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Jun 23, 2016
Dec 16, 2007
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Jun 23, 2016
    1. GISH
      i dont know anything about their coaching program. but i encourage you to speak with someone from the university to get as much info as you can.
    2. Big E
      Big E
      Its going ok bud, how bout you?
    3. hammerbillsfan
      Goal Merida! :)
    4. hammerbillsfan
      no worries man, i'll let you know if i find it!
    5. hammerbillsfan
      hey alen, do you have a link for the Arsenal game today?
      the one at ATDHE is not working
    6. GridIronKing34
    7. Mach
      Can you tell Gapper I'd like to ask him a question?
    8. sking29
      Chad Henne; All I can say is...Holy Crap! :lol:
    9. Regan21286
      Hey alen, I'm doing well. Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with applying for med school. Hope everything's been good for you.

    10. sking29
      For next week I am going to be a twin Denver and Miami fan. :lol:
    11. sking29
      And just for insurance...here is to this being the 2009 New England game (38-13 and 38-10 are pretty close). :ffic:
    12. sking29
      Hey we toasted to 1-3...and it happened. So to keep up the momentum...here is to 2-3. :ffic:
    13. TiP54
      Well, I work in adidas, and right now we have the F50s on sale. The retail price for those things are 150-275 bucks And i got them for 120. Figured id let you know.
    14. TiP54
      I was wondering if you PLAY soccer, as well as watch it?
    15. hammerbillsfan
      Arsenal wins again! :)
    16. sking29
      Here's to 1-3 next week...I never wanted to say that. :lol:
    17. sking29
      Well technically the Fins would be 2-3 but in the hunt at least. :wink2:

      Yes but the GT wasn't...so they sort of balance out. :up:

      Also I bet the U could take UCLA...UT sure couldn't. :lol:
    18. sking29
      Well I still think if Miami can take the Bills and Jets game, then the Pats split one of the next two, and the Jets lose to NO...the Fins still have a shot. Although its really small.

      As for the U I think they will be fine. :up:
    19. sking29
      Well he didn't play like complete crap yesterday which is a huge plus for Crompton. :lol:

      Also a bad weekend for Miami all around this weekend (pro and college)...at least the U has a bright future and can very well win the ACC and get a BCS game this year. :up:
    20. Mach
      Care to share the almost done comment/title?
    21. sking29
      Jonathon Crompton will be the death of me. :lol: If UT had a decent QB the team would be 2-1 right now and possibly even 3-0...here is to a good QB in the recruiting class or a transfer this year so I can finally have a relevant team again. :lol: Crompton is killing this team IMO. :pity:
    22. sking29
      Yes 2-2 here we come (maybe). :lol:
    23. sking29
      Here's to a victory over VT today....wishing your boys the best (so at least one Miami team can be good this year :wink2:). :ffic:
    24. Jaydog57
      3:30 can't come fast enough. Already hearing flack from Gator fans saying we only beat GA Tech is because we had a week off to practice. We'll see tomorrow. :theu:
    25. Die_Nasty
      Ah I see. Whether or not you post more or not is evident, but I still may visit more.
    26. Mach
      can you get on AIM or SR when you get a chance? Preferably the former option.
    27. Mach
      Message for you sir.
    28. Mach
      Yeah, pretty much. Who knew? Guess they were more strongly correlated than we thought.

      Alright, enjoy your rest, catch you tomorrow.

      And that makes Long the better pick. ;)
    29. Mach
      Nothing major, just finished tweaking that LT/QB list and I keep getting the same results in that no matter what I do, there's an equal amount of QB's to LT's. It's sometimes like 50 and 50, sometimes it's 10 and 10, but they always mirror each other.
    30. Mach
      We can have AIM convo?
    31. hammerbillsfan
      :cry: to your Bills comment

      and **** Adebayor, what a cheater
    32. sking29
      Well it sorta sucked actually...I spent most of it at a funeral. Thanks for the shout out though. :up:
    33. sking29
      Have fun with that. :up:
    34. sking29
      Football is one hell of a drug. :lol:
    35. sking29
      Laughing at my disturbed mind I see. :wink2:
    36. sking29
      Sometimes I stay down for 3 or 4 days after a Fins loss...I think it's bad for my health. :lol;
    37. sking29
      See the Fins are my number 1 team and a lot of the time I can't even watch the games. I get nauseous and everything. :lol:
    38. sking29

      Yeah I know the feeling. I have shook, cried, and been depressed after Fins losses (see last year's Texans game) and people think I am crazy. Plus I have pissed a few people off running around screaming or clapping my hands after a big play (when Plaxico Burress caught that last TD against the Pats in the SB I think I did go temporarily crazy). :lol:
    39. sking29
      If I was a Miami fan I would have ran through my house screaming after that final incompletion. Classic game. :yes:
    40. sking29
      I watched the entire FSU vs. Miami game and it was epic. Congrats on the win and I hope you didn't have too huge of a heart attack. :lol:
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