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Oct 18, 2009
Dec 2, 2007
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Oct 18, 2009
    1. sking29
      Yeah Brantley looked good vs. Kentucky and it appears UF has a viable QB after Tebow. Good for UF not so good for UT. :wink2:
    2. sking29
      Hey what is the report on Tebow? I heard last night on ESPNEWS that he had a small headache still but was doing better and expecting to play against LSU in two weeks, but I wanted to hear from someone who follows the team what the situation is. Hopefully he bounces back quickly. :up:
    3. sking29
      Hey man I'm rooting for him. :knucks:
    4. sking29
      Let me say Motion that personally although I may question his football abilities I don't think a finer person would be worthy of being drafted number 1 overall. I've said before that Tebow plays in a sport that is generally self absorbed yet he is one of the most unselfish people I have ever heard of. Because of that I will always wish him the best in life no matter what jersey he wears because there are greater things than football in life. So in essence I hope you are right and I hope he beats my expectations for him because NFL success couldn't happen to a better person. :yes:
    5. sking29
      I will not argue about Tennessee getting killed by Florida. I mean if you can't beat UCLA you aren't even worthy of shining Florida's shoes. :lol:

      I disagree on Tebow's NFL prospects mostly because I am not sure he is NFL QB ready and I wonder how committed he is to a long term football career. No doubt about the greatest college football player of all time argument because he definitely will be in the conversation (and most of the time win). I am just not as sure about as an NFL QB. :D
    6. sking29
      Tebow 1st rounder possibly...but behind Snead, Bradford, and McCoy. However he will not be a Top 10 pick and I guarantee Berry will. The only thing that can hurt him and let Taylor Mays get to be the first Safety picked is the awful Tennessee team. :wink2:

      I will also guarantee Berry will be a constant starter and Pro Bowler in the NFL whereas Tebow will be lucky to ever be above a second string QB. :D
    7. sking29
      Well that year after the Berry INT the game was 28-20 so it was still close. :wink2:

      Plus it will be Berry feeling bad for Tebow in April when Berry is counting his Top 5 money and Tebow is raking in that 2nd/3rd round dough. :wink2:
    8. sking29
      That's nice but did the WR actually catch it. :wink2:

      However this youtube video actually shows Berry catching a Tebow pass and scoring a TD (and breaking Tebow's ankles along the way). :tongue2:

      [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWij0BlWsD0"]YouTube - Eric Berry INT TD[/ame]
    9. sking29
      Here's to another great season of SEC football...I'm sure you will probably enjoy it a whole lot more than me. :lol:
    10. sking29
      the guy can recruit though you have to agree to that. :up:

      If he can coach an offense at all, with his dad doing the defense I expect within three years (mostly a QB is needed) that this team will be quite dangerous. Even for your Gators. :wink2:
    11. sking29
      Is foolishly cocky that's what and although he is bringing attention to the program he is also making the university look less than classy. Plus he has to be a fool to call out Urban Meyer before he even calls his first play, I may be a fan but he looks like a fool right now (does Kiffin). Just thought you might want to know that. :up:
    12. sking29
      Lane Kiffin...that is all. :wink2:
    13. alen1
      Good to see you around man.

    14. Kanye West
      Kanye West
    15. sking29
    16. sking29
      That was an awesome hit. The weird thing is you chose to show the Vols only scoring drive. :lol:
    17. Kanye West
      Kanye West
    18. Oboy
      GO Gators
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