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Fin Fan In Cali
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Jan 20, 2024
Nov 22, 2007
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Mar 10, 1964 (Age: 60)
So. Cal
Product Distribution Manager

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Fin Fan In Cali

Dolphin fan since 1970, 60, from So. Cal

Luxury Box
Fin Fan In Cali was last seen:
Jan 20, 2024
    1. screamer
      Hey John, where you hanging your hat these days?
    2. sports24/7
      Hey man, for some reason I can't get in to the Club level. I'm not sure why. I think I'm paid up for a little longer, but if not I didn't get any kind of notification.
    3. alen1
      Thank you. :)
    4. alen1
      Have a Happy Holiday's brother!
    5. like2god
      Sorry, I was on the phone. Just sent it. :wink2:
    6. like2god
      Hey John, my pm box is full, so check your email in a few minutes.
    7. The G Man
      The G Man
      Thanks man! :knucks:
    8. mnfinfan
      Ok, I will get the balance out to you.


    9. mnfinfan
      Hey John, just sent $35 bucks as I had in my paypal account and fugured I would send it in, what is our renewal fee? I will get that balance to you and maybe a little more.


    10. evz
      Hey John, I just updated my subscription thru paypal, but I had turned off the email address sales at arfnbear.com a couple months back due to megaspam, so I think I missed the email from that transaction. What do I need to do, I need my daily Club fix :)
    11. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      congratulations on the new handle
      you've become an American Icon!
    12. Fin Fan In Cali
      Fin Fan In Cali
      Thanks Brother! We are very grateful to have you as a member!
    13. siciliansith
      Thanks for the request brother i look forward to chatting more with you. You do a great job making this a fun place man. CHEERS and Rock On
    14. Fin Fan In Cali
      Fin Fan In Cali
      Not a problem brother. Thanks for your time, and service to our country. We appreciate it.
    15. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      FinHeaven. but its all over. (was a very bad decision on the part of FinHeaven to ignore this problem) just wanted you to see the kind of damage a bad moderator can do to a site. I had to reduce the thread by about 600 to allow it to fit for you to read. it is what it is:the Internet :yes: & I guess that's life on the world wide web. However, we can do better on our site.
      after I get more comfortable with our forum, I would be willing to volunteer my services to something growing in the right direction.
      thanks for taking the time to read it . Means a lot to me on Memorial Day weekend.
    16. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      just went club level through PayPal
      looking forward to complete access to the forum & am pleased to be a part of our growth @ thePhins.com
      thanks, Rio
    17. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      what is involved in joining the club level? I am interested in being a part of the growth & development of our forum.
    18. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      got an invitation to join the Veterans & thought that I had accepted the same day I received it but see my name on the member list. do I need to contact someone in an official capacity? What to do?:yes:
    19. pennphinfan
      nice to have you as an 'official' friend, brother John!
    20. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      US Army
      Americal Division, 23rd Infantry
      68-69 TetOffensive
    21. Kanye West
      Kanye West
    22. Darkoak
      Hey are you a POFO Mod? My bad a while ago, I was just trying to be funny. No disrespect Johnny, seriously.
    23. skippysphins
      happy birthday back to ya man! one more thing . i posted a post in the draftforum but wanted it at club how do i move it ? help
    24. calphin
      John, just got your text, had to take my wife to the doctor...CONGRATULATIONS on the new job. I am truly happy for you. What kind of job did you get, and when do you start? Let me know how its going and keep me informed. I started to start a new thread on it, but I didn't want to steal your glory. Congrats again!!

      Best Regards,
    25. Shutout
    26. Chiefster
      You're a quality fellow football freak, and your welcome at the "Crowd" anytime my friend! :)
    27. Big E
      Big E
      Oh ok, thanks bro.
    28. Big E
      Big E
      The 26th. Of Dec.
    29. Big E
      Big E
      Hey brotha, how come my name doesnt pop up on the calender for B-days this month?
    30. aesop
      Sorry 'bout that. Kind of a reactionary post.
    31. PhinsFanWife
      Hi!!!! Question -- a fellow member and I would like to solicit members to make a donation box to our incredible servicemen/servicewomean over in Iraq.... what's the best way to do this? Can we make a post?

    32. shelby
      i want you to know how much i respect what you are doing with the holiday drive. What an outstanding idea....you have a great bunch of people here.

      God Bless.
    33. PhinsFanWife
      Good evening and Happy Halloween! Question - I see a new addition to my sidebar that says "PhinsFanWife's Inventory" and haven't seen that before. I clicked on it, but it was empty, and I'm not "allowed" to do anything with it. What is "Inventory?"


    34. PhinsFanWife
      Good evening! Question - I created a Group (I thought) for Northern VA/Washington, DC members... I can't get to it now, although I see I'm a "member" of one group. How do I get there? :) Thanks, "Mentor," and I hope you're doing well!!!!

    35. steveincolorado
      FYI, my friend. I'm not going to make the Arizona trip this year. I'm hoping to buy a townhome next year and need to save some money. Up until a week or so ago, I was still thinking about going, but I need to look at the long run right now. Have fun, but I'll be watching on TV.
    36. opfinistic

      Have some watermelon with me and Pa!
    37. Styla
    38. Kanye West
      Kanye West
      What is this Nominated stuff bro
    39. alen1
      Thank you.
    40. alen1
      Happy 4th brother. :ffic:
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    Mar 10, 1964 (Age: 60)
    So. Cal
    Product Distribution Manager
    How I found the site:
    Been a part of this since 2004.
    Family, Friends and my dog.


    Rest in peace bigbry and dolphin debby!