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Jun 25, 2024 at 11:40 AM
Nov 23, 2007
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Spring, TX
QA/QC Manager

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ThePhin's Biggest Killjoy, from Spring, TX

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Jun 25, 2024 at 11:40 AM
    1. alen1
      Your pick, mate. :)
    2. smahtaz
      You may have to schedule a Dr's appointment soon to get your knee checked out for structural damage. Hope you have a low deductible though, MRIs are expensive.

      One of the funniest posts I've ever seen.
    3. dolphindebby
      Thanks. I doing well and getting "some" of my writing skills back. lol And my voice is almost back to normal.
    4. sking29
      Well neither do I so much but you like taking pleasure in my pain...like taunting me over my Vols. :lol:
    5. sking29
      I baited you and you refused to tear me to shreds. Dude you're slipping. :lol:
    6. sking29
      True that is your motto as well as mine. ..still waiting on you in 1943 btw but you'll get to it right? :shifty:

      Anyway the Uncharted 2 multiplayer does kinda suck but its free and free is always good . :yes:
    7. sking29
      Oh yeah man I wanted to remind you that there is a free Uncharted 2 map this weekend on PSN. :up:
    8. sking29
      Well I think you have quite a list there to go through. So I believe you'll be fine waiting to next year on new games. :up:
    9. sking29
      Yeah so far GS is doing the best.

      Also how has the collection been if you've played it?

      Oh you mean your house is more important than your games? :wink2:
    10. sking29
      Oh well those are good deals if you want those games (I mean UFC 58% and RB 50% are good deals). :wink2:

      I'm just looking for a Buy X Get X Free deals or at least a MW2 or GOW: Collection deal.

      Oh BTW have you gotten the GOW:Collection in the mail yet?
    11. sking29
      Okay so just let me say that all the Black Friday gaming deals so far this year blow. :D
    12. sking29
      Thanks. :up:
    13. sking29
      What is an ECA account on Amazon anyway? I have heard that thrown around at CAG and Slickdeals a lot lately.
    14. sking29
      Well just letting you know. :up:

      Too many full games to play I get it but I'm addicted to Battlefield. :yes:
    15. sking29
    16. sking29
      Well then it seems like a good idea to swap disk drives to use your oldest to play burnt games and then I'd keep the new Arcade (you know to have a backup if/when they get the modded console). Then you could try to get cheap change for the basically shot 360. :lol:

      Also yeah the 1 million ban is pretty crazy...but just think people are probably safe for at least a year until MS does their yearly ban. :lol:
    17. sking29
    18. sking29
      Wow...didn't know you had 3 360s.
    19. sking29
      Wow I have to say I am shocked to hear you are giving up modded games.

      As far as your return policy goes, since its so recently expired could you possibly make a big scene in store to try and get it replaced? :lol:

      Also I had already contacted a craiglist guy about having mine modded but have been busy actually and not gotten it to him yet. After hearing this I may just go ahead and stay legal...its less work anyway (I don't want to bother with re-modding/making boot disks when a new wave of games comes out anyway).

      I guess its sticking to deals from now on for me and can you still get that $100 gift card for a 360 at Wal-Mart (or was that only November 7)? That would be a great replacement for you.
    20. sking29
      Well that is how my luck usually runs as well lol.

      Also I thought if you did use a game before street date as long as you didn't go online and had Live totally unplugged you'd be fine. So that sucks...but maybe MS is getting crafty. I guess using a game before street date is a total no go now. :pity:

      I was wondering why you've been offline for so long on Live.
    21. sking29
      Hey did your 360 get banned?
    22. MrClean
      Hey Pete,
      I've been really impressed lately with your observations and opinions. Find myself throwing a lot of "thanks" your way for saying just what I was thinking at the time.
    23. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      thanks for the correct information
      w/ the run being dominant, it's getting difficult for WR to get much exposure
      was looking forward to seeing Turner step up big
      maybe I'm getting my wish
    24. Big E
      Big E
      You're such an ***.....
    25. Big E
      Big E
      You do realize Akron is going to get spanked badly this weekend, right?
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    22. Zach Cunningham, LB, Vandy
    54. Desmond King, S/DB, Iowa
    97. Demarcus Walker, DE, FSU
    166. Jermaine Eluemunor, OL, TAMU
    178. George Kittle, TE, Iowa
    184. Charles Walker, DT, Oklahoma
    223. Aviante Collins, OL, TCU