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What's the prefered vehicle to have for tailgating?

Discussion in 'The Phins Connection - Tailgating & More' started by Phins4ever, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Phins4ever

    Phins4ever Member

    Jul 8, 2017
    I might be looking at getting a truck or crossover/SUV later this year. I would like to go to a Dolphins home game once a year. Also go to a Dolphins away game once a year as well. I wish I had more time off and the money. I live in Illinois and woul like to drive down to see the Dolphins. Go to the tailgate party.

    Which vehicle's do you prefer to have that you like that are good for tailgating?
  2. Not So Fast

    Not So Fast Well-Known Member

    Dec 31, 2012
    Lake Worth, FL

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