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Teams with most riding on draft;

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by ATVZ400, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. ATVZ400

    ATVZ400 Senior Member

    Mar 22, 2008
    parts unknown, NJ

    Miami -- Another given of an entry when it comes to the NFL teams with the most to gain or lose in this year's draft. The Dolphins went 1-15 and now hold the coveted/burdensome No. 1 pick. What could present a bigger potential fork in the road than that? Factor in the Fish's new regime, headed by the Big Tuna himself, Bill Parcells, and you've got all the makings for one of those watershed moments that only come around so often in the life of a franchise (think 1998 Colts, mulling over Peyton Manning vs. Ryan Leaf).

    At the moment, Miami has more needs than picks, but nine selections may have to be enough for Parcells' first draft in South Florida. It seems pretty clear by now that the Dolphins will wind up taking a lineman named Long, be it defensive end Chris or offensive tackle Jake. That's the smartest, quickest route to respectability. A quarterback with one of Miami's two second-rounders is also a solid bet (Michigan's Chad Henne has caught the Dolphins' eye).

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