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Typical ESPN (Not Groundbreaking, just something I thought I would share)

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by PhinsPhan23, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. PhinsPhan23

    PhinsPhan23 New Member

    Nov 4, 2010
    So you are ESPN, the largest sports media corporation in the world, and they can't find a picture of Jason Taylor in a Dolphins uniform? He was with the Jets for one year. Just use a past picture you have of him with the Phins. Stupid.

    Even more stupid is that they are calling him the X Factor this week. I'm going to go out on a limb and say even if Taylor has a sack and a few tackles, that won't be the reason they win the game.

    Dolphins (0-3)

    X factor: Jason Taylor, defensive end

    Analysis: The Dolphins are in the doldrums after losing three straight. Head coach Tony Sparano also is in the hot seat. Miami needs its veteran players more than ever to step up in a road game against the San Diego Chargers. Taylor, 37, is no longer the Pro Bowl performer he once was. But he's a leader in the locker room who needs to set an example of how to keep playing through adversity. Taylor has four tackles and a sack in three games.
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  2. ckparrothead

    ckparrothead Draft Forum Moderator Luxury Box

    Dec 1, 2007
    With Koa Misi actually being Koa Missing, as in not at practice and likely to sit out the game...Taylor will get a big increase in playing time.

    He will primarily face Marcus McNeil, who got thoroughly abused by Jared Allen in Week 1. However, McNeil dominated Andre Carter in Week 2, and also did surprisingly well against the Kansas City OLBs in Week 3. That included Tamba Hali, Cameron Sheffield and Justin Houston. He only gave up two pressures in those games.

    To call him an X-Factor in this game...I mean, hey there's always a chance, anything can happen on any given Sunday...but it just doesn't seem to have much reasoning behind it. Is Jason Taylor more comparable to the DE Jared Allen? Or more comparable to the OLBs like Andre Carter, Cameron Sheffield and Justin Houston?

    Now Jeramy Clarey on the other hand...that dude is highly beatable. They like to have Randy McMichael in to block, and he's actually been pretty good at it. But I would target Cameron Wake going against those two as the matchup to really watch out for that could be an X-Factor, since I think Phil Rivers is one of those QBs you can really hurt in a game by putting a lot of pressure on him.
  3. Destroyer

    Destroyer There for every play.

    Oct 25, 2010
    I hope you are right CK. Wake needs to have a big game. Keeping Philip Rivers on his hurries/on the ground will make it a winnable game for us.
  4. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    They pretty much made Jason Taylor the x factor last week during the Browns game. I think I heard Cam wakes name twice and Taylor's name many times.
  5. ckparrothead

    ckparrothead Draft Forum Moderator Luxury Box

    Dec 1, 2007
    Jason Taylor was pathetic in that game. He tried that same stuff with the timing the snap and jumping off sides, except this time Joe Thomas still pummeled him into the dirt (because he's that much better than Taylor) and the referees also flagged the off sides.

    Jason Taylor either manages to time the snap against a mediocre player to where nobody gets a hand on him at all, or he picks the right gap as a blitzer to where nobody gets a hand on him at all, or he doesn't get pressure. There were better options in the off season.
  6. RoninFin4

    RoninFin4 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Dec 11, 2007
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    If I'm not mistaken, won't we be seeing one of, if not your favorite, option against us this weekend? Just our luck.
  7. Larryfinfan

    Larryfinfan 17-0...Priceless Club Member

    Agree with you on this 23, however, Misi may not play this week, making JT even more of an X factor for us...
  8. BlameItOnTheHenne

    BlameItOnTheHenne Taking a poop

    Aug 15, 2010
    Why do they have him wearing that sh*tstain jersey in that pic?
  9. ckparrothead

    ckparrothead Draft Forum Moderator Luxury Box

    Dec 1, 2007
    That's correct. Hard to say how much of him we'll be seeing though because he only has 30 pass rush snaps in 3 games so far this year. He's made his mark on those opportunities, with 2 sacks, 1 hit and 2 pressures, plus a forced fumble, but he'll be going up against Jake Long now. Even if Long is having a weird down year, that's still no easy draw.
  10. ckparrothead

    ckparrothead Draft Forum Moderator Luxury Box

    Dec 1, 2007
    There are two injury statuses that I'm going to be paying a lot of attention to:

    1. Malcolm Floyd
    2. Koa Misi

    I assume a lot of the others will be playing, aside from Antonio Gates, Vontae Davis and maybe Daniel Thomas. If Misi is out and Jason Taylor has to hold his spot, the Chargers are going to challenge JT in the passing game as well as the run game. Cam Wake is already weaker against the run than he is the pass. With the outsides manned by those two, I would expect a lot of running and passing to the backs out of the backfield. Rivers is good at that, too. If they're able to have some success running the ball and hitting us with little passes that go a distance because of weak coverage that way, that's when they'll open up play-action to Vincent Jackson with the big bombs over the top of the defense. This seems like a "duh" statement but really the Chargers have only gone to Vincent over top 4 times this year in 3 games. I think they could match that in this game alone. Could be a big day for Vincent.

    If Malcolm Floyd is healthy enough to play then that could be all the excuse they need to spread us out though. They'll get Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd and Patrick Crayton out there, with Randy McMichael at Tight End and maybe Mike Tolbert at halfback. They'll use McMichael and/or Tolbert to help Jeramy Clarey keep a lid on Cam Wake, and dare Jason Taylor to beat Marcus McNeil. The Dolphins would have to counter that with a significant blitz attack, including blitzing DBs and things like that. That's been successful against Rivers so far this year. However with Vontae likely out of the game, that could change and Rivers could have more success against these blitzes.

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