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Wow! SSD boot disk.

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by smahtaz, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. smahtaz

    smahtaz Pimpin Ain't Easy

    I just replaced my boot drive on a on a window 7 64 bit computer from a regular SATA hard drive to a solid state drive and the speed difference is insane.

    My computer took about 10 minutes to boot to a usable state. Now it takes just over a minute.

    Dilly dilly.
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  2. Unlucky 13

    Unlucky 13 Team Raheem Club Member

    Apr 24, 2012
    Troy, Virginia
    I considered getting a laptop with a SSD when I was shopping, but couldn't find one in my price range with the other features I wanted. However, the machine boots up and operates so much faster than the five year old one that it replaced that its all good.
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  3. smahtaz

    smahtaz Pimpin Ain't Easy

    This has been a process. I thought for sure I was gonna have to buy a new computer. My computer wasn't compatible with the free Windows 10 upgrade for some reason and it was becoming unusable. After a little research I found out that a Windows 7 license was also good for the 64 bit version. I upgraded and bumped the RAM to the machine max of 8 GB.

    That was much better.

    Then added the SSD and bay.

    For $306 I have delayed the inevitable for now. It's the fastest computer I've ever owned.

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