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Jul 6, 2012
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Nov 4, 1974 (Age: 49)

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Premium Member, Male, 49, from NC

Luxury Box Club Member
    1. Puka-head
      What would Ingram be worth to you?
    2. MrClean
      Just saw that Doug Atkins passed away Dec 30, 2015 at 85 years old.
    3. Kingdom
      I responded.
    4. BuckeyeKing
    5. GridIronKing34
      Your box is full... as usge.

      send me an offer for Dunlap.
    6. Alex44
      Clean your inbox!
    7. GridIronKing34
      Clear your box.
    8. Arodgers12
      Got it all cleared out. Thanks man.
    9. 2k5
      I prefer to collect picks rather than trade away, and I like Michael a lot. Thanks though.
    10. Big E
      Big E
      Let methink on it buddy
    11. Big E
      Big E
      idk rb mainly
    12. Big E
      Big E
      Id let go of either for the right price mwhahahaha
    13. BuckeyeKing
      Pssh I only wanted CJ or Lynch but neither fell to me so I don't see replacing what I have. I do however like Urban rotating in on my line.
    14. Silverphin
      Let me know ASAP.
    15. Boik14
      Well done, I didnt think you'd get that for Irvin. If i wasnt so hamstrung salary cap wise I might have been able to swing that....that was one of the reasons I decided to possibly move Brown or Fitz if I find the right deal...
    16. Boik14
      Thats mighty nice of you. I appreciate that Todd. :up:
    17. Steve-Mo
    18. Boik14
      I think you need to go blow moose balls to take the media and board scrutiny off of Michael Sam. Then all the religious homophobes can have an outbreak over the moose ball blower known as Phinsational. Or would that be Moosesational? :console:
    19. Boik14
      I hope I win just so we dont have to hear about it for the next 8 months.
    20. Fin D
      Fin D
      Its all good. it went through.
    21. Fin D
      Fin D
      Telling you here, cause I have no idea if I did it right on the NFL site.

      If you're still good with the trade, I'll do it. Let me know.

      And clear your inbox, jack ***.
    22. MrClean
      Clear your inbox knucklehead, :shifty:
    23. DePhinistr8
      Ha...I meant "self-talk"...like motivational stuff we say to ourselves. My internet sarcasm completely sucks :)
    24. Boomer
      No you cant
    25. Boomer
      Send witty messages to Omar and hype and beasley and Salguero
    26. Section126
      just tweet pics of south florida to her. be understated. joke accounts are always funnier that way.
    27. Section126
      LOL. I got you already. I retweeted you.
    28. Section126
      who's attention?
    29. Section126
    30. MrClean
      It's something you touched on previously. That this having all our WRs being equally adept at each spot, inside and outside is probably overblown. It's basically a contingency plan in case of injuries.

      Your inbox is full btw.
    31. GridIronKing34
    32. Sean
    33. KB21
      One thing you learn if you follow Ole Miss recruiting is that they love to get their fanbase into a frenzy in February by winning the announcement on signing day. Ole Miss has a history of signing questionable characters that other teams back off of whether it is due to their character or their grades. Patrick Patterson, Tobias Singleton, Nick Brassell, Tig Barksdale.....no longer on the team.

      Ole Miss is trying to get Chris Jones to flip from Mississippi State and probably tried to throw a bunch of cash and hookers at him this past weekend. From what I'm hearing, it will not work on him.
    34. KB21
      Hey. I'm hearing a lot of stuff on Ole Miss and their recruiting. Have you seen the photo of Laquon Treadwell that he posted on twitter of his hand with a stack of cash? The photo was taken down quickly. There is also a lot of talk about other improper benefits being given. Ole Miss is apparently hiring some of their hoe bags on campus to prostitute themselves to the recruits. There is a lot on this. Underaged drinking at one of their local bars. Also hearing that Kimdeche has turned off a lot of folks. Elijah Daniel is another player that has apparently been "helped by Ole Miss.
    35. Mach
      No, we're laughing at the fact some people do.
    36. ToddPhin
      There's only 4 uncontested #1 choice teams (StL, Cincy, Dallas, SF), so I simply do not see a reason why those 4 teams should go to a GM who does not have them first, especially if that GM happens to either have Miami first or has 4 picks that are either already taken or are a popular top pick. In my case only 3 other people have SF listed and none as top priority. 2 of those are in the Miami sweep stakes so they should immediately be eliminated. The remaining GM has 4 teams comprised of other GM's top picks, if said GM doesn't get his top pick he should not be getting someone else's top pick. I could care less if there was fairness involved, but that's not the case this time. Here's my 2-5 then: Wash, Indy, KC, Seattle. ;)
    37. Mach
      I'm too tired to go in circles. I see your point, but I disagree. Every move has a chain effect and if that effect means someone gets exceptionally shafted, then it won't be done. Again, it doesn't mean you won't get the Niners, I have no clue yet, I'm just stating the process. The whole thing started from "I can't guarantee you any team, so if you opted out because of that, don't".

      The main goal is making sure everyone gets a team they like enough, and we assign all 32 teams. If someone has to go from 1 to 4, frex, so everyone gets a team in their top 5, so it goes. Otherwise it doesn't matter asking for anyone's top 5 and should be a first come first serve or draft type thing and you may like and want that, and that's fine, but we don't.

      And I still need a 2-5 after SF :p
    38. Mach
      SHSRYHSERURTKRTETJK Teams that people had in their top whatevers.

      Are you sure you want SF as #1? What will be 2-5?
    39. Mach
      Or maybe 305 would have been bumped down out of his top 5. I really appreciate the help, but your interest is in pretty much all of the popular teams. You came in late last year, so I'm not sure if you know the stuff, but how early you sign up, and being uncontested #1 doesn't help your chances much. If it did, it'd be first come first serve, and we definitely don't want that.

      Give me an honest top 5, and I'll try to make it work. If it's MIA, SF, CIN, STL, DET, then it doesn't quite matter, does it? If we omit MIA, it's quite plausible you get SF, CIN, or STL especially since you'll be considered before the lotto losers.
    40. Mach
      trying to game the system won't help. Now you're just likely to be one of the 5 who don't get a top 3 choice considering seniority comes as the next tie break. :p
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    Nov 4, 1974 (Age: 49)