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Jul 16, 2024 at 6:12 AM
Nov 23, 2007
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Season Ticket Holder, from AMERICA!

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Making the Dolphins Great again. Mar 1, 2017

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Jul 16, 2024 at 6:12 AM
    1. gafinfan
      I've got a great joke to send you but need your email to do so as I can't get it to post here. the address of the post is igVideo.mov and my email is usncv11@gmail.com. Thanks
    2. Den54
      Making the Dolphins Great again.
    3. MrClean
      My reply in post #78
    4. azfinfanmang
      Nope, nothing in the fore-seeable future. We are headed back to New Mexico this summer for my 30th reunion. Can't believe it....

      BUT, my oldest is now obsessed with Harry Potter and was pointing out there is a theme park in Orlando... I told her if we go back, it will NOT be in summertime again lol

      Things are okay. I'm getting over my 4th knee surgery in 21 months, so that is really starting to drag me down
      Work is still there, we will see what the sequestor brings my way.

      How are things going with you big man?
    5. azfinfanmang
      Knock Knock, anybody home?
    6. Aaron13pgh
      who do i talk 2 about posting my madden league info in gaming section?
    7. azfinfanmang
      All is good stranger. Just watched the girls earn Yellow belts last night.
      Always good to see you.
      Hope things are well on your side of the Country as well!
    8. T. Nathan22
      T. Nathan22
      Oh ya, love the avavtar.
    9. T. Nathan22
      T. Nathan22
      Just moved back to Orlando after 6 years in Lakeland. Still work in Polk. ALways good to see local Phin fans.
    10. azfinfanmang
    11. Rick 1966
      Rick 1966
      I was confident about the Bills game.
    12. Den54
      I have never seen you confident about a home game before.
    13. Rick 1966
      Rick 1966
      More like worried sick about it...I wish it were in Miami. Then I'd be totally confident we'd win.
    14. Rick 1966
      Rick 1966
      Definitely bring the drugs. Xanax would be better though.
    15. Rick 1966
      Rick 1966
      It was leftover residue of the bad luck from last week...

      Naw, come on over man. I'm not REALLY superstitious. :D
      I just like to vent after a loss. Now, though, I am back in the mode I was in last year, where I accepted we were going to suck and watched it rubbernecking a car wreck. Now I can just sit back and relax instead of getting emotionally involved. :D
    16. Rick 1966
      Rick 1966
      I saw some of the second half...yeah, they beat up on Duke okay in the second half, but to be honest their offense looks like a High School team's. I find it painful to watch.
    17. Den54
      I'm sooooooo there.:knucks:
    18. Rick 1966
      Rick 1966
      Hey Dennis,

      My son has a friend coming over to play that afternoon while my wife takes our daughter to a birthday party, so I wouldn't be able to go out anywhere to watch the game. However, I will be getting it on NFL Sunday Ticket here at the house, and if you would like to come over and watch it, I have some leftover Hooters' wings from my birthday party...you're welcome to come on over and help me dispose of them. :D
    19. Rick 1966
      Rick 1966
      Feel free to come over and catch a game sometime. Congrats on the Vette! Is it in good shape?
      We've had a busy summer...went out to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Arches, then I went with my son to Boy Scout summer camp (I'm an ***'t Scoutmaster) for a week, then went to Longboat Key with my wife's family for a few days.
    20. Rick 1966
      Rick 1966
      Hey Dennis, how's your summer been going?
    21. sugarcane
      Hey Den,the boys are trying to get ahold of you over at Miami Dolphin talk in the heman thread.We will be starting to draft soon.Good luck this year in Heman league! :-0)
    22. Kanye West
      Kanye West
    23. SkapePhin
      Hey Den, do you have a bigger picture of Ted Knight? Id like to make his head bob for you.. :)
    24. Themole
      Thanks Den
    25. cnc66
      Happy holidays Den ! I hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas.
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