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Tyler Beckham Thigpen some information

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by the 23rd, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. the 23rd

    the 23rd a.k.a. Rio

    Apr 20, 2009
    Tampa Area
  2. Killerphins

    Killerphins The Finger

    Nov 11, 2008
    So we know tomorrow if he will lead us to the playoffs? :wink2:
  3. gunn34

    gunn34 I miss Don & Dan

    Jan 5, 2008
    Oviedo FL
    Here's hoping he does. :ffic:
  4. RevRick

    RevRick Long Haired Leaping Gnome Club Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    Itsnotevenonthemap, GA
    Hey, if a grocery bagger hired to play in an emergency can do it...........
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  5. Hellion

    Hellion Crash Club Member

    Dec 4, 2007
    Here and there
    Really tomorrow? You think? I think we won't know tomorrow night. I think a 3rd string QB that has 2 days to prepare for a game whether he plays well, plays poorly or plays average isn't going to tell us much of anything.

    Here's the problem with fans, alot of them lack perspective, like when Henne had his 1st start against the Jets and played so well, Oh man he was the second coming of Danny boy himself. Problem is that's a hell of a lot of weight to put on his shoulders. So when he goes through normal struggles that alot of QBs go through he's now a flop.

    When the game is over Thursday night regardless of who wins there will be strong opinions on his performance. My guess is that if he plays well, in some fans eyes he will be the awnser, the next franchise QB, if he plays poorly some fans will say he sucks and we need a new QB. And the fans with realistic perspectives will temper their emotions and understand this is a process and hope for the best. Not sit on their computers and make bold uninformed statements and raise or lower unrealstic expectations.

    Maybe lightning strikes and we have the player we all been looking for, but we certainly won't know tomorrow.

    Before we roast a player lets remember not everyone can come out their 1st 2nd or even 3rd year and be Daniel Constantine Marino or Joseph Clifford Montana. Maybe some are just a little less super human than they are.
  6. Oghma

    Oghma Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Sep 7, 2010
  7. the 23rd

    the 23rd a.k.a. Rio

    Apr 20, 2009
    Tampa Area
    Friend Hellion, your answer:
    1) a third string QB who has already been a successful starter in the NFL brings experience to the field
    2) I started the thread hoping to add perspective to the situation. Thigpen obviously is not the run of the mill player, he has overcome his detractors & much adversity. it has not been an easy ride, yet he confidently persists welcoming his moment to prove his ability
    3) game three, if lost, is pretty much the end of the line for Miami, not necessarily for Thigpen. our season requires a break-out, it began with the Titans & if we are to remain the Captain of our Destiny, we need to run the board.
    4) you said:"Maybe lightning strikes and we have the player we all been looking for, but we certainly won't know tomorrow." if lightning strikes tomorrow, it has to strike again & again, I can only hope it strikes tomorrow. there is more than just a starting QB issue riding on this game.
    5) not interested in roasting anyone, just winning games & I think Tyler Beckham Thigpen could be the spark we need, the QB that gets us to the playoffs. our hopes ride on this guy, one game at a time
    :theman:Tyler Beckham Thigpen
  8. siciliansith

    siciliansith Resident Deviant

    Nov 25, 2007
    Rochester NY
    Well the guy is a classy man. He has worked within the team his whole career. I would expect he will give his allas always. He's done it all the time, what more can ya ask?

    This is gonna be a crap shoot and I want to roll 7's
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  9. the 23rd

    the 23rd a.k.a. Rio

    Apr 20, 2009
    Tampa Area
  10. adamprez2003

    adamprez2003 Senior Member

    Nov 27, 2007
    new york ciity
    personally i give us about a 10% chance of winning this game. maybe we can have luck on our side for once rather than against us and beat the odds but to think we're going into this game with an injured jake long, berger, 3rd string thigpen, nicked up wake, gimpy clemons, gimpy bell and expect us to win or think we have a fair chance to win against the 2nd ranked defense in the NFL is highly optimistic at the least. still you never know. stranger things have happened. i doubt very much thigpen is going to be the next romo. he's been a third stringer for three or four years now but who knows maybe the light goes on finally.
  11. Colorado Dolfan

    Colorado Dolfan ...dirty drownin' man?

    You forgot hamstrung Marshall... ;)
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  12. the 23rd

    the 23rd a.k.a. Rio

    Apr 20, 2009
    Tampa Area
    luck is a good thing & usually a cyclical thing too. :ffic:
    Ricky would call it Karma... whatever it is, we're do for something to break in our direction.
    it's a long shot but this is how its done: one game @ a time with no excuses.

    may fate smile upon Miami :yes:
    Miami by 7
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  13. FaninPatsyLand

    FaninPatsyLand The Truth

    Jun 26, 2008
    I think you're overrating Chicago.

    Offensively, they're a bad football team - there's no other way to describe it. They cannot run the ball and they cannot protect their QB. And to top it all off, the QB is a mistake waiting to happen.

    Combine that with the fact that they've beaten no one (and outside of GB - I mean no one). Their 5 other victories have come at the expense of elite teams like: Detroit, Dallas, Carolina, Buffalo and Minnesota.

    We may not win this game, simply because I'm not entirely sure how good this Dolphin team is either (the opponents we've beaten reads alot like the list from above), but I'm certainly convinced that Chicago is the worst 6-win team in football - by a longshot - and I'd put the probability of winning this game a hell of alot higher than at 10%.

    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    i think we can survive with Thiggy at QB, we really don't need a whole lot from him to win this game sans TOs; it's the other injuries that will determine our fate.
  15. m ino

    m ino New Member

    Jul 20, 2008
    how is 1-10 a success? by that rational henne is a hall of famer lol.the only time he looked extremely well was when they played us no?gratnted he is the best 3rd string qb in the league and possibly close running for 2nd string but to say he has been a success is something i can't do.
  16. the 23rd

    the 23rd a.k.a. Rio

    Apr 20, 2009
    Tampa Area
    this is a must win & I believe Thigpen can provide enough offense to keep us in the game. if our special teams has a good showing & the defense is consistent, we win.
    Miami by 7:yes:
  17. gafinfan

    gafinfan gunner Club Member

    I'm not yet ready to crown Thiggy our second comming I really like what I saw Sunday. 4 for 4 (4for 6 for the game) and drove 85 yards for a TD QB rating above 140. He was decisive and quick on the trigger.

    BTW the head slap by Marshall after the running pass to Fasano was because Marshall was open across the middle and Tyler really didn't have to run as far as he did and it would have been safer yet the play before to Marshall was thrown right into a hole because he was covered by three, over, under, and on his left while RB was open and uncovered. The Beast can't have it both ways!

    Tyler has ok stats from his KC days, better than Henne's stats for his first 11 starts, yet he played on a BAD team versus Henne playing on a much better team in 09 imho. So I don't get the lack of faith in Tyler to get the job done. His TEAM chemistry is way better than Henne's imo and that shows on the field of play, so I have to ask just whats not to like or believe in?
  18. Firesole

    Firesole Season Ticket Holder

    Mar 24, 2008
    I think a lit of people ate too quick to jump on this bandwagon. Of the course the kid has talent. There is no one that can debate that fact. But to already think and hope that this kid will be an overnight success this year is too far.

    I think everyone needs to realize the fact that he has played only one quarter so far this year. Exactly 15 minutes of football, when his team already had the lead. He hasn't faced a team that was prepared for him, or even a defense that has had the chance to make adjustments to him at halftime. IMO those are 2 key things that I'll be looking for tomorrow night before I can come away with a solid opinion of his play in a Dolphins uniform.

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