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Jun 23, 2016
Dec 16, 2007
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Jun 23, 2016
    1. RoninFin4
      Hey man, a buddy of mine and I started a new blog. I added a link to yours on our site. It covers all sports, but we just did a "Stock Watch" from the Combine if you want to check it out. It's www.twoguystalkingsports.blogspot.com

      Take care,

    2. King Felix
      King Felix
      now!! seriously haha
    3. King Felix
      King Felix
      get back on aim
    4. RoninFin4
      Glad you had a good time down there despite the weather. You guys keep writing, I'll keep reading.

    5. RoninFin4
      Hey Alen, didn't see it but I think I saw Van Persie had a hat-trick today against Wigan. Hope you enjoyed the Shrine Bowl. I loved your and CK's write-ups on Universal Draft, really nice stuff man!
    6. JCowScot
      Any time man! I trust they arrived in good condition?
    7. hammerbillsfan
      Yo dude, big game tomorrow. Go Gunners!
    8. JCowScot
      Hmmm...Lemme look around and talk to some people I know. I'll get back to you.
    9. JCowScot
      I am, but only to those I like lol. I was wondering if you might go on a spree after Christmas (if your family does that sort of thing)...with a little extra cash, and with the prices of quality books on Amazon (less than $15 in most cases), it'd be hard not to. :D And you're not taking anything from me, I give freely b/c I enjoy it. The offer stands and always will stand open. Heck, now that I know where to send them, I can theoretically send stuff to you- and there's nothing you can do about it!! MWAAHAHAHAHAHA!! *Ok, just kidding- I would never disrespect your wishes like that. Best of luck with your finals!
    10. JCowScot
      Alright- I thought you may have had that one. I didn't think you'd be interested in the Dungy one either, but didn't know. Thanks for the well wishes and congratulations. She is (usually) happy and healthy, but I hope she has her mother's kindness lol. I am getting another copy of the VL book, as well as Steve Belichick's "Football Scouting Methods" shipped from Amazon today. You are welcome to either of those once I have finished reading them (again, in the VL case). I'll also be getting "Coaching the 46 Defense" by Rex Ryan, B. Billick's book on developing and off. gameplan, G. Mahlzahn's book on the Hurry-Up, No-Huddle O and the book I thought I had on the WCO, "Coaching the Multiple WCO". Now that I think about it, I may have lent that last one to a former HS coaching buddy and he just never returned it; my memory is kinda spotty from '00-'04 :( . Oh well; let me know what you're interested in and I'll pass it along as I finish. Cheers.
    11. JCowScot
      ok, so I seem to have deleted and/or lost my coaching e-books. :pity: *they were hard to find too!* However, I have confirmed that my dad has the two-book box set "Vince Lombardi on Football", which is basically everything VL knew about football (diagrams included). And no, he's not giving it up-lol. However, if you want to take a gander over at Amazon, they have a couple of used hardcover sets for under $10 w/shipping. That is a STEAL for the amount of information contained in those two volumes. Granted, some concepts may be slightly out-moded, but the plays, concepts and responsibilities broken down are still fascinating.

      The two you mentioned are yours; just tell me where to send them.
    12. JCowScot
      Um...yes you could. I believe they're called 'gifts'. People in western countries tend to exchange and/or hand them out randomly to one another around this time of year; something to do with a tree, a fat German guy, a Jew baby, the Roman Catholic Church and the winter solstice. Sounds like a Dan Brown movie set during WWII! I'll wait until it comes out on Netflix though- don't think it'll be worth paying to see.

      Right now there are still some books in boxes but what's on the shelf is "Coaching Defensive Football" by Bill Arnsparger, "Complete LInebacking" by Lou Tepper and an assortment of S & C (technique, workouts, agility drills, etc) books for FB. I was really looking for one set; it may be that my dad has kept that one (with no plans on ever returning it-lol). I know I've got one on Walsh's WCO, a few others (Spurrier, Dungy)...I'm doing a quick search of my e-books now; I'll let you know what I find a little later.

      The real gem is that two-book set tho...
    13. JCowScot
      Umm....nothing- they're free. Merry-Happy-Christma-Chanuk-Kwwanza-kuh!!:) That's why all I need is an address of where to send them...give me a sec and I'll go make a list of what I have; I'll post back with it shortly.
    14. JCowScot
      ah yessir, I did. :) I'm starting to read it pretty regular now (when the baby permits). Oh, and I have a Christmas/ Holiday present for you- if you want it, that is- I have a pretty good size library of football books relating to schemes, philosophies etc., but they are just currently sitting there. Let me know what you currently have and I'll compile a list soon thereafter so you can make a decision as to whether you want any of them. They are all in excellent condition (I like to keep my books pretty pristine), it's not like I'm trying to pawn garbage off on you for shelf space...lol. I'd just like to see them go to someone who will appreciate and use the knowledge contained therein. :)

    15. sking29
      Wow you're fast. :lol:
    16. sking29
      If you can't you can't...not a problem. However you can still tell me your thoughts just because I want to know them if you get time. :up:

      Family first.
    17. sking29
      Well I am putting a show together now. I think we have a couple breaking topics to chat about and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the QB move and Harris.

      I can update you as soon as Deez contacts me back. :up:
    18. sking29
      Most welcome. Oh and forgot to tell you I gave your blog a shout-out on the podcast last week. :up:
    19. sking29
      Happy late birthday Alen, yeah I know I'm slow. :D

      Also figured I'd send this via VM since you did the same for me. :up:
    20. Thunderbolt89
      Happy Birthday man,hope you have a great day.
    21. GridIronKing34
    22. Kanye West
      Kanye West
      Yo I know you are looking for some music to listen to. Try: Camelbackmusic.com they got cudi
    23. hammerbillsfan
      Hey bro, how are things going! :knucks:
    24. sking29
      Appreciate it man. :up:

      The Fins gave me the only gift I really wanted today. :D
    25. Jaydog57
      Hey man, things are good, thanks. Glad football season is finally here! Two big games this weekend, if you're Canes/Fins fans like us. How's things with you? Good I hope! :theu:
    26. SICK
      hey bud! show starts @10

      chat room is now open, would love to have you there if you had time :wink2:
    27. hammerbillsfan
      geez that was a close one
    28. anlgp
      any articles on 4-3 cover 1 defense responsibilities, strengths, weaknesses? thanks
    29. King Felix
      King Felix
    30. SICK
      just followed you on twitter

    31. anlgp
    32. baboo72
      Cool, thanks. Hopefully I'll get some time soon to get on the soccer thread and have some discussions about how well we're doing being on top of the Premiership!! ;)
    33. baboo72
      Chamakh seems to be a bit more physical than the typical player Wenger goes for by the looks of it so it'll be interesting to see how he uses him - maybe seeing him play a little ahead and wider than Van Persie? I've not seen a lot of Koscielny but seems like he could be one of those players that plays every position along the back 4? I can see Sol Campbell staying as cover and playing a good 20-25 games this year though.
    34. baboo72
      Hey Alen I'm good thanks mate, how's you? been a bit of busy of late so not been able to post as much in the soccer thread. I'm actually quietly optimistic so far this summer. Theres not been many signings but i'm pleased with the two we did sign and they seemed capable at the pre-season match the other night. Would have liked to have seen Joe Cole sign for us but as long as we don't sign Shaun Wright-Phillips I'll be happy. Think we'll be in the hunt for the title a little longer this year. What about you? how do you see it?
    35. hammerbillsfan
    36. Vengeful Odin
      Vengeful Odin
      Not too bad man how have you been?
    37. hammerbillsfan
    38. anlgp
      roster pickups working nicely. using cover 1 and it works well. just lettin' ya know. thanks for the help with this.
    39. hammerbillsfan
      not bad! enjoying summer when i can (minus that massive heatwave earlier in the week)

      thanks for the headsup! Go Gunners! :up:
    40. hammerbillsfan
      thanks for the article man! :up:

      how have you been doing?
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