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Oct 11, 2019
Nov 30, 2007
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Oct 11, 2019
    1. MrClean
      Clear your inbox
    2. ToddPhin
      Can I delete twitter messages on my end sent to Armando etc and have them still stay put on their end?
    3. ToddPhin
      can I hash tag it somehow?
    4. UCF FINatic
      UCF FINatic
      Just was wondering your opinion about The Rookie Scouting Portfolio by Matt Waldman's filmroom. I used to by draft guides back in the day, but for the last couple of years haven't purchased any because I can find most of the stuff I need/want to know online for free. That being said, I was wondering if you think it is worth purchasing as a poor college student lol.

      Thanks in advance! :up:

      PS- I was going to PM you this, but your inbox was full. Feel free to PM me back.
    5. CaribPhin
      Have I told you I like your accent?
    6. CaribPhin
      *giggle*. Don't mention it.
    7. CaribPhin
      Hot. Accent.
    8. keithkdj
      i know you put a lot of hard work into it and look forward to all your analysis.
    9. keithkdj
      analyzing the draft 12 today?
    10. keithkdj
      i appreciate it, and you sharing all your information and hard work not sure how you have the time to do it all.
    11. keithkdj
      seems like it is very quiet when it comes to arthur jones, is he not even on our radar? i know hes had some injuries but i thought he looked really good as a junior.
    12. Boomer
      Apparently. But I genuinely don't know a thing!
    13. dgb11112
      Hey Simon I appreciate it. So are you saying that is whom they are looking at In FA?
    14. dgb11112
      Hey Boomer,
      I was just curious if you have heard any insight to any trades or FA moves Miami might be making. I can't stand waiting on it and have always know you to have great info. I hope your doing well
    15. alen1
      You watching the Man U - Birmingham game?
    16. opfinistic
      Our schedule will be a little more forgiving, our rookie DBs will have plenty of game time, our new QB will have a lot of experience, I can feel it.....
    17. opfinistic
      Doing alright, tough season so far, especially after last years adrenaline rush. But I'm a long time fan, I'm used to feeling this way (since Don and Dan are gone, that is).
    18. opfinistic
      Always respect your opinions and analysis bro.
    19. keithkdj
      I definitely hope I am wrong about Pennington, but have a feeling we will wait to long to make any kindof move. I respect your view more than any others on here and hope I'm wrong.
    20. keithkdj
      any thoughts on davone drew?
    21. dolfndav34
      Where you been hiding ? Was really interested in YOUR take of the game againgst the bucs ! Not the game itself, but what do you think the team was trying to accomplish ?
      And the outcome of their focus !
    22. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      like your grit
    23. keithkdj
      draft winds today?
    24. Kanye West
      Kanye West
    25. keithkdj
      do you know if the dolphins have any interest in herman johnson or duke robinson at all? keep up the work i look forward to all of your posts. thanks
    26. keithkdj
      how do i gain access to your posts like your free agency post. have been looking at your stuff for a long time and appreciate you sharing all your insight. your stuff is the most accurate stuff i see on the web.
    27. PHINFAN 4 LIFE
      Your posts are very informative, thanks for the time you spend gathering your info.
    28. dgb11112
      It is much better to not assume to much when you have not got the full information. No problem though it's ok now.
    29. dgb11112
      Nah doesn't help to much :) Unless Byroan changed the attitude or grew up from the childlike acting from 2 yrs ago.
    30. dgb11112
      Hey Boomer, Just wanted to drop by and see if you knew of any good little birdy news i.e signings FA or trades cuts etc? I hope your doing well
    31. Kanye West
      Kanye West
    32. Kanye West
      Kanye West
      Can be in the chat with you guys ????? It said I need to ask you
    33. dgb11112
      Hey Boomer, Glad to see you here. So is there any new news goinf on regarding on who has been in town or are we looking at?
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