miamis plan is if attrition sets in at the lb level. there's only really 4 lbs in the building unless they play weak who can handle the poa/fill ask. Anthony (who's lost a lot) allen, raekwon, and to a lesser extent kiko.
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  3. HULKFish

    HULKFish Artist and Scribe

    Apr 30, 2008
    Central FL
    Gesicki is a Jimmy Graham/Greg Olsen type of player. I'll take that any day!

    Maybe move the LB's around a little and sub-packages including Kiko/Raekwon/Chase/Jerome/Stephone. Move safeties down to LB's schematically on obvious passing downs. That would add some serious wrinkles.
  4. Surfs Up 99

    Surfs Up 99 Team Flores

    May 5, 2016
    Thanks for sharing Redwine4all! I enjoy reading just regular stuff we would be talking about in a sports bar if we were there. This is the season for optimism. I know I am being Captain Obvious here, but assuming RT is healthy, I believe our season will come down to how well our guys understand the playbook and execution. At least in the beginning, I think the days of dumbing down the playbook on either side of the ball is over. As you guys are discussing, Burke may need to be a lot more creative on defense and introduce more sub package concepts to take advantage of our smaller guys. On offense, we know that Gase wasn't happy with the simplicity of our offense last year. I suspect this year he is going to pull out all the stops and let it rip. What I am most curious about is how we are going to coach our guys up, so that he can. He said we were going to address how the coaches teach this year. With the CBA, there is only so much they can do time wise. Maybe that is why we brought in Amendola, etc.. Maybe he can help them out on their time.
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