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The year of blah?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by Striking, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Striking

    Striking Junior Member

    Apr 21, 2008
    Aurora, Colorado
    I just started looking at a couple of auction lists and I'm just not feeling it.
    Since I play in PPR leagues that is the perspective I take.

    The QBs are looking less than enticing. Drew Brees is the best we can do? Philip Rivers probably won't get the respect he deserves and will likely be a bit of a steal. Payton needs to step it up and Brady is an unknown at this point. Warner is old...real old, still like him but his price might be high enough to force me to pass. Cutler and Romo take hits as does a healthy Palmer without TJ.

    The RBs are really awful looking to me. Is Jones Drew the best we can do? He's probably another discount type in the mold of Rivers. Michael Turner, Jackson, DeAng Williams in the top 10 but are they worth that type of money? AP will cost a fortune. Forte takes a hit with Cutler in town, he's not known for checking it down. Roll the dice on Gore or Tomlinson or Westy?

    The WRs are a little better. Fitz and Andre are giants with Moss and Wayne looking to make bigger impacts. Is Cal Johnson worth the cost? The overall top 10 are fairly solid but you have some just outside that group who seem to be too risky for the cost. Denver guys, TO, TJ, Bowe are all buyer beware candidates to me who will likely cost more than they should. Throw Roy Williams, Anthony Gonzalez, Holmes and Edwards into that group as well.

    Its still early and I'm not in the football spirit yet but does it feel like we are in a state of flux? Is this going to be a quiet period in football before we move on to the next great batch of players?

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